Jesus suffers agony of new Judas’ in Church until end of time – Pope Benedict

In the section of his new book, Jesus of Nazareth, dealing with the betrayal of Judas Pope Benedict refers to other  betrayals by Christians throughout the ages, implicitly referring to the appalling betrayal of child sex abuse by members of the Church.

‘Judas’ betrayal was not the last breach of fidelity that Jesus would suffer. “Even my bosom friend, in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted his heel against me” (Ps 41:9). The breach of friendship extends into the sacramental community of the Church, where people continue to take “his bread” and to betray him.

Jesus’ agony, his struggle against death, continues until the end of the world, as Blaise Pascal said on the basis of similar considerations (cf. Pensees VII, 553). We could also put it the other way around: at this hour, Jesus took upon himself the betrayal of all ages, the pain caused by betrayal in every era, and he endured the anguish of history to the bitter end’. (p.68).

This strong reference to the betrayal of new Judas’ in the Church echoes Pope Benedict’s equally strong words to priests and religious who have abused children in his letter to the faithful of Ireland:

‘You betrayed the trust that was placed in you by innocent young people and their parents, and you must answer for it before Almighty God and before properly constituted tribunals. You have forfeited the esteem of the people of Ireland and brought shame and dishonour upon your confreres. Those of you who are priests violated the sanctity of the sacrament of Holy Orders in which Christ makes himself present in us and in our actions. Together with the immense harm done to victims, great damage has been done to the Church and to the public perception of the priesthood and religious life.’

Protect the Pope comment: For Catholics, the shock and disgust at the crimes of priests and religious who sexually abused children is compounded by the fact that at the time of their appalling crimes they also celebrated the Mass and received Holy Communion. This directly parallels the betrayal of Judas who received the Body and Blood of Jesus at the Last Supper while scheming and facilitating the betrayal of Jesus.

Pope Benedict’s insight that at that moment Jesus suffered the agony of all such betrayals throughout history, including the betrayal of child sexual abuse, makes us realize the horror and depth of his suffering.

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  • Andrzej

    While I am a fan of CTS and often order books from them, you can buy B16′s latest book at a much lower price (£9.74 – free delivery) at

    • Deacon Nick

      It should be remembered that the CTS are a registered charity doing a fantastic job of promoting the Faith. They have a small, dedicated staff who are committed to producing high-quality books and booklets, the majority of which sell for £1.99. Any profits they make from Pope Benedict’s new book will go into the development of new projects.

  • Andrzej

    Yes, that is what I assumed. I will continue buying other books via CTS.

  • Sadly the analogy between the abusers and Judas is very apt indeed.

  • fd

    Last night I attended a great event in Milan. The protestant German professor Riesner came to Milan yesterday to talk about the new book written by the Pope”Jesus of Nazareth” .The Auditorium where he spoke was full of people and Riesner was given a warm applause at the end of the speech. What is significant is that Riesner, who is a very esteemed Christian philosopher, is not Catholic : he is protestant. But he says that he loved the Pope’s book and he suggested to lend it to friends with a shaky faith. He said that the Pope writes as if he were in love. He can tell his passion from the book. He also recognized that the Pope is the most important Christian voice in the world.An Italian Catholic priest from Milan also gave a speech so it was also a kind of ecumenistic event. I’m happy I went to have a listen.

  • fd

    After an enlightening evening yesterday I have just watched RAI interview on the web where Piergiorgio Odifreddi who is a journalist who writes for La Repubblica and is the Italian Peter Thatcell, and I won’t add anythingelse to that, says :”As an atheist I thank God for having this Pope, because nobody takes him seriously and he just makes a blunder after another”. Now, let us supposed that Odifreddi hasn’t lived in a cave for the past few months. Has he heard about the tremendous success of all his visits abroad or hasn’t he? And, since he works for a paper which is based in Rome, doesn’t he know that the Pope is cheered on by thousands of people the world over every week ? Sometimes I think it’s good to hear what Church opponents think , just to have the broader picture. But then I get so depressed to hear such ignorant comments by people who think so highly of themselves. Sorry for the outburst

  • fd

    Oh I was so furious that I’ve made some mistakes in my spelling in the previous post

  • fd

    Thankyou Rev Nick !

  • If the catholic church did not have a history of covering up abuse and protecting these monsters, it would have some credibility on this issue. But, it has NONE whatsoever.

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