Since 1991 1.5 million embryonic children killed through IVF in UK

According to the Department of Health over 1.5 million embryonic children have been killed as a result of IVF in the UK over the past 20 years. Obviously this doesn’t include the number of embryonic children killed through the abortifact effect of the Pill, the coil, or the human pesticide Emergency Contraceptive available at your family pharmacy.

A break down of the figures reveals the shocking truth behind ‘test tube babies’:

  • Doctors have created more than 3.1 million human embryos since Britain passed its Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act in 1991, resulting in only 94,090 successful births.
  • This is one live birth for the creation of 30 embryonic human beings
  • 1,455,832 embryonic babies have been ‘discarded’
  • 101,605 embryonic human beings were destroyed through research
  • And 764,311 embryonic children were frozen.

Lord Alton of Liverpool, a veteran pro-life campaigner, said he found the Department of Health figures ‘staggering’: ‘We are creating and destroying human embryos on an industrial scale.’

Lord Alton said the figures revealed the folly of spending huge amounts of money on treatments which usually fail at a time when there are 600 abortions a day and only 70 babies put up for adoption each year.

Josephine Quintavalle, of pressure group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said: ‘Human life begins at the point of conception. It should not be created as a surplus in such a careless way.’

Protect the Pope comment: I have fertility problems and as a couple we have been pressurized by fertility doctors to undertake IVF treatment. Having thought about the morality of  IVF, with the help of the Church’s teaching, we have adamantly refused. A hospital in London even enrolled us on an IVF course without our consent, the first thing we knew about it was a letter in the post.  Another consultant said he had many Catholic, Jewish and Muslim couples who accepted IVF, and asked us to justify our refusal of IVF as if it were an intellectual curiosity.  When it became clear that we wouldn’t co-operate we were basically shown the door.

We’re desperate to have children, but not at any cost, and not at the cost of other children’s lives. Once the co-creation of children is taken out of the security of the mother’s womb then those children are vulnerable to the  mistakes and the evil decisions of others.

I understand why other couples give way to the pressure I really do, it has been tempting. But when I sat down and thought about the creation of so called spare embryos, and the manipulation of my embryonic children by technicians I realised that IVF is just plain wrong. I don’t blame the couples, I blame the doctors and scientists for pushing this on couples who are desperate. And children born through IVF should not feel guilty about how they were conceived, because their lives are precious and good.

Basically, what we’re being told by these pro-IVF doctors and scientists is that the birth of 90,000 children is worth the death 0f 1.5 million other children. The killing of just one embryonic human being to enable 90,000 live births is totally immoral, but on  this industrial scale of  killing it’s a crime that cries to heaven.–thousands-thrown-away.html

2 comments to Since 1991 1.5 million embryonic children killed through IVF in UK

  • Toby

    You’re a great witness at considerable personal hardship and anguish. God bless you and your wife.
    In Domino,

  • Simon Fisher

    Nick I completely agree with your comments and the reason as a couple have decided against IVF. When preparing couples for marriage using Lancaster Diocese Fit For Mission Marriage it is clear that the majority of couples are not aware of the crime of babies destroyed in IVF or the effects of oral contraceptives and the coil for example and how again they destroy life. This is not about judging or moralising it is about getting the message out about the realities of IVF and many contraceptives.
    I now how cheap life is to many in the medical profession. Our son Joshua was described as being: ‘incompatible with life’. Life is so cheap to some. This particular paediatrician just could not understand why we did not agree to end my sons life before birth. For up this was not a decision. All life (from conception to it’s natural end) is scared, it is God Given and we were chosen to be Joshua’s parents. In his short life he taught us so much.

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