Bernard-Henri Lévy, prominent European atheist, says Pope Benedict’s ‘voice is very important’

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC, Bernard-Henri Lévy, the prominent European atheist and intellectual said that Catholicism is by far the most attacked religion in Europe.  The prominent intellectual also noted it was unfortunate that so many injustices are committed against Benedict XVI.

“The Pope’s voice is extremely important. And we are very unjust to this Pope. I am not Catholic, but I think there is prejudice and especially major anti-clericalism that is taking on enormous proportions in Europe.”

“In France there is much talk about the desecrations of Jewish and Muslim cemeteries, but nobody knows that the tombs of Catholics are continually desecrated. There is a sort of anti-clericalism in France that is not healthy at all. We have the right to criticize religions, but the most attacked religion today is the Catholic religion.”

Levy said he supports the construction of the mosque at Ground Zero and is opposed to the use of burkas, but he said Catholicism suffers more attacks than Islam. “Muslims are defended in the intellectual world, but Catholics much less.”

Bernard-Henri Lévy, a French Jew, is one of the leaders of Nouveaux philosophes [The New Philosophy movement]

5 comments to Bernard-Henri Lévy, prominent European atheist, says Pope Benedict’s ‘voice is very important’

  • Karla

    Finally, a non catholic admits it.

    • admin

      Jurgen Habermas, philosopher and Neo-Marxist, also respects Pope Benedict and entered into a really interesting dialogue with him. You can read it in the book, ‘The Dialectics of Secularisation: On Reason and Religion.’ Fascinating. Pope Benedict encourages Catholics to set up the means to enable respectful and frank dialogue between Catholics and secularists, inspired by St. Paul debate with Athenians at the Areopagus (Acts 17:16-34). Personally, I take hope from the discussions that occur of Protect the Pope between us and reasonable, open-minded secularists such as Pedro and Tim H.

      • John

        I’ve been thinking about purchasing that book (The Dialectics of Secularisation). Currently been reading his book, “Values in a Time of Upheaval” and have already read, “Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam.”

        To those who haven’t read any of Pope Benedict’s books, I highly recommend them!

        Amazon is a good source.

  • John

    See, this is the kind of atheist we can get along with.

    Time for the neo-atheists to dump the angry, lunatic militants, like Dawkins and C Hitchens, and start looking up to reasonable people, like this Levy fellow.

  • Robin Leslie

    Yes anti-Catholicism is rife, and quite virulent in some quarters,
    but it’s characteristics are well known. Anti-Catholicism is generally rooted in anti-clericalism and to this extent it is an
    Enlightenment prejudice with all the, now familiar, suspicions of pederasty, secrecy, magicality and so on that was a characteristic of Protestant scapegoating during the Reformation.
    The basic phenomenon here is scapegoating so let’s all be Girardian converts now, as well as faithful Catholics.

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