Shocking prediction that Pope Benedict will be assassinated in 2012

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the shocking prediction that Pope Benedict will be assassinated within the next twelve months under the headline ,’ The Pope will die within a year: Vatican assassination fears revealed.’

Nick Squires, the Daily Telegraph Rome correspondent reports:

‘The sensational prediction was allegedly made by Cardinal Paolo Romeo, the archbishop of Palermo in Sicily, on a recent visit to China. Cardinal Romeo reportedly made the startling prediction of the Pope’s death during a trip to China in November 2011.

He seemed so sure of the fact that the people he spoke with, including Italian businessmen and Chinese representatives of the Catholic Church, were convinced that he was talking about an assassination attempt. They were so alarmed by his remarks that they reported them back to the Vatican.

“During his talks in China, Cardinal Romeo predicted the death of Benedict XVI within 12 months. His remarks were expressed with such certainty and resolution that the people he was speaking to thought, with a sense of alarm, that an attack on the Pope’s life was being planned,” the paper reported.

“Cardinal Romeo could never have imagined that the indiscreet remarks he made on the trip to China would be communicated back to the Vatican by third parties.”

The extraordinary comments were written up in a top-secret report, dated Dec 30, 2011, and delivered to the Pope by a senior cardinal, Dario Castrillon Hoyos, a Colombian, in January.

The Vatican has reportedly opened an investigation into the claims.

The Vatican’s spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, said the report was “so incredible that we cannot comment on it”.

“It seems to me something that is so far from reality that I don’t even want to address it,” Father Lombardi said. “It seems an incredible story and I don’t want to comment.”

Protect the Pope comment: This news story is disturbing on so many levels. Why would a cardinal make such a categorical claim about an attempt to kill the Holy Father? Coming from  Palermo in Sicily, with its Mafia culture, assassination is an ever present danger.  You would think that this would make  Cardinal Paolo Romeo even more sensitive to any discussion of assassination, let alone the desalination of the pope.

Also, if the report into Cardinal Romeo’s comments were so sensitive how come it has been leaked to the press? This is yet another betrayal of Pope Benedict, that appears to seek to create the false impression that his pontificate is in crisis.

Protect the Pope calls on all our readers to pray to the safety and well-being of our Holy Father, who has enough to contend, without cardinals spreading rumours of death threats.


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  • fd

    The report says : there is the possibility that he might die. It doesn’t talk about assasination.
    The story wasn’t broken by the Telegraph. It was copied by the Telegraph from Il Fatto Quotidiano, a newspaper which hates the Church and longs for publicity and audience. Did you read my comment earlier on? I didn’t comment here because this had not been posted yet.

  • fd

    Today’s Il Fatto Quotidiano( from which The Telegraph has copied this ridicolous story) says: this letter is the demonstration that the Vatican is full of snakes poison and greed for power!
    Please. Reverend Nick, don’t trust this !

  • fd

    And Il Fatto Quotidiano’s s editor ( let us remember that this paper has ignored all the Pope visits and has spitted on the Church in whatever way it could ) , so the editor triumphalistically said : our scoop gives an even direr impression of the already dire Vatican ( dire? the hundreds of thousands who fill St Peter’s square every Sunday for the Pope’s Angelus – a stone’s throw away from Il Fatto Quotidiano’s offices) don’t think like that

  • fd

    Avvenire’s editor in chief Marco Tarquinio was asked this afternoon on skytg24( Italian sky news channel) to comment on this story . He said he thought this was a spoof story and he also said that he fails to understand how such a story, which is not supported by any evidence and is so confuse ,could be splashed on the front page the way it was done.
    The website of Turin’s La Stampa ( La Stampa is the newspaper which also has the vatican insider website, Reverend Nick likes to quote from sometimes) also says that the story is not convincing.
    And if there was a plot , said Avvenire’s editor on sky: why should the Archbishop have said it to the comunist Chinese authorities ?


  • Spesalvi23

    It’s cold and very snowy in Italy. It seems that, now that schettino is no longer in the head-lines, the Pope and ‘The Vatican’ will have to fill the gap to keep the public heated and the papers interesting. Dan Brown is taking notes….
    Most media outlets-even public ones-are completely void of credibility. Sad.

  • Kinga Grzeczynska LLB

    At the end of each Rosary we pray for The Holy Father and The Holy Father’s Intentions in our church. We say the Rosary publically after Mass three times per week.
    On Friday mornings, during the Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament we say publically, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, and also end with praying for The Holy Father and The Holy Father’s Intentions.

    Tomorrow is the beautiful Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. The sick and suffering will attend Mass and be Anointed by our PP after Mass and during The Holy Rosary. Again we will pray for the Holy Father.

    If my memory is correct and being a Catechist with the Catechesis of The Holy Church as my teaching tool, I know that to get a full or partial indulgence – one needs to pray for the Holy Father’s Intentions. Can we please add that we pray for The Holy Father and The Holy Father’s Intentions.

  • fd

    Cathcap, you are welcome.
    Spesalvi 23, yes it’s cold and snowy here and the news channels have been going on with headlines such as ” cold emergency , snow emergency” and so on and so forth. Now I live in the very north, near the alps and I’m used to snow , but Italy’s tv stations are based in Rome and it seems like they had never seen snow in their life before .
    I think that you in England (or in Germany ) would have a laugh at this staged “snow emergency” which has been on for some time now on Italian TV !
    As far as Il Fatto Q’ story is concerned I saw a video which was put on youtube last night where a journalist of that paper explains their story and says: this is going to make a lot of noise the world over.
    Now I’m so happy that no media whatsoever outside of Italy has apparently talked about this( except fof the Telegraph as for as I know) , these squalid journalists just wanted to become famous with this , it seems like they did not succeed .

    • Spesalvi23

      I communicate with my colleagues in Bologna all day long. They seem to have taken on the challenge quite well – more snow expected on the weekend!!
      There is no word about this in the main German media outlets, only a few Catholics agencies have picked it up.

  • Fiona

    I thought you might be interested in this blog article:
    It argues that Cardinal Romeo’s prediction that the pope would die during the course of this year is actually based on the prophecy of the Third Secret of Fatima, which foretells the assassination of a pope.
    As the renowned Italian journalist Antonio Socci showed in his 2006 book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, there is actually two parts of the Third Secret – one which remains suppressed by the Church, and which appears to contain within it a specific date – thus explaining Pope John XXIII’s stipulated reason for not publishing the text in 1960 – as it “does not refer to the years of my pontificate”.

  • fd

    Today the Pope at the Angelus, crowded as always, asked that violences in Syria end immediately.
    Apart from his concern about Syria, the Pope seemed to be in a very good shape , as always.

  • fd

    Rome’s leading daily ” Il Messaggero ” says today in a front page editorial that the recent survey by Il Fatto Quotidiano on the plot against the Pope and the “power struggle inside the Vatican” as Il Fatto Q. puts it ” would be worth a Dan Brown- style thriller , but-unfortunately, as it is not a fictional novel but a journalistic survey, it is sign of a very bad and petty journalism ”
    And I agree with Il Messaggero

  • emra

    It is very strange , i had a dream which pope benedict was assasinated two days ago. And today i was just searching about the news and i discovered the article above. And after i did some searches and played with numbers i came up with a prediction that the Pope Benedict assasination will took place on May 2012. I guess the date between 16/05/2012 to 31/05/2012.
    God bless the pope.

  • martin nuke

    Pope benedict is the 111 pope and Saint Malachy predicted that there will be 112 popes before the end of the world.

  • Colemanus

    He is still living.

  • In end-of-days Bible prophecy Revelation 17 predicted that there will be 7 king/popes associated with the religion associated with the city that sits on seven hills. Pope Benedict XVI is the seventh. After the pope’s resignation takes effect we should expect something significant to happen.

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