Irish government rejects UN recommendations to legalize abortion

Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice, representing the Irish Government at last week’s  United Nations Universal Periodic Review public session in Geneva rejected recommendations from other member States that Ireland introduce the killing of unborn children through the provision of abortion.

The governments wanting to kill Irish children include those of Holland, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Norway and Spain.

LifeNews reports:

‘Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign told LifeNews that her group “welcomes the decision of the Government not to support recommendations from a number of countries for Ireland to introduce abortion.”

“These calls for abortion legislation fly in the face of the UN’s own recent research showing that Ireland, without abortion, is a world leader in terms of safety for women in pregnancy,” she said.

Cullen added: “Maternal safety in Ireland, it should be noted, is better than in the six countries pressurising Ireland to introduce abortion. The legal reality is that the recent European Court of Human Rights decision in A, B and C v. Ireland does not oblige Ireland to introduce abortion.”

However, the Irish government issued the following confusing statement regarding its response to A, B, and C v Ireland:

‘While Ireland rejected the calls from other nations to introduce legislation implementing last year’s ruling of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of A, B and C versus Ireland, it committed to “expeditious implementation” of the European Court of Human Rights ruling and said it would appoint an expert group “with a view to making recommendations to government on how this matter should be best addressed.”

The judgement in A, B, and C versus Ireland concluded:

‘Three women sued Ireland under the European Convention on Human Rights to overturn the country’s abortion ban saying they were forced to travel to Britain for abortions and wanting to establish a “right” to abortion. The court dismissed the claims of two of the three women, but, in the third, the court found Ireland should provide a more clear procedure to determine risk to the life of the mother and access to abortion in cases where a pregnancy would place her life at medical risk rather than requiring a person in her situation to file a legal action to obtain an abortion.’

Protect the Pope comment: It is welcome news that Enda Kenny’s government has defended the Irish Constitution’s legal defense of the life of unborn Irish children. However, it is unclear what the Irish government intends to achieve by convening an expert group to make recommendations following the European Court’s judgement, particularly in light of the fact that Ireland rejected Slovenia’s recommendation to okay abortion in cases “when pregnancy poses a risk to the health of the pregnant woman.’

5 comments to Irish government rejects UN recommendations to legalize abortion

  • ms catholic state

    God help and us. Satan is on the prowl. Thank God for this merciful (though slighly ambiguous) decision by the Irish Government.

  • Karla

    Thank God. I keep hearing about the right of women to have an abortion, what about the right of the baby, the unique human life, which is unique from its mother.

  • spesalvi23

    I can’t wait for the Government of Germany screaming desperately for non-Germans to re-fill the rapidly emptying coutry with people.
    It’s nice to slaughter your own country in this way (approx. 120.000 babies per year) – this time, since we couldn’t do to ourselves by being smashed to pieces in two world wars, it should be for good.
    This measure also prevents any possiblity to rebuild it again: a nice, self made demographic, economic and financial meltdown.

  • Ted

    I believe it is the right of the woman to decide if she wants an abortion or not. Having a child can be very disruptive and some people are not able to handle having one. I believe we should have the choice to have a child or not. If someone has become pregnant after taking every nesacary precaution when having intercourse then they should not have to fulfill a period of 9 months carrying a child. If your willing to give up your child for adoption good for you but some would not be able and may end up resenting their children. I think it is unfair that women do not have the choice, when the man could just walk away from it.

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