Pope Benedict has not called cardinals to an emergency meeting on sex abuse

Sections of the world’s media are spreading the falsehood that Pope Benedict has called an emergency meeting of the world’s cardinals to discuss the sex abuse scandal. This is not true. The Pope has been planning to convene a consistory for months to appoint new cardinals. What is news worthy is that Pope Benedict is also holding a special consistory with the cardinals the day before in order to discuss a range of issues, not just the sex abuse scandal.

According to Catholic Culture:

‘Pope Benedict XVI has summoned the members of the College of Cardinals to a special consistory, for a discussion of liturgy, religious freedom, and the sex-abuse scandal.’

‘The special meeting will also discuss the establishment of Anglican-Catholic ordinariates, under the terms of the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus. The Vatican announced plans for the gathering of cardinals on the same day that the Church in England disclosed that five Anglican bishops are resigning from their posts in the Church of England to establish the first such ordinariate.’

Protect the Pope comment: It is good news that the cardinals will discuss the sex abuse crisis, but then it would be really odd if they didn’t. Though this is very important, it will just be one important issue among many important issues for the life of the Church.

Why is it that sections of the media are spreading the misinformation that the Holy Father has called an emergency meeting to discuss child abuse? Consistently they want to convey the false impression that Pope Benedict’s pontificate is in a state of crisis, even melt-down. They keep pushing the lie that Pope Benedict is an isolated, disliked figure because of his hard-line ‘conservative’ policies.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.

What this special consistory shows is that Pope Benedict values consultation with his fellow bishops and is not an isolated autocrat. This is an example of the importance of collegiality to Pope Benedict’s understanding of his role as the successor of St. Peter. This consistory is not a sign of crisis, but rather a sign of a healthy, confident, pontificate. Our prayers are with you Holy Father.


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