Archbishop of Dublin urges non-believing Catholics to leave the Church

Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin, has urged non-believing Catholics to have the maturity to leave the Church in an RTE documentary, ‘Would You Believe it’:

“It requires maturity on those people who want their children to become members of the church community and maturity on those people who say ‘I don’t believe in God and I really shouldn’t be hanging on to the vestiges of faith when I don’t really believe in it’.”

The Irish Times reports:

‘ The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, has urged the country’s lapsed Catholics to have the maturity to leave the church. Over the past two decades, rising numbers of ‘a la carte’ Catholics simply turn up at the altar for the sacraments like baptism, communion and marriage.

But in a new documentary on the future of the church, priests reveal they will expect a firmer commitment from their flock in the future. It shows how church pews swell to almost full capacity for celebratory sacraments, while Sunday services have dwindling numbers. Archbishop Martin urged non-believers to walk away from the church.

Fr Michael Drumm, from the Catholic Schools Partnership, said the church would be getting firmer with parents looking to have their children baptised as a Catholic.

Archbishop Martin also said the church was anxious to start parting ways from some of its Catholic schools. ”It can’t be done overnight. There is still a very strong demand for Catholic education.”

Protect the Pope comment: The majority of baptisms, marriages and confirmations are bestowed on nominal Catholics, who do not believe, who do not participate in the Mass and who are not members of our parishes. This not only cheapens our sacraments but also makes a mockery of our beliefs. The Archbishop of Dublin has rightly urged them to have the maturity to admit to themselves and other Catholics that they don’t believe in God, and don’t have a relationship with Christ.

The only caveat Protect the Pope would add is have these non-believing Catholics heard the true and full Faith of the Church, or have they only heard the travesty of the Faith invented by liberal bishops, priests and catechists over the past forty years? It could be that these non-believing Catholics have not rejected the Catholic Faith but only the modernist heresy masquerading as the Catholic faith.

If this is the truth of the matter, then instead of asking them to have the maturity to leave the Church, its necessary to truly evangelize them

4 comments to Archbishop of Dublin urges non-believing Catholics to leave the Church

  • ms catholic state

    Wow. That took some courage. I can’t see the same happening in the UK. Here it seems nominal Catholicism is practically encouraged…especially in our Catholic schools.

    I think the Archbishop is right though. The Irish seem pretty hostile to Catholicism at the moment. They know some basic moral dictats and have rejected them ie the prohibition on contraception fornication and divorce. But what they may not know is the nature of the Catholic Church. I find so many people (many Catholics too) believe the Catholic Church was set up by the Bishops to control the masses, especially the uneducated peasants, in the Middle Ages. They are astounded to discover that Jesus Christ actually established the Catholic Church…and that it is in the Holy Bible Matthew 16:16. A little pamphlet simply expalining this and other Catholic fundamentals (and widely distributed) could go a long way towards educating nominal Catholics and secularists alike.

  • savvy

    I do agree that people should not receive what they do not believe in, but at the same time, everybody is on a different stage in their spiritual journey and a better thing to say would be to tell people to study their faith, rather than be clueless.

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  • Thomas

    Well it’s about time. WHY would people who do not believe in anything the Church teaches continue to stay? They stay because ALL modernists are hateful and don’t care about truth but ideology. And along with telling lay people it’s high time to get rid of entire religious orders that have become nothing more than a bunch of free loading heretics. The pope should form a way (similar to accepting Anglicans) for getting rid of heretic nuns and priests. I say let these heretics keep the money and property but get out of the Church and stop trying to destroy her. There are entire orders of sisters who do not believe in the all male priesthood, the authority of the Pope….just to name a few. Pretty much every order that has discarded the habit, the rule and a diciplined way of life fits into this category. Any religious (priest, nun, brother) who does not accept everything in the CCC needs to leave and stop spreading their errors. The good news is that in a bout 15 these heretic orders will be long gone and forgotten but their evil will live on after them.

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