Pope Benedict on facing anti-Catholicism with courage and joy

On his flight to the UK Pope Benedict was asked a number of questions by journalists travelling with him to cover the event. He was asked the following question about anti-Catholicism in the UK:

‘During the preparation for this journey there have been contrary discussions and positions. The country has a past tradition of a strong anti-Catholic position. Are you concerned about how you will be received?

Pope Benedict gave the following revealing answer:

‘I must say that I’m not worried, because when I went to France I was told: “This will be a most anticlerical country with strong anticlerical currents and with a minimum of faithful.” When I went to the Czech Republic it was said: “This is the most non-religious country in Europe and even the most anti-clerical”. So Western countries, all have, each in their own specific way, according to their own history, strong anticlerical or anti-Catholic currents, but they always also have a strong presence of faith.

So in France and the Czech Republic I saw and experienced a warm welcome by the Catholic community, a strong attention from agnostics, who, however, are searching, who want to know, to find the values that advance humanity and they were very careful to see if they could hear something from me in this respect, and tolerance and respect for those who are anti-Catholic.

Of course Britain has its own history of anti-Catholicism, this is obvious, but is also a country with a great history of tolerance. And so I’m sure on the one hand, there will be a positive reception from Catholics, from believers in general, and attention from those who seek as we move forward in our time, mutual respect and tolerance. Where there is anti-Catholicism I will go forward with great courage and joy.


4 comments to Pope Benedict on facing anti-Catholicism with courage and joy

  • Karla

    If only we all could face anti catholicism this way.

  • Serge

    That is true Apostolic courage! :) Surely inspired and enlivened by the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the grace of the Vicar of Christ.

    And yes, we should meet anti-catholics people with like courage, and faith, hope in God, love of God.

  • Michael Petek

    Karla, I presume you’re British. That means you’ve been living all your life in the same country as Ian Paisley. If you don’t know now how to deal with anti-Catholicism like an expert, you never will.

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