Tips On Choosing the Right SEO Agency for Your Business

One of the most difficult tasks that any entrepreneur will have to face sooner or later is choosing the right SEO agency that will be in charge of managing all the content and positioning of your company in online format. However, there is always the possibility of taking the content management and SEO on your own, which usually turns out to be a real ordeal that practically nobody takes advantage of; having a brand is enough work to also have to be an SEO administrator.

Experience has made it clear that companies that delegate that management to specialized SEO agencies have better results, achieving their goals in much less time and with a very profitable initial and long-term investment. Now, how do I know which is the ideal SEO agency for my business?

This can become a big dilemma, since there are currently thousands of agencies or freelancers who promise to be the best to manage the SEO of your website, but how do you really know if that is true?

Below, to help you choose your ideal Seo Agency Singapore and not go crazy analyzing thousands of possibilities that will get you nowhere, we will give you a series of key tips so you know how to search for your agency.


Well let's start!

How do companies choose their SEO company?

The first advice that we are going to explain to you, and that you will surely find very useful at the beginning of your search, are the three key factors that all large successful companies have used to choose the ideal SEO agency for their projects.

Factor 1: Search for references

It is key that the company we are going to hire has some previous reference from another client, and that preferably that reference is positive. We all look for reviews on the internet about anything we are going to buy or about the restaurants we are going to visit, why then not do it about the SEO company we want to hire? Experience is the most important thing!

Factor 2: SEO knowledge and management

The next thing we should do after seeking opinions about that company, is to find out how it works, its way of handling SEO and the way its workers interact with customers to achieve it. Among the attributes that are most considered in the selection process, transparency and customer service stand out; the better they treat us and the more sincere they are, the better the results will be.

Factor 3: Previous cases 

Try to find out in depth about that company you are so interested in and find out if there has been any successful company that has counted on their services. This may be a bit difficult, but usually prestigious companies use their own success in other jobs as advertising, so if it's really good, it will have some previous reference.

Best Tips in choosing a Great SEO company

Now, we are going to give you three key tips that will help you choose the SEO company that will best suit your needs, avoiding falling into beginner's errors that will make your experience really frustrating and with hardly any benefits.

Let's get started!

Watch the agency's performance

One of the first things any entrepreneur does before getting into a big business is to analyze their client, and the same goes for looking for an SEO agency: gathering information on successful past work will give us the confidence we need to choose one company or another.

If you don't know where to start that search, you could check if that company has received any kind of recognition for its work in the sector, analyze if there are any big successful companies in its client portfolio or simply look for online reviews about other people who were in the same situation.

Ask your customers

You may think it is daring, but surely many people before hiring the services your company offers will have done so. Talking directly to other people who have worked for months with that agency will give you a much more realistic view of their work, since online reviews, no matter how good and reliable they seem, will never give you all the important information you are really looking for.

For example, a trusted client could explain to you very confidential information about the way that SEO agency works, such as:

  • How long it takes them to answer emails
  • Working system established with the client to evaluate the SEO of the website
  • Whether or not they are close to their customers
  • How they act if there are problems or doubts about a subject

All these aspects are key to assessing if an agency is really good or not, so it is convenient to have these data in your hands before making the decision.

Meet the SEO agency

By knowing her I do not mean that you should investigate her further from external sources, but rather that you should try to make direct contact with her and arrange a personal interview with one of her managers. A face-to-face meeting can be the key to determining whether that agency is really the one you need, since there is nothing more revealing than having a person in front of you to ask questions directly and find out if what they are selling you is real or just lies.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of having a video conference, since given the current health circumstances, it may not be feasible to have something in person; even if you do not have it in front of you, it is the closest thing to having a real interview and it will also help you to know more or less how the company works remotely.

3 big mistakes when hiring a SEO agency

We have given you the three key tips so that you don't make mistakes when choosing your SEO agency, but the truth is that many companies before getting it right and finding the right SEO company have made mistakes; and some in a really catastrophic way by not paying attention to the advice we are explaining here today.

Hiring a cheap agency

One of the biggest mistakes any inexperienced small business owner can make is to hire an SEO agency that promises great results at too low a price. The moral of this mistake is to learn that if something seems too cheap to be true, it is because it probably is; quality and price in SEO go hand in hand, so don't try to save money if you want to succeed.

Search only local agencies

Finding a local SEO company is a great advantage, to be denied, but the truth is that that does not have to mean that things will go better with them. When it comes to business, easy is usually the worst option, so don't just look for agencies you have nearby; go further and bet big.

Hiring black hat services

The black hat SEO is the "Black Market" of web positioning, because although at the beginning you manage to place yourself among the first of the results grid, after a few days you will end up falling to the last results; or worse, disappearing completely because Google has banned your access.

One of the main mistakes new companies make is wanting to see results immediately, something that with SEO is practically impossible. Getting a stable place on the web requires at least 6 months, so don't try to cut the way by hiring black hat companies; look for quality and be patient. That's it.

In short, if you want to be successful in your next SEO agency search for your company's website, you should follow the following steps:

  • Check that you have been successful in the past
  • Analyze if you have a good customer service
  • If your prices are fair and customizable
  • Transparency and professionalism 
  • Leaders in the sector and with a solid work plan

Although, nobody assures you that following all the advice we have just given you, you will find the best Seo agency in Singapore, but at least you will have much more chances to be right. 

Put them into practice and you won't regret it!