Kathy Sinnott on the cover up about the cause of HIV spread in Africa

Kathy Sinnott has sent me this important exposé of the cause of the spread of HIV in Africa, that challenges the propaganda spread by the media that’s its caused by the lack of condoms. Kathy was an MEP representing the South constituency in Ireland and is a disability rights campaigner

‘The first time I read, in a medical study, the suggestion that AIDS in Africa could be caused by reuse of needles was about 8 years ago. This suggestion was surprising because the party line about the cause of the spread of aids in Africa and its solution were absolute.  I remember that I read out the excerpt from the research to the other two people in the room.  The reaction of one was striking.  He stopped what he was doing and stared for ages and went pale.  He then told us that he had been a volunteer with an charity in Africa for a couple of years.  The problem never occurred to him until now but the charity team regularly drove into villages, gathered up all the children or whoever and inject them with vitamins, vaccines, etc. with the same needle.

In fact, needles were always in short supply and were reused as long as they worked.  My friends was devastated when he made the connection but felt that the possibility that they were spreading aids did not occur to his team any more than it had occurred to him at the time. Rather they were so convinced that these injections were helpful to the people who got them that they thought they were doing good.

Now consider that many aid agencies have a family planning emphasis and therefore target their services to girls and women…the population that seems most affected by the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Under radical feminist, Carol Bellamy’s leadership of UNICEF 1995-2005, funds were diverted from child services to “health services” for post pubescent girls and women until a Lancet article documented the devastation that she had caused by cancelling basic child services like those providing clean water and food to fund her agenda projects.  She denied everything, the UN defended her but she resigned quietly shortly after.

In the intervening years, the possibility of reuse of needles as a significant cause of the spread of AIDS has gotten little publicity, those that raise the issue have been labelled as mavericks and needle reuse has continued.  Hopefully someday the danger of needle reuse in Africa will be taken seriously.




The “official” version of the causes of AIDS in Africa have been used by Western propaganda for many purposes but if these studies are accurate then it is the West that has to a great extent spread aids in Africa.

The Chinese AIDS epidemic has its roots in commercial enterprise-the blood products industry, shared needles and shared blood.


PS. Not all agencies are involved in poor medical practice in Africa. As an MEP, I was approached by Dr Walley of an excellent charity called Matercare to help with a situation in Africa.  The area had a high rate of maternal mortality, the EU had given money for a maternity clinic which was subsequently built. The clinic was unusable, idle and getting overgrown.  Dr Walley showed me the problem and explained why the clinic would be a death trap of infection.  I was impressed that he insisted on the same medical practice in terms of hygenie in this very poor country as he would expect in any western country.  The EU’s attitude, when I brought the case up was that the file was closed.  We did in the end get them to promise to revisit the situation.  (Note The reason that Matercare looked for my help was because the EU had previously refused their applications because Matercare refused to offer family planning services like sterilisation and abortion. Their medical volunteers were there to help mother and babies and bring down maternal and infant mortality)

Kathy adds:

Look at the last line of this article


“Yes, it’s unethical that 30 per cent of injections in the world are unsterilised. But it takes maturity to understand how to present prevention arguments to the people that need to hear them.”

This is from a UNAID woman who is not happy about word getting out that unterilised needles could be causing aids because it might stop people using condoms and undo the work the UN has done to popularise their use.

Protect the Pope comment: We are forever hearing on the media and from campaigners like Peter Tatchell and Polly Toynbee that the reason why HIV/AIDS is spreading through Africa is down to the Catholic Church’s prohibition on the use of condoms. They even go so far as to outrageously accuse Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI of committing crimes against humanity.

Why is it that we never hear from the media and so called campaigners about the spread of HIV/AIDS by the poor medical practices of western agencies, such as the re-use of needles?

Every time Peter Tatchell falsely claimed, in the run up to the Holu Father’s visit to the UK, that Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church are to blame for the spread of HIV/AIDS why didn’t one reporter raise the issue of the re-use of needles by western agencies?

Why are they so invested in perpetuating the fiction of blaming the Catholic Church? I’m not sure! But one thing I do know is that the failure to report this scandal about the re-use of needles causing the spread of HIV/AIDS makes them morally culpable for the continuation of this tragedy.

8 comments to Kathy Sinnott on the cover up about the cause of HIV spread in Africa

  • Samuel

    God have mercy on us…

  • Karla

    This is is new news to me. Unbelievable. Something needs to be done about this. What can we do?

    • Tim H

      I find this tragic but perfectly believable. Dirty needles are even more effective at spreading disease than sex.

      Obviously giving people needless vitamin injections is wrong, but I don’t think we should be too harsh on the people providing less than hygenic medical care in Africa. Doctors, nurses and midwives are regularly risking infecting people because they are faced with having to weigh up relieving suffering now with the possible risk of transmitting a disease which will only appear years from now.

      The key problem here is one of poverty and we all have a resposibility to try and aleviate that through one of the many charities working in Africa.

      On the Condom issue, I do agree that IN GENERAL Catholic countries (and Muslim countries) have lower HIV incidences (the evidence IS compelling and although Louella exagerates it with her choice of the Congo and S. Africa which are at the two extremes there are real and significant differences which are of course caused by a number of factors but religious observance is certainly one of the factors). I just think that the Catholic position is too dogmatic. In S. Africa the reality is that most people are not catholic and never will be and many men work away from home (for eccomonic reasons) and are unfaithful and that innocent wives are infected by their husbands when they return home. Denying these women access to condoms to protect themselves is unneccessrily cruel*.

      *provision of condoms is of course not the whole solution. If husbands will not wear them they won’t do much good. Scientists are working on spermicidal gels and creams that women can use to protect themselves without their husbands knowing. I was tangentially involved in assessing these when I worked at Edinburgh University.

      • louella

        I would rather have a faithful husband….and if he can’t be that…what’s the point of condoms creams etc. What woman would prefer these to a faithful husband?!

        No wonder women are becoming Islamic!

  • louella

    I totally believe this…that dirty medical equipment in comparison to the higher standards in Western clinics is the reason for high incidence of AIDS in Africa and elsewhere.

    And as for proof of the effectiveness of Catholicism in combatting AIDS – here it is

    Congo: Catholic population 70%…….AIDS incidence 4%

    South Africa: Catholic population 4%…..AIDS incidence 38%


    • Karla

      Condoms are also to blame, for making people feel secure and then having sex and then they break, or they will get carried away and not use one. The facts are, the Catholic dominated countries that have promoted abstinence have far lower HIV / AIDS rates than those countries promoting condoms.

    • James H


      Can you give a URL for those stats, Please (or any other ref.)? It’s one of those things that needs to be broadcast.

      I’d heard about the re-used needles scandal years ago. I passed it around all my catholic friends and contacts… nothing!

      Get the truth out, everyone. It’s all we have against the culture of death, lies and fear.

      • louella

        James, these are the statistics I copied and pasted from somewhere…I don’t know where it was! But it should be easy to check their veracity.

        •Congo 70% Catholic HIV infection rate 4%
        Uganda 45% Catholic HIV infection rate 10%
        South Africa 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 38%
        Botswana 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 40%
        source; World Health Organization

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