Israel’s ambassador to Holy See forced to retract praise of Pope Pius XII

Only two days after he mildly praised Pope Pius XII for saving Jews during the Nazi occupation of Rome Mordechay Lewy, Israel’s Ambassador to Israel, has been forced to retract his statement.

‘Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican, Mordechay Lewy, said his comments were “premature.”

“Given the fact that this context is still under the subject of ongoing and future research, passing my personal historical judgment on it was premature.’

Protect the Pope comment: Too many people in advocacy groups and the media are invested in perpetuating the unhistorical character assassination of Pope Pius XII to let someone as prominent as Israel’s ambassador to the Holy See publicly praise this great Pope.  Though the Soviet state that invented and spread the lie of Pope Pius XII’s inaction during the Holocaust has disappeared from history, future generations, for various reasons, have found it advantageous to make the lie unquestionable ‘historical’ truth.  To do so they have to airbrush out of history the praise of Jews who publicly acknowledged with far better knowledge Pope Pius XII’s assistance , such as Israel Zolli, Albert Einstein and Golda Myer.

The forced retraction of Mordechay Lewy’s mildest of acknowledgments of Pope Pius’ role in saving Jews during WWII shows the depth of prejudice against this saintly man.

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  • TACit

    How discouraging to read this – I had felt so buoyed by the announcement last week of Lewy’s statement.
    Reading the USCCB blog just now, I came across this:
    “The two essential reference points for understanding Catholic-Jewish relations today is Vatican II’s Decree on Non-Christian Religions (Nostra aetate), paragraph 4 and the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. Whereas the former placed the relationship between the people of the first covenant and the followers of Jesus in a context of renewed theological understanding, the latter has become a powerful witness to three key elements in this relationship: healing of memories, walking together as friends and working together for the sake of “healing the world” (tikkun olam)”

    It seems that at least one of the three key elements, healing of memories, has not proceeded as hoped and perhaps prayer is what’s needed.

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