English Church ruling clique begins to move against blogging priests

Elements within the ruling clique of the Catholic Church in England have begun to move against priests with popular blogs.  Over the past month Fr Michael Clifton was forced to close his popular Fr Mildew blog by the threat of legal action from Mgr Loftus who was unhappy with comments questioning his theological orthodoxy. http://michaelclifton.blogspot.com/2010/10/very-bad-news.html

Now Bishop Keiran Conroy has begun to put the screws on Fr Ray Blake who runs the very popular St Mary Magdalene blog. http://marymagdalen.blogspot.com

Bishop Conroy is the Head of the Bishops Conference Evangelisation and Catechesis Dept.

The Tablet, which has nursed a vendetta against traditional Catholic blogs such as Fr Finigan’s Hermeneutic of Continuity, gleefully reports:

‘Now, one of the best-known priest bloggers, Fr Ray Blake, has been asked to change the name of his blog by his bishop, Kieran Conry, to make it clear that it does not officially speak for the parish. Previously, Fr Blake described his blog as the “online magazine” of the parish of St Mary Magdalene, Brighton; now it is simply “Fr Ray Blake’s blog”.

Bishop Conry told us that the blog reflected Fr Blake’s personal opinions and not that of the parish. “I asked him to change the name and he obliged,” said the bishop. He explained that some parishioners had complained, but also that the diocese is liable if an individual is defamed in a parish blog.

Fr Blake was recently threatened with legal action by Mgr Basil Loftus, a respected priest with a column in The Catholic Times, after readers’ comments under a blog posting about the Catholic press had accused Mgr Loftus of heresy.’


Its appears that Mgr Loftus’ threat of legal action is being used to put pressure on priests with blogs to tone it down and self-censor what they post about the Church.

Protect the Pope comment: This move by the ruling liberal clique to put pressure on priests with popular traditional and faithful blogs is a disgraceful and underhand attempt to curtail their freedom of expression. For the past 40 years the liberal ruling clique have had total control of the Church in this country and they can’t tolerate others questioning and challenging their disastrous stewardship. They resort to threats of legal action with cries of ‘libel’.

This is a gross injustice that must be resisted by Catholics and people of goodwill in this country, and for this reason I recommend that readers of Protect the Pope support ‘Catholic Bloggers for Libel Reform – Fight for Free Speech’ on Red Maria’s Dolphimarium blog and sign the petition for libel reform


7 comments to English Church ruling clique begins to move against blogging priests

  • Thanks for this, I had no idea that there were these problems in the Catholic Blogosphere.

  • James H

    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. There’s nothing as intolerant as a crossed liberal!

    Having said that, the conservative Catholic bloggers have their own problems: they seem more ready to attack fellow Catholics than the enemy at times, and trendy bishops are sitting targets. If they were more keen to attack secularism than lukewarmness, the trendies would have less of a case. Obviously, I’m generalising.

  • John

    This is dictatorial. My allegiance is to God, the Bible, Benedict XVI and the natural law. Their allegiance seems to be to political correctness, cultural marxism, being popular and rolling over for the media and political establishment.

    Freedom of speech is part of natural law. We are endowed by our Creator with the right to speak by virtue of the human condition. This is an unalienable right that cannot be taken away by bureaucratic fiat.

  • Karla

    Why would they be against blogging Priests? Bizarre. I have signed it.

  • Lionel Ducros

    C’est affligeant! it is disgusting!

  • If the current judicially imposed arrangement on privacy were enacted into the statute law, but with the burden of proof in libel actions placed on the plaintiff, then who could object to that? And why?

    Making the privacy law statutory as the price of reversing the burden of proof in libel actions. That would be the deal. The corporate media cannot expect their own way all the time.

  • Anyone who’s read Verbum Domini will notice that His Holiness personally thanks Catholic Bloggers for their non-syncretist evangelisation….

    I agree with David regarding privacy.

    James H – READ the blogs ; that accusation falls at the first fence.

    Stuart: This censorship and intimidation has been going on for years ; if you knew the half of what Damian Thompson went through because of his blog you’d be embarrassed to call yourself a Catholic with the crowd we have in charge.

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