Pope Benedict further recognizes importance of Maryvale to New Evangelisation

Pope Benedict has further recognized the importance of the Maryvale Higher Institute of Religious Sciences to one of the major projects of his pontificate – New Evangelisation.

The Holy Father has named Petroc Willey, Maryvale’s Deputy Director and Dean of Graduate Research, one of fifteen consultors to Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

Petroc Willey Ph.D., S.T.L, is also  editor of the catechetical journal The Sower and the excellent book on catechesis, The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Craft of Catechesis.

Earlier in the year Pope Benedict appointed Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, the first Higher Institute of Religious Sciences in the English-speaking world.

Protect the Pope comment:

When the Holy Father addressed the English and Welsh Bishops about a mile and a half away from Maryvale in the chapel atOscott College he asked that three things should be accomplished:

  • The implementation of the new translation of the missal.
  • The fostering with great generosity of the ordinariate
  • A working relationship with the Pontifical Council for the new Evangelization with the end in view of the renewal of the faith in the UK.

Maryvale is now a major player in responding to the second and third requests of the Holy Father.

In liaison with Fr Stephen Wang, Maryvale now provides for the formation of all the Clergy of the Ordinariate.

With the news today of the appointment of Petroc as one of 15 consultors from across the US and Europe to the Pontifical Council for the new Evangelization, the Holy Father has personally authorised the linking of the Church in the UK to that Roman Council through Maryvale.

Petroc’s appointment as a consultor to the Pontifical Council is a great honour for the Institute and recognises that Maryvale is part of that new evangelization and that the Church wants to make use of its expertise in this new mission of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy See is turning more and more to Maryvale as a valued collaborator in the UK in teaching and forming people in the fullness of the Faith.

Maryvale is one of those very rare things, a Catholic institute of education and theology in the UK that is faithful to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, as expressed in the normative Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the documents of the Magisterium.

Maryvale also has expertise in distance-learning, so wherever you live in the world you can benefit from a Maryvale education in the Faith.

Protect the Pope would be interested to hear of other higher institutes of education and theology in the UK who use and are faithful to the fullness of the truth expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Maryvale’s website: http://www.maryvale.ac.uk/index.php

14 comments to Pope Benedict further recognizes importance of Maryvale to New Evangelisation

  • Chris

    Great news. Completed a BA (div) in Catholic Theology at Maryvale. For the first time in my life I heard Catholicism explained in its fullness with enthusiasm and conviction. Exciting and stimulating course. Equpped me to be a much better RE teacher but more importantly it was the culmination of a re-conversion to our fantastic faith. Every diocesan bishop should be supporting the work of Maryvale. It is the way forwrd for the renewal of our Catholic faith in England.

  • Fr Francis

    The head of Philosophy at Maryvale is the excellent Dr Andrew Beards. His daughter recently tried her vocation as a Benedictine nun and featured in a refreshingly positive and fair TV progamme called “Young Nuns”. The Beards family was shown in the programme as a truly loving and Christian family: here Catholicism was shown at its best.

    Incidentally two of Andrew’s sisters are nuns: at least one of them is a Franciscan Missionary Sister of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM). I think that originally the Sisters specialised in nursing, especially midwifery in Africa. Cardinal Hinsley, when Apostolic Delegate to East Africa, was influential in enabling Religious Sisters to take up this specialised apostolate according to Cardinal Heenan.

    Bishop Bernard Patrick Wall introduced the FMDMs to the Diocese of Brentwood when they opened a Mother and Baby Home in Theydon Bois for unmarried mothers. This later transferred to Chingford and took over the Dominican Sisters’ Convent – when a group of Dominican Sisters moved to Lymington, Hants. Coincidentally this group of also featured in the TV Programme.

  • Fr Francis

    Coincidentally this group also featured in the TV Programme

  • Pedro

    “Institute of Religious Sciences”

    Once again Deacon Nick, thank you for making me laugh out loud. It really calls itself this? Why not go the whole nine yards and call itself the Institute of Religious Oxymorons.

    :) :):)

    • Pedro

      p.s. Look out for the word “quantum” appearing in your lectures. That’s usually a sure fire sign of snake oil!

    • Deacon Nick

      Pedro, sometimes your ignorance is breath-taking. Look up the history of the word ‘science’ please. I have explained it before on this site. I do realize that its one of your ‘sacred’ words that, as a Catholic, I’m unworthy to use. I wonder if you can make a quantum leap in knowledge. ;-)

  • spesalvi23

    Always so very predictable. ;-)
    I must say I prefer religious science to a group meeting of a bunch of nerds who’s main reference point of worship is Leonard Nimoy.

  • Teresa

    I am in the final year of the BA Divinity and have done their Art course too. I have nothing but praise for Maryvale, and our parish priest speaks highly of the Institute too. The teaching is sound and orthodox, the staff are sincere and the knowledge imparted by the lecturers is of a very high standard. Bl. John Henry Newman resided a while at Maryvale (and named it). He wanted a better informed laity, and Maryvale are fulfilling his hopes.

    When I came to the Faith a few years ago I knew very little about God, about the Bible, about Jesus, or prayer, or what to believe and why…… I could (and did) learn much from simply reading at home but being new to the Faith I was worried about absorbing liberal or even Anglican/Protestantised teachings and interpretations. I wanted assurance that what I learned was fully Catholic. I prayed hard for teaching, and for protection. I firmly believe that Maryvale was God’s answer to my prayer.

  • Ann Couper-Johnston

    The best comment on Maryvale I heard was from a fellow student who said he came to Maryvale because he wanted to learn the teaching of the Church rather than some fancy Jesuit’s idea of the teaching of the Church.

    Those who find the designation of Theology as the Queen of Sciences somewhat surprising – please read the justification of it by St Thomas Aquinas. It is not the Church that divorced Faith from Reason; that was done by the Protestants and their teaching that man was made utterly degenerate and cut off by the Fall. From that follows that what man has to offer by use of his reason is of no use, in fact detrimental to, faith (because it is tainted by his fallen nature to such an extent that it is a barrier to it). This has various far-reaching consequences, for instance in the approach made to non-Christians.

    This divorce of Faith from Reason was further exacerbated by the Enlightenment, which deified human reason and denigrated Faith, for instance by using the word Medieval as a term of contempt – a usage which dates from that time.

  • Jean Pearson

    In reply to Pedro: Maryvale doesn’t ‘call’ itself a ‘Higher Institute of Religious Sciences’. It is one. This status was achieved after a rigorous process of examination regarding standards of courses, content, assessment and methodology. Our Courses comply with QAA standards and our validating bodies include The Open University and Liverpool Hope University. It never ceases to amaze me that there are those who assume that adherence to a faith automatically rules out the capacity for fair and objective academic study.

    • Pedro

      “It never ceases to amaze me that there are those who assume that adherence to a faith automatically rules out the capacity for fair and objective academic study.”

      Since I never said anything of the kind, your amazement amazes me.

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