Independent anti-Catholic propagandists continue to lie about ‘gay kiss’ protest

Someone going by the name ‘Catherine’ has posted a total fabrication about the ‘gay kiss’ protest on the Independent newspaper blog under the misleading title ‘The Peaceful Protest Against Homophobia’

‘Catherine’ writes:

‘Only this week, a ‘passionate protest’ was held during the Pope’s visit to Spain. After mass, as he was leaving, the Pontiff was subject to a mass gay kiss – no shouting, no violence… just men loving other men and women loving other women…If only those against homosexual relationships could be so peaceful in their protest.’

Maybe Catherine wasn’t at the protest on the streets of Barcelona, or maybe she didn’t see other footage of the ‘gay kiss’. In that case her misrepresentation of the protest is understandable.  However, there is other footage of the ‘gay kiss’ protest showing many homosexuals shouting disgusting words at the Holy Father as he passed such as ‘Paedophile’ and making obscene  gestures.  Not the peaceful and ‘dignified’ protest Catherine describes in her post.

The Spanish news service, The posted a more accurate account of the gay kiss protest:

‘Coinciding with the passage through the steets of Barcelona of the Pope (who had left 11 minutes later than scheduled), they began to kiss and cry slogans such as “jo no t’espero”, “The church that illuminates is burning” or “bote bote bote the pederast is bouncing”, although the request from the protest organisers was “just kiss and avoid any insulting banners, flags and any kind of response to provocation or verbal or physical aggression”.

Protect the Pope comment: If ‘Catherine’ has made a genuine mistake, the editorial staff at the Independent have not.  As journalists they will have seen the violent and offensive nature of the protest but have apparently decided to create another lie to add to the world of lies they are concocting in their anti-Catholic campaign to attack Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church.

The organisers of the kiss protest in Barcelona may have wanted a peaceful demonstration, but that is not what happened. The inspiring picture that remains from this shameful protest is the Holy Father smiling at the direction of the violent protesters and blessing them.

3 comments to Independent anti-Catholic propagandists continue to lie about ‘gay kiss’ protest

  • Damian

    Looks like it is about time the non-Independant had a change of name to the New Secularist to reflect it’s true editorial stance or the National Innumerate to highlight it’s blatant misrepresentation of anything involving number sizes.

  • Deacon Nick

    Hi Day,the name ‘Independent’ becomes more of a farce every issue. Independent from what? balance, impartiality, intelligence, common-sense.

  • Karla

    Homophobia? The Catholic Church is not homophobic. Why can’t these people actually do some research into the Church and they would learn the truth. The Independent is a stupid ”newspaper” that is not worth a dime of your money. When those protesters came out in London when the Pope visited Westminster abbey he blessed them, the same in Spain. The protesters then and in Spain look like the ignorant ones.

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