New Evangelisation with the Extraordinary Form at St. Walburge’s church, Preston

POSTED BY jim Aherne

All just want to share my joy and appreciation at the news that the Institute of Christ The King are to run St Walburghs in Preston as a Traditional parish in the city.This is wonderful.I am grateful to the Bishop and the Diocese.
Time this iconic Catholic Church enjoyed some special TLC and a more secure future. open seven days aweek wow.
Thanks be to God,and St Walburgh.


M Donnelly: Thank you Jim

In a post entitled: “AN APPEAL FOR THE ‘NEW EVANGELISATION’: Help the Diocese support those New Religious Communities coming to us” available on the Lancaster Diocese website, the Right Reverend, Michael Campbell, Bishop of Lancaster, says the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, will, in the autumn of this year, assume responsibility and care for St. Walburge’s church, Preston.  This highly regarded Institute of priests, who use the Extraordinary Form fully approved by the Holy See, will bring much needed life to this magnificent church with a daily routine of prayer and worship, open to all. The Diocese is most grateful for the Institute’s willingness to assume this challenging apostolate of prayer and devotion at St. Walburge’s.”

The full press release is available at this link


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  • jacobi

    I have mentioned elsewhere that one of the problems with evangelisation is that so many Catholics nowadays are simply ignorant of their Faith and, frankly, wouldn’t know what to evangelise about.

    There’s no danger of that with the Institute of Christ the King!

  • Lynda

    That is wonderful for the people of Preston.

  • Gary

    Hope all practising Catholics in Preston will support this – otherwise with low numbers people will say it was a disaster and that there is no need for the EF/TLM….The Ordinariate Mass pulled out of Preston due to low numbers – we cant afford to allow this to happen again. Your Church needs YOU!


      I don’t think there were any members of the ordinariate living in or near Preston – at most there must have been very few. I think that in recent years there have been very few “Anglo-catholics” in Preston. I think St George’s, Lune Street is probably the only example of a church in that tradition.

      The ordinariate chapel was only a stone’s throw from St George’s, and when I came across it late last year I supposed that it was probably a refuge for former members of the congregation there. But it turned out that I was wrong.
      The explanation for the ordinariate’s presence in Preston, given to me by the priest’s wife (whose name I am afraid I have forgotten) was that it was roughly equidistant from and accessible to two (I think) locations where there were ordinariate members, and that this was important because ordinariate clergy were thinly spread in Lancashire (or so, at least, I inferred). It’s a shame that their chapel has closed (I didn’t know this), and it must have been a struggle for the priest and his family.

      But this has nothing to do with the ICKSP and their mission in Preston, not with Bishop Campbell’s wider initiative. (God bless Bishop Campbell!)

  • Paul Waddington

    Yes, tremendous news for perhaps the finest church in the north of England – and it could not have gone to better people.

  • Chrysostom

    Good news for proud Preston which often claims to be the most Catholic town in England. Apart from its outstanding internal beauty, this church, with its soaring spire, is a landmark which can be seen by traffic on the M6.

    Please pray for the persecuted Catholics of China, forgotten by the world.

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