EU threatens Hungary for promoting adoption instead of abortion

The Justice Commissioner of the European Union, Viviane Reding, has threatened Hungary with financial penalties for running an advertising campaign that promoted adoption instead of abortion.

European Dignity Watch report:

‘During the plenary session of the European Parliament on the 8th of June 2011, the Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding expressed concern that the Hungarian Government’s campaign, encouraging adoption instead of abortion to promote a better work-life balance was “not in line” with the European Social Agenda and asked the Hungarian Government to stop the initiative without delay.

‘The campaign was designed to run for only one month, ending on the 31st May 2011. Without any need to stop it, Commissioner Reding banned the campaign after it had already ended making a public statement of indignation.’

‘She emphasised in her reply that Hungary would have to stop this campaign immediately, even if the campaign was already finished. She added that if Hungary did not comply, financial penalties could be taken. ‘
‘Although Mrs Reding expressed her disapproval for the campaign, she did not explain in her answer to the European Parliament, the basis upon which she disapproved of the campaign. She did not cite any legal basis for her comments, nor did she say how it contradicted the European Social Agenda. Furthermore the Commissioner did not explain what these financial penalties could represent. For the moment no final decisions have been taken. Hungary is still waiting for a found answer from the Commission.’

The caption on the advertisement read:

‘I understand it if you aren’t ready for me. But think twice, and put me up for adoption. Let me live!’

Protect the Pope comment: Here we see the depth of intolerance among the leadership of the European Union to any expression of pro-life sentiments among member states of the EU. Only one message is acceptable to the EU, the unquestionable, unassailable right of a mother to kill her pre-born child through abortion.  To suggest the possibility of adoption is intolerable to a political institution that so actively promotes the culture of death.

The tragic irony is that it is the Justice Commissioner of the EU that is perpetrating this gross injustice against the pre-born children and mothers of Hungary and Europe. She wants to censor a campaign that merely raises the possibility of adoption. What of Europe’s much vaunted claim to defend the right to free-speech? This right only seems to apply to those who blaspheme and desecrate!

What more proof do we need to show the world that the European Union is developing into a totalitarian political institution that will only allow the promotion of anti-life propaganda?

H/T Damian Donnelly

10 comments to EU threatens Hungary for promoting adoption instead of abortion

  • Fr John McCallion cc

    Shocked yet not surprised at this latest news from our “masters” in europe. I’m even more shocked that Commissioner Reding is a memeber of the Christian Social Party and is a recipiant of the Robert Schumann medal. Surely, being a memeber of a party identifying with the word Christian would welcome Hungary’s brave decision; I would guess that Robert Schumann would agree also with the Hungarian’s decision. Well done Hungary, may the rest of Europe follow your lead.

  • Karla

    The EU is a horrible dicatating institution. I hope Hungary stays strong ansd won’t bow to their commands. Hungary like Chile has a pro life government that promote adoption and pro life outlook in general.

    The rest of the world should be looking to them as an example, I watched a news story the other day that Germany had to get many people from Catholic Poland to work in Germany because they don’t have enough German people in the population to take jobs. There is contraception and abortion for you.

  • ms catholic state

    May God help us. The campaign isn’t even against abortion as such…..but the ‘great and the good’ have completely lost their marbles over it. They must feel threatened. Where is their hatred for the unborn coming from?! There is only one source….Satan. Let the battle begin….and let our bishops know what the EU really is…and stop supporting it. I’m sure the Pope doesn’t….unless it becomes truly Catholic.

    It’s a fact….all atheist/secular nations become totalitarian eventually. (PS…my other name is louella)

  • Pedro

    Hungary used funds made available through the EU Progress Programme.

    The funds are intended to promote equal opportunities in employment. The EU wasn’t threatening penalties, it was threatening to take it’s money ([i]our[/i] money) back if the funds continued to be used for purposes that they weren’t intended for.

    Deacon Nick. This happens to all of us. We are fed a story by someone who thinks we will be receptive to it. If it happens to support our own way of seeing things we tend to accept it without further question. I’m as guilty of it as anyone.

    • Toby

      From the link you attached you will see the first bullet point:

      “Building on these achievements, the renewed social agenda brings together a range of EU policies in order to support action in seven priority areas:

      - Children and youth – tomorrow’s Europe”

      It strikes me that a policy promoting the cessation of the killing of the unborn unequivocally promotes “tomorrow’s Europe” and helps combat the population decline and ageing demographic which will be amongst the EU’s greatest challenges in the years to come.

  • Robin Leslie

    Well, the reasonable thing to do in these circumstances is to do nothing and allow the Campaign for adoption rather than abortion to
    go ahead, to refuse to ban it. It seems to me that the Commissioner’s failure to give a reasoned statement for her demand to ban the Campaign renders her claim to authority in this case groundless (she has simply provided no grounds for her demand). Unless authority can be seen to be reasonable, either in secular or sacred tradition it delegitimates itself, is non-substantive and simply arbitrary. Claims to authority can always be challenged
    but they can only be sustained on grounds of reasonableness and this must include charitableness as a factor in the exercise of that authority. In this case there does not appear to be any threat by the Campaign to anybody or group, indeed their language appears to be thoughtful and considerate by comparison with Commissioner Reding’s reaction. So we must ask why a Commissioner
    whose remit is to oversee matters of Justice throughout the EU
    seems to behave so unreasonably? Perhaps she ought to answer that, but the Hungarian government should advise the Commissioner that until they receive an explanation as to how the Campaign is ‘not in line with the Social Agenda, but even more importantly, in what way is the Campaign for adoption unjust to anybody. I suspect Commissioner Reding is an unsophisticate in the matter of abortion, that is, that she does not regard the unborn child as an
    ‘other’. (See Fergus Kerr OP. Theology after Wittgenstein and
    Rowan Williams: Lost Icons)

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