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From The Tablet website:

“Catholic Jobs is the official job site of The Tablet. The Tablet is a British Catholic weekly journal that has been published continually since 1840. Current affairs, politics, social issues, literature and the arts with a special emphasis on Roman Catholicism are the basis of the publication and so form the basis of the many recruitment positions advertised weekly. From Head Teachers and Chief Executive positions to voluntary and charity work, is the leading recruitment website for the Catholic sector.”


Just as many Public Service posts are advertised in The Guardian, many senior posts in Catholic Education and Catholic Charities are advertised in The Tablet.

I wonder whether this is a deliberate policy.

This will have two main consequences:

  1.  Senior positions in Catholic Schools and Charities will be filled by people who read The Tablet.
  2. These adverts help to subsidise The Tablet.


M Donnelly:  Thank you Augustine


  • shaun the sheep

    Jobs for the boys indeed. The same thing that has happened in the secular world has happened in the Church. It’s all about who you know and which boxes you tick… or which boxes they want you to tick, and all in the name of tolerance, diversity, and equality. The emperor has no clothes! Is it any wonder I cancelled my memberships of the leading UK conservation charities when I cottoned on to the fact that my membership subscription was paying their staff, all the while they refuse to entertain my aspirations for a job with them? As I said before, do not buy newspapers (except faithful Catholic ones), get rid of your TV and watch what you like on the internet (Youtube etc…), and make sure to give money to good orders that are faithful if your own diocese is not.

    • Lynda

      Good advice. You know what’s going on. Are there not rules or guidelines as to where a Church organisation must advertise jobs?? Why the Tablet? Or are they advertised in all with a certain circulation?

  • Michael B Rooke

    Two Tablet Trustees


    The registration last June of the civil partnership of Julian Filochowski and Martin Pendergast took place on the fifth anniversary of a special Mass, celebrated on 10 June 2001 to mark their 25 years of friendship. The Mass was to have been celebrated by Bishop Crowley (who attended) but at the last minute it was arranged that the celebrant of the Mass would be Fr Jim O’Keefe, then president of Ushaw seminary.

    Everyone knew about it in the same way that everyone, including the bishops, knew about the homosexual relationship between Martin Pendergast [ex-Carmelite priest] and Julian Filochowski [Director of CAFOD, the bishops' overseas aid agency].”

    Michael Phelan

    ” In other words, the papal teaching of Humanae Vitae has not been ‘received’ by the people of God. Now is lay Catholics’ opportunity to tell this, along with their other frustrations and hopes, to Rome.”

    • Lynda

      What sacrilege! The bishop and priests involved ought to have been removed from ministry. What a mockery of, contempt for, God, and in His Presence. Promotion of the most egregious public mortal sin and intrinsically evil legislation in a a consecrated house of God, during the most holy sacrifice of the Mass! Reparation, reparation, reparation! What evil! Why was a complaint not made against them to the Holy See? What contempt for souls! And all by the bishop and priests our spiritual fathers who have the most grave duties to souls. Excommunication is probably appropriate. It had been better that a millstone were tied round their necks …These abominations were prophesied. Oh, the dishonesty of all the bishops remaining silent about such grave scandals. Where is the outrage? The defence of the Faith and of souls, particularly the children??? Chastisement, though I dread it, is long long past due.

  • Rifleman819

    Shaun and Michael.
    Dystopian madness……the decline of discipline,the following of the Spirit of the Age instead of the Holy Spirit….of the veneration of climate change over the _40 Martyrs.
    Belshazzar’s Feast awaits……

    • Michael B Rooke

      @ Rifleman 819

      The Times newspaper seems to be leading the charge into Benson’s Lord of the World dystopia. On 31 March it published an article entitled
      “We want morality-free, godless religion”.

      I am of the view that the secular establishment felt insecure with the encroaching media and internet probing into its backyard and chose the gay marriage issue as a firewall of confusion to protect itself from the light of truth of Christianity.

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t get too excited … there seems to be less than 20 jobs actually available. Hardly enough for such a spiffy website?

  • james

    I had never heard of – When I looked there is just ONE education job listed.

    On the TES doing a search under the word “catholic” – You get 375 Jobs.

    More “job for the boy” rather than “Jobs for the boys”

  • Richard

    I am so delighted that I found this site. Whatever I do though I fear that I am doing a lot of talking about improving things but not much actually doing it. However being surrounded, actually or figuratively, by good people has to be a way to start.

    Looking for advice here.

    What overseas aid charity do people give to?
    Clearly CAFOD is not so clean as many people (including myself) believed.

    • I give to CAFOD where the money is marked for a specific project and so has to be used for that (so I know where it is going). Others are:
      Aid to the Church in Need
      Mary’s meals

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