Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland recalled by Holy See for consultations

The Vatican Press Office has issued the following press release:

‘Following the publication on 13 July, of the Irish government’s Commission of Inquiry Report into allegations of abuse of minors by clergy of the diocese of Cloyne, otherwise known as the ‘Cloyne Report’and, in particular, the reactions that have followed, the Secretary of State has recalled the Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland, HE Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza for consultations”.

Protect the Pope comment: I’m not sure what is the significance of the Holy See officially recalling its Apostolic Nunio, basically an ambassador, from Ireland? The press release refers in particular to ‘the reactions that have followed’ the publication of the Cloyne Report, which must be a reference to Enda Kenny’s  speech in the Dail.

Usually a sovereign state’s official recall of its ambassador is a diplomatic signal that the relationship between the two countries has seriously deteriorated.

This explanation from BBC’s Northern Ireland correspondent is useful to understand the significance of the Holy See’s action:

‘The Vatican has recalled the papal nuncio to advise them on their response to the Cloyne Report.

It is is most likely that this ‘recall’ is to assist the Vatican in forming a statement. We expect more on that by lunchtime today.

Nuncios travel to Rome all the time for meetings. Why announce a ‘recall’?

I suspect this is a careful move by the Vatican to signal that it is treating the Taoseach’s comments very seriously.

This is diplomatic language: the Vatican wants us to understand that they understand.’



7 comments to Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland recalled by Holy See for consultations

  • Tim

    “I suspect this is a careful move by the Vatican to signal that it is treating the Taoseach’s comments very seriously.

    This is diplomatic language:the Vatican wants us to understand that they understand.’

    I agree completely. And would cautiously welcome this as a sign that the Vatican “gets it”

    • SpeSalvi23

      I would assume that it might be a good idea for Ireland to stop the self destruct mode about this horrible topic.
      Seriousely, what good does hysterical, polemical, possibly politically (also in terms of Church ‘politics’) motivated finger pointing achieve?
      It’s not like the facts are not out in the open. They can be read and checked and then people should actually come to the sensible conclusion. The Irish Episcopate simply wasn’t up to the challenge. Seemingly for many different reasons it ignored canon law and instructions given by the CDF.
      Stop abusing the facts for individual agendas and keep a clear head.

      I aslo believe that recalling the nuncio might be a signal of the Vatican being fed up with irrational accusations.
      I certainly would be rather p***** off if I was a member of the CDF who has been working very hard to come up with global guidelines and rules and who has been going through files and files and files to clean the filth, just to be insulted by a rather uninformed, rabid politician.

  • Criostoir

    I suspect this is a commentary on Kenny’s ill-considered and untruthful remarks about the Holy See. If it was going to Rome to help with response they wouldn’t have used term “recalled for consultations” – that always has a negative connotation.

  • Sean

    The Irish liberal left have gone crazy in applauding the Taoiseach’s hysterical remarks calling them ‘courageous’, ‘brilliant’, etc. In fact, as someone remarked, this is as about as courageous as getting into the ring with Muhammud Ali when he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Kenny is grandstanding and playing to the crowd and this will not doubt help his situation in the polls. But the outrageous and inaccurate language he used in his statement to the Dail was deeply unfair to the Vatican and strongly exonerating of the failings of the Irish state and its politicians. The State has been appallingly remiss in protecting children and this is continuing to the present day. The Irish political class have brought the country to its knees through its economic profligacy and its buying into the neo-liberal economic boom of the 1990s. Attacking that useful scapegoat, ‘the Vatican’, is a useful way to deflect attention from themselves.

  • Fawltyoldboy

    It may well be a ‘commentary’ on our Taoiseach’s remarks. However, “Criostoir’, that speech was neither ill-considered or untruthful. Perhaps you might consider the public reaction to his speech in Ireland as evidence of the sentiment that currently pervades the country. The level of anger in Ireland towards the RCC and the Vatican have been somewhat muted in the past few years but, with the publication of the Cloynes Report, that anger has returned in even greater measure. The comments of the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Martin, in the hours following Enda Kenny’s speech would leave only the most blinkered persons believing that our Prime Minister was in the wrong. This is not the 12th Century! The Vatican & The Catholic Church are not above the laws of men!

  • Sean & Cristoir are absolutely correct. The level of real anger is difficult to assess. The hysteria resulting from Kenny’s offensive/ill-informed speech is largely generated by the usual suspects. The Irish media is totally dominated by liberal fundamentalists. They despise any kind of dissent. The Catholic Church is the only organisation that dissents ( & even then there is a substantial number of compliant State-friendly Clerics around – the establishments pet theologans ) from the prevailing liberal/feminist dogma which stultifies Irish society. So the stakes are high ; & Kenny was largely playing up to this mob. In reality they dont really care about abuse. As was previously stated, 200 children died in State ” care ” in recent years ; yet the political/media establishment have been quite blase about same. Hopefully the Vatican will not allow itself be bullied by these apparatchik’s.

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