Senior BBC journalist condemns BBC’s pro-Muslim, anti-Christian bias

Peter Sissons, one the UK’s most senior and respected broadcasters, has condemned the institutionalised anti-Christian bias of the BBC in his memoirs, ‘When One Door Closes’, which he identifies as one element of the ‘left-wing’ mindset dominant among BBC journalists.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘In those memoirs he writes that in the BBC’s “pervading culture” of anti-Christianity, “Islam must not be offended at any price, although Christians are fair game because they do nothing about it if they are offended.”

“At the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of the Left. The one thing guaranteed to damage your career prospects at the BBC is letting it be known that you are at odds with the prevailing and deep-rooted BBC attitude towards Life, the Universe and Everything.’

BBC editorial policies, he said, are “rarely spelled out” but “percolate through” the organization. Among them is that “whatever the United Nations is associated with is good” and it is “heresy” to question it. “Soaking the rich is good,” and “government spending is a good thing … The Royal Family is a bore … All green and environmental groups are very good things. Al Gore is a saint.”

“By far” the most popular newspapers read among BBC executives and staff, Sissons said, are the country’s two far-left papers, The Guardian and The Independent. “Producers refer to them routinely for the line to take on ¬running stories, and for inspiration on which items to cover. I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told ‘it’s all in there’.” And those who want to read the Daily Mail are well advised, he said, to keep quiet about it. “Wrap them in brown paper or a copy of The Guardian.”

Protect the Pope comment: In the aftermath of Pope Benedict’s visit there was a brief controversy caused by Jack Valero’s dismissal of the assertion that the UK media has an anti-Catholic bias. Protect the Pope held then, and still holds, the position that  major broadcasters and newspapers are on the whole anti-Christian and anti-Catholic. Peter Sissons’ admission that in the BBC there is a ‘pervading culture of anti-Christianity’ confirms Protect the Pope’s position.

I suspect that in his heart of hearts Jack Valero knows that the media that he deals with on a weekly basis are anti-Christian, and most particularly anti-Catholic, but he has to maintain a working relationship with them. One of the things the media never forgive is the accusation that they are prejudiced or touting an idealogical position. They adamantly present the fiction that they are neutral reporters of the news, who never let their personal opinions effect their reports. They portray anyone who accuses them of being anti-Christian or anti-catholic as ‘cranks’ or ‘conspiracy-nuts with the intention of discrediting them. You can detect their intention in the incredulous, slightly mocking way they ask the question, ‘So you believe there is a conspiracy in the media against Catholics?’

But as Peter Sissions so revealingly puts it, ‘BBC editorial policies, he said, are “rarely spelled out” but “percolate through” the organization.’ This is a conspiracy of ideas that promotes a definite mindset. Nothing is put in writing, but it seems every journalist knows what their editors want to read, and what they don’t want to read. More often than not they don’t want to read anything positive about Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church if they can help it. During the Holy Father’s visit their anti-Catholic bias was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome of Pope Benedict by the crowds. For a brief moment we had a ‘velvet revolution’ in the UK that overwhelmed the liberal hegemony of the media.

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  • SpeSalvi23

    Well… that’s the case all over Europe. It’s so incredibly ‘in your face’, where I find it hard to believe that people are content with it… at least for now.
    Nothing like an exhausted herd who’s too stressed out from work/family/diet/sports/fun to actually challenge the bollocks they’re being fed at night, or to actually register the fact that they’re being unknowingly manipulated.

  • Dan

    hear hear! Well said!

  • Pedro

    “the country’s two far-left papers, The Guardian and The Independent”

    Presumably this puts something like Socialist Worker so far left as to be off-planet.

    Thank goodness there’s Fox News to give us some balanced reporting.

  • louella

    Well…’s time we did do something about it! And doing so will strengthen our identity as Catholics as well. We just need to give up some superflous hobbies and take this on instead.

  • Karla

    I do not want to condemn the BBC completely because they have a few good programs, but these are so few and fare between. BBC news is so biased. Whenever they have a story to do with Christianity or the Church they always have to get somebody on with an alternative view to give their view on it, when they have nothing to do with the story.

    • louella

      Is it just me but when the BBC interview Catholics….they always seem to get dissenting Catholics….and when they interview Muslims they always seem to get very religious ones. I rarely tune into the BBC and I don’t want to be unfair to them…..but that’s the way it seems to me.

    • Tim

      “Whenever they have a story to do with Christianity or the Church they always have to get somebody on with an alternative view to give their view on it”

      This is an attempt to give balance. Just the same as if you get a Tory on, you usually also have someone from the Labout party on as well.

      I do agree that the BBC all too often treats Islam with kid gloves.

      • Karla

        But the Church is not a political party, if there is a story on the Ordinariate or the Pope on Thought for the Day, another person’s opinion has no purpose. I do not see the same thing going on ITV news, Sky news, Five news.

        • Tim

          No, but it often makes political statements (just the same as other entities like Trade Unions which are not political parties make politicals statements) on contravertial issues. Things like the Ordinariate are not uncontravertial and the BBC does have an obligation to try and be balanced, so if someone in favour is interviewed, then a comment from someone against is often appropriate. The opposing comment does serve a purpose by putting the other side of the argument.

          Thought for the Day is a tricky one. I know that other secularists have a different view on this but to my mind there is a difference between a broadcast that contains nothing more than non-contravertial platitudes as did the Pope’s (God sometimes surprises us, and we shoudl be nice to people especially old people) and which I am happy to let pass, and one that is more political such as attacks on the banking system or secularism or the pending equality law which have all been made by other church leaders abd which do need to be balanced by an opposing opinion.

        • Tim

          “I do not see the same thing going on ITV news, Sky news, Five news.”

          right. That is because they are not bound by the BBC’s charter. Because of its special status, the BBC does operate under a different regime.

          • Karla

            What special status? Shouldn’t they be objective?

          • Tim

            The BBC has special status as an a public body at arms length from the government. I don;t understand its corporate structure completely, but there is a Trust and a charter and Governers and a Chairman and the aim is to make it impartial and objective. It is an open question as to whether they suceed* but they are fundamentally different to other broadcasters who are more able to follow their owner’s political (or religious) views.

            * in my view they usually do a very good job of sticking to the mechanisms that are supposed to ensure impartiality, but they are victims of subtle polictical bias of the kind of people that they employ. In general I support the BBC even though I often do not agree with it. I think that it is important because its special statsu makes it different from other broadcasters and whilst all broadcasters BBC included are baised, the more diversity there is in the sector the better for overall non-bais.

      • Karla

        When and where has the BBC been pro Islam?

        • Tim

          “When and where has the BBC been pro Islam?”

          Well in the four weeks since the start of this year (2011), BBC Radio 4 has broadcast:

          1, Young, Muslim and Black: (Dotun Adebayo looks at why Islam is providing an attractive religious alternative to Christianity for Black Britons seeking answers)

          2, It’s My Story: The Imam of Peace (Nadene Ghouri profiles the work of John Butt, an English Muslim convert who became an imam and is trying to spread a message of peace and tolerance across Pakistan and Afghanistan), and

          3, Face the Facts devoted to the issue of “whether sections of the British press are increasing tensions within communities by publishing negative stories about Muslims.”

          During that time the BBC has broadcast no programmes or series on BBC Radio 4 devoted to any of the other non-Christian communities of the U.K. Hindus, Jews, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and humanists have all gone uncatered for.

          maybe this is an representative sample (I do not have a TV, so I don;t know what they have broadcast there), but that is the impression I get.

  • fd

    This is very interesting and very frank !As far as the Italian State tv RAI is concerned the situation is much more complex. What is surprising though is that so little has changed in the latest 50 years where RAI is concerned. More than 50 years ago the political parties wanted to get control of RAI. In the end they came up with a compromise: that is every RAI channel was allotted to a political party. The Christian Democrats ( which was a Catholic party) were assigned the first RAI channel, the socialists were given the second RAI channel and the Communists got the third RAI channel. At the time RAI was the only national tv network in Italy. Mediaset, la7 and SKY ITALIA still had to come.
    Now none of these political parties exist anymore but so little has changed. RAI 1 is still the channel which broadcasts the Pope Angelus every Sunday as well as many documentaries and programms based upon Catholicism and religion, where often Catholic priests are invited to join the debate. “Under a Roman Sky” was broadcast by RAI 1. Many shows on RAI 3 on the other hand are hostile to Catholic values, as the channel is still very leftist. No wonder many RAI 3 presenters say the BBC is a myth to them.I must say though that Catholicism and the Church enjoy much more space on Italian TV than they do on british TV ,for the better or worse. Maybe that’s due to cultural reasons as well. A friend of mine (a British expat who has been living in Italy for many years) once asked me :”Why does he ( the Pope) have to be on the news every day here in Italy?” . The Angelus prayer for instance is broadcast live every Sunday by three tv stations: RAI 1 , SAT 2000 (which is a Catholic network owned by the Italian bishops’ conference) and Skytg24 (the Italian equivalent of sky news)

  • kafur

    …………….and tonight, they start a run of three episodes of “How Muhammed changed the world”………. for Petes sake, these people are sick.

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  • GSR

    Go BBC!

    Much better than FAUX NEWS and their fawning over the ‘War on Christmas’ and why every critic of Israel is a Islamo-fascist, Nazi-loving, Anti-Semitic hater of Christ blah blah blah!!!

  • Wednesday Evening

    I have notIced that when the BBC cover something which puts Muslims in a negative light they gloss over or completely miss out any reference to Islam or the fact that the perpetrator was Muslim. When however Muslims can be positioned as the victim in any situation they lay it on good and thick – why is this???

    Also I am getting a little sick of the media trying to make me feel guilt about the actions of ‘the empire’ in order to justIfy their extremist PC point of view.

    We should not be or allow others to attempt to make us feel ashamed of the empire or the actions of ANY of our ancestors as these actions/events are the basis on which on civilisation is formed and has evolved. The BBC Should not be so quick to bad mouth the indiduous population or the foundations of our civilisation.

    It disgusts me that I should have to search online or watch overseas new channels to find out what is really going on and not just accept the filtered and tailored set of news the BBC has decided that I should see. Furthermore, I worry that others have not yet woken up to the fact that our media appear to be spoon feeding the population their version of the truth and removing the individual’s right to make up their own mind fro. The ‘facts’.

    How many times does a so called expert tell us what we should think or do?

    Can anyone really say what they think?!
    If you worked at the BBC would it be easier to go with the flow to help your career?!
    Should the Govt / BBC trust / the public accept this ?!

    Once upon a time I trusted the BBC completely as the source of truth, now either my eyes have just opened or my detection of their lies and bias is because of some recent unidentified change?!

    Does anyone know the link? Is it govt interference? A Uba PC director or other???

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  • [...] importantly—and here we reach BBC policy—this number-crunching approach serves to exonerate the chief persecutor of Christians, the [...]

  • [...] importantly—and here we reach BBC policy—this number-crunching approach serves to exonerate the chief persecutor of Christians, the [...]

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