Vatican launches website tribute to Pope John Paul II for his beatification

Many Vatican institutions have collaborated to create a moving website tribute to Pope John Paul II  which has been launched on the eve of his beatification. The English Language version is at:

The Vatican press release states:

‘The Vatican pays homage to John Paul II on the occasion of his beatification creating a webpage ( which retraces some of the most significant moments of his history and of his pontificate.

The site has been created with a preference for the power and the spontaneity of the images.There are 500 photographs, 30 videos and 400 sentences in six different languages, totaling 2,400 sentences!

These “special events” have been collected by topic (e.g. children, youth, the election, the attempt on his life, the Jubilee, etc.) and each topic has been represented in the form of a “booklet” of images to flip through, all accompanied by a meaningful sentence.

The section dedicated to the Pontificate has been realized exclusively through video. Among the other sections of the site there is one completely dedicated to the prayers of the Pope. On this site one may also watch the live streaming of the whole event.’

Protect the Pope comment: The beatification of Pope John Paul II promises to be one of the great events of the history of the Catholic Church. Hopefully Pope John Paul II will soon not only be recognized as a saint, but also a Doctor of the Church and as John Paul the Great.

I truly count it an honour and a privilege to have lived as a Catholic during the pontificate of John Paul II. Future Catholics will count us blessed by God to have lived under the protection and guidance of such a great successor to St. Peter.

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  • fd

    AND SKY ITALIA IS ALSO DOING A GREAT JOB. And a skytg24 journalist has just said a true thing: lest we forget John PaulII was harshly critiziced during his life, expecially at the beginning of his Pontificate,just like Pope Benedict

  • Pope John Paul II was truly a spark from Poland. A gift to the Church which we will only fully appreciate in the next life. Think of his extensive travels, his gift to the Church of the Catechism which indeed is a “sure norm,” his many – and profound – Encyclical Letters. Five of these stand out as simply monumental in their importance: Redemptor Hominis, Evangelium Vitae, Veritatis Splendor (my personal favorite), Fides et Ratio and Christifidelis Laici. But they were all magnificent.

    Pope John Paul II: ora pro nobis!

  • Karla

    Thank you for this info. Can not believe the BBC is not broadcasting this.

  • fd

    More or less the Italian media are covering the vigil of the Beatification which is going on right now in a very good way and they are going through the life of this extraordinary man (But a great editorial in today’s Avvenire carried the title :NOT THE FAME BUT THE CROSS (John Paul’s life was characterized and made great by the Cross)! ). I On my behalf have been following the vigil on TV on sky Italia and partly in English on EWTN.
    Even La Repubblica,which had forecast the flop, now is catching up and it’s devoting much space to the events in its website. The only really scandalous newspapers are Il Fatto Quotidiano and Il Manifesto, which -even though they are both based in Rome- are not saying anything about the vigil in their websites and they just carry an article which talks about a book recently released by an Italian journalist who tries its best to besmirch John Paul’s pontificate.
    But just half an hour ago his former polish secretary (now Archbishop of Cracovia)has reminded everybody how John Paul literally shouted against the Mafia in Agrigento (the secretery said : we got scared by how angry he was) and when he decried the war in Iraq in 2003. Those were the only occasion when he saw him angry, he said

  • fd

    just today presenter Paola Saluzzi said on SKY ITALIA that when the Pope John Paul II first travelled to his native Poland as a Pope the polish state tv had ordered to film him with a “narrow shot” (not sure this is the right term in English), meaning that they were not allowed to film the huge crowds who had turned out. The priest in studio with her said : if there was st narrow this is the head of those people who gave such orders. She agreed. Well, it seemed to me that the two minutes which the BBC WORLD NEWS service devoted to the vigil tonight followed the same method (but maybe it’s just me)
    Here are some photos from Corriere della

  • louella

    Pope John Paul II is credited with bringing down Communism in Eastern Europe…. I pray he will also intercede for the collapse of godless secularism in Europe too….and of course its re-Christianisation. God Willing.

  • Dolorosa

    I think otherwise after reading Fr. Luigi Villa’s Magazine, Cheisa Viva, online about JPII. It documents that he was not really the anti-communist people believe he was and more:

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