Vatican posts testimonials attributing ‘miracles to Pope John Paul II’s

The Holy See’s website dedicated to the beatification of Pope John Paul II has posted testimonials to ‘miracles’ attributed by witnesses to his intercession. According to AFP the Holy See has collected thousands of such testimonials.

‘Tales of lives saved, sicknesses cured and families reunited from across Europe have been told in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Polish and Italian on the Holy See’s beatification website (’

‘Many stories speak of “sudden” recoveries from cancer or other devastating illnesses “against the odds.” Others describe how the ex-pontiff helped them through moments of despair at work or with tumultuous love stories.

Some confessed they had been living an irreligious life or worshipping pagan gods before rediscovering their Catholic faith thanks to his intervention.

Others wrote that John Paul II appeared to them in a vision or dream during high-risk surgery or life-threatening accidents, helping them to fight for their lives or bear the pain.’

Here is one example:

“Your” Pope Cured my Father. Marek Poland

I have worked for many years on a ship in the Caspian Sea. I have many friends in Azerbaijan and speak with them about everything. One day one of my colleagues, Ali, began to speak about John Paul II, saying that “our” Pope had cured his father during the Holy Father’s visit to Baku, in the stadium. Ali’s father, Mr. Ashum, had two strokes, he moved with difficulty, with the help of another person and the support of a cane. During the encounter John Paul II was also in terrible health. After the homily, his gaze rested precisely on Mr. Ashum, who was seated in the front row. The Pope gestured for him to come closer, but Ali’s father didn’t think John Paul II would be actually motioning to him. Encouraged by other persons as well, he went up to receive the Body of Christ from the hands of John Paul II… and immediately he recovered his strength! Ashum is convinced that he was cured thanks to the Holy Father. He returned to life, and walks alone without any trouble. He only took the cane in case it should be useful in the future. This is all that I have heard from Ali – citizen of Azerbaijan and coworker on the ship “Gültekin Askerova”

18 comments to Vatican posts testimonials attributing ‘miracles to Pope John Paul II’s

  • Pedro

    JPII seems to be as energetic in the next life as he was in the first.

  • Goretti

    JPII was a holy man,He deserves to be declared a saint.

  • Steven Mukunta


  • will

    miracles…what a hoax! not one miracle has ever been proven to this day…what lies we create in desperation, in hope, in religion’s name. shame and woe onto thee!

  • Valerie

    Will-Life is very short. We are here to learn and help each other.
    Miracles have and still do happen-my daughter received one in 2000. I prayed a specific prayer and invoked the intercession of two holy saints. Exactly what I prayed for occurred-the “dissolving” of the balance of an arteriovenus malformation-and the neurologist’s nurse volunteered afterwards that although what happened was technically possible in all of her years of aiding in neurosurgery-IT HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! The neurosurgeon was so excited that during her pre-procedure angiogram they discovered it had “thrombosed” during the nine-week period that we waited for expected gamma knife surgery! He was shocked and ecstatic! there is a much longer story of faith that goes along with this story, but it CAN BE PROVEN! The procedure was set at WILLS EYE HOSPITAL at the end of March 2000. My daughter fully recovered-has a family, works full time and is working towards her bachelors degree.
    Miracles do happen…

  • Lani

    I was very hopeless of whats going on with my life until one day , my very good friend , told me , go and ask help from Pope John Paul II. I did that night and asked him three impt things that will save me in my problems . Sure enough , one week after , the long wait was over , I received what ive been wanting for. I do believe,thru his intercession, I ve got what I wanted. Thanks a lot , my very dear Pope John Paul II. Thanks God for everything.

  • Anton

    i prayed for the cure of a child who was diagonosed having rat fever. he was totally unconscious for sixteen days. doctors almost were not certain of his life. we prayed well and found after many days child recovering the conscious. it was a real miracle received from pope john paul ii.

  • Anton

    no doubt pope john paul ii is a powerful saint. let us always pray for the cannonization of the pope

  • Eddy

    It was on the 1st September (around 17 hours) 1990 when POPE JOHANNES PAUL II visited Mwanza town along southern shores of lake Victoria in Tanzania – East Africa. My second born (son) was one and a half years old and had been attacked by a strange skin disease accompanied by abscesses since when he was four months old. When I heard the pope was on his way from the Mwanza Airport to Kawekamo a place where he conducted a holy Mass next day, I rushed to the road side with my son, believing deeply that he will be cured after he waived to the Pope. As the Pope waived to the side we were standing I Held my son’s hand to wave him back. Believe me my son was cured right at the moment and he is healthy up to date. John Paul II kindly keep on praying for us poor sinners for our righteousness, transparency,justice, kindness and love to others for the Kingdom of God seem to be unattainable as the days/months/years pass by.

  • Eddy

    I will be grateful for the canonisation of Pope John Paul II, the pope is the Saint.

  • Susan

    I believe that Pope John Paul ii gave me a miracle. I know that this sounds trivial next to so many others, but to me, its absolutely the real thing.
    My cat was lost. He is delightful, with a unique personality. We’ve been through tragic losses, and I thought I couldn’t bear another. I knew I should not have let the cat out, but he was found as a stray, and loves the outdoors. Sometimes he would take long forages, but would always return after 2 nights. We live on acreage, a mini farm. Our land borders woods that stretch for a hundred acres.
    When our cat did not return after the third day, we became worried. We called his name repeatedly, searched our property and the perimeter. After the fourth day, I began taking walks through the woods, looking everywhere. On the fifth day, we made fliers and posted them all along our street. I called all the local veterinarians, just in case someone brought him in.
    On the sixth day, I began to pray. On the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth day, I prayed to Pope John Paul ii for a miracle. I could hardly bear the thought that my cat was dead. I assumed he must have been attacked by a predator, and blamed myself. I knew he would have come home if he could have.
    On the eleventh day, I heard a voice inside that told me to pray the Hail Mary, and, if I did, I would find my cat. I did. I said a Hail Mary. I picked roses from my garden, because I also had the feeling that I should. I thought they were sent from heaven by my cat to comfort me, because I was grieving, and could hardly think of anything else.
    I picked the roses and said a Hail Mary.
    And I found the cat. I was led right into my neighbors barn, where my cat had been trapped for eleven days. I sobbed with relief.
    He’s okay now.
    I do believe that Pope John Paul ii helped me find my cat, and I will forever be grateful.

  • ahereza gilbert

    He was a holy man and deserved to be canonised glory be to GOD

  • Ken

    I absolutely believe in God and the work of the saints. Miracles excite me but they do not surprise me. God can do anything, anywhere, anytime!

  • Anton

    Pope John Paul healed me from many diseases. thanks be to God.

  • Pope John Paul helped me return to the Sacraments, he helped make my route back to the Church much less complicated than it probably should have been. So who says no miracles do not happen should try asking our Dear Blessed Pope John II when he/she is next in trouble or dire need; he will not fail them providing their request in genuine. Believe me, that day when I looked at John Paul II on Youtube, it was as if he glanced straight into my eyes, just for a few seconds, I asked for his help and I received it. Since that happened to me, I have read of many other accounts of similar, one whereby a young man was in a crowd, (I take it on a Youth Day), the Pope looked into the crowd straight into this young man’s eyes; he is now a priest.

  • Pope John Paul II, deserves to be a saint, and we have a lot to learn from him!!!

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