Judge Anne Smith forces Catholic midwives to cooperate with abortion

Lady Anne Smith at the Scottish Court of Sessions has delivered a judgement forcing two Catholic midwives to cooperate with killing pre-born children, dismissing their rights to conscientiously object under the immoral Abortion Act 1967:

BBC report:

Lady Smith said she was not satisfied that their Article 9 rights were being interfered with. She said their right of conscientious objection was not unqualified and they had agreed to take up the roles of labour ward co-ordinators, although they now took objection to the job content.

The judge added: “In any event, the nature of their duties does not in fact require them to provide treatment to terminate pregnancies directly.”

Lady Smith upheld NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s anti-Catholic ruling that Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood  must co-operate in abortion through managing nursing staff and  caring for patients through “the processes of medical termination of pregnancy and feticide”.

Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood made the following submission through their lawyers:

‘”They hold a religious belief that all human life is sacred from the moment of conception and that termination of pregnancy is a grave offence against human life. They maintain that they hold the belief that that their involvement in the process of termination is wrongful and an offence against God and the teachings of their church.’

Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood claimed that the NHS’refusal to recognise their entitlement to conscientious objection was unreasonable and violated their rights under Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) guaranteeing the right to freedom of thought,conscience and religion.

They  sought a legal judgment that their entitlement to conscientious objection to taking part in abortions in terms of the 1967 Abortion Act includes the right to refuse to delegate,supervise and support staff involved in such work.

Archbishop Conti expressed his concern at Lady Smith’s judgement:

‘“I view this judgement with deep concern. I wish to put on record my admiration for the courage of the midwives who have, at very great cost to themselves, fought to uphold the right to follow one’s conscience.  It is fundamental to the functioning of society that all citizens act in accordance with an informed conscience.

“Any law or judgement which fails to recognise this contradicts that most basic freedom and duty which we all have as human beings, namely to follow our conscience and act accordingly.”

He added that any ‘assault on this principle undermines the very basis of the law itself and society’s moral cohesion, which the law should seek to guarantee.’

Protect the Pope comment: Catholics Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood trained to be midwives to use their medical skills to bring healthy babies into the world and care for mothers, not to cooperate in the killing of babies.  Lady Smith is committing a grave injustice by forcing Catholic midwives to manage staff killing babies and care for women who have decided to kill their children. To do such management and such caring is to cooperate in intrinsic evil, and is a mortal sin.

It is sinful for anyone,not only Catholics,to co-operate with the commission of an evil act,such as the killing of unborn babies. Any act that directly enables an abortion is co-operation in mortal sin. Nursing women who have killed their babies and managing staff involved in killing babies is direct co-operation in evil. No Catholic in conscience could accept these duties.

Lady Smith’s coercion of these two midwives to be involved in abortion in whatever capacity is a gross act of anti-Catholicism.

During the Holocaust it wasn’t just the SS guards who dropped the Zyclon B gas canisters into the gas chambers who were morally responsible for murdering 11 million human beings,including 6 million Jews,but also the train drivers,clerks,policemen and chemists who made the apparatus of extermination possible.  The same applies to all medical and clerical staff who are knowingly involved in the ‘silent holocaust’that takes place everyday in this country,and around the world.

If midwives are now to be legally  forced to cooperate in killing children then this profession now excludes Catholics. Welcome to the new Penal Times for Catholics in the UK.








14 comments to Judge Anne Smith forces Catholic midwives to cooperate with abortion

  • ms catholic state

    Too sickening for words. Yes….our abortion mills are the new Nazi death camps complete with brutalised overseers. Shame on them.

    All pro-lifers and ALL people of goodwill should ask for pro-life midwives. It is time to draw up a register of pro-life midwives and give them our support in every way we can. Sorry but pro-abort midwives are substandard..and we must let it be known that we don’t want them.

    • Deacon Nick

      Ms Catholic State, that’s a great idea about a register of pro-life midwives. It must be horrible to be in the hands of midwives who have been involved in killing children. Deacon Nick.

      • I disagree. A register could- equally- be a weapon in the hands of the enemies of life. We need to assert the right of conscientious objection for ALL working in health care at any level and in all specialties. This ruling has implications for many besides midwives.

        • ms catholic state

          At very least Patricius….all pro-lifers should let the doctor know that they wish to see a pro-life midwife when registering a pregnancy. This is the very least we should do. I’m sure midwives themselves could say whether they agreed to draw up their own register of pro-life midwives. If not then that is fine but it should be considered. And obviously we continue to support conscientious objection.

  • harry

    I know that there may not be the same emotional comparison, but if we look at [say] a person employed by DWP who objects to paying benfits, or a taxman who objects to collecting taxes. They know the duties of the job.

    • Since when has the duty of a midwife been to kill babies?

      • harry

        So far as I know, it isn’t. The story above reads:

        ‘The judge added:“In any event,the nature of their duties does not in fact require them to provide treatment to terminate pregnancies directly.”

        But, lets assume for the sake of discussion, that it was part of the job, then why would they apply for the work?

  • Karla

    This is insane, I hope they can take this to a higher level of judicial review. Forcing a Catholic to do something against their conscience is PERSECUTION!

  • Michael

    The tactical error the midwives fell into lies in the fact that they asserted conscientious objection based on religious belief, when a sounder approach would have been to assert it on the basis of fact and reason.

    It is self-evident that an unborn child is a member of the human race whose life must be protected and vindicated as best it may on the basis of equality with other persons generally.

    The advantage of this approach is that it puts us in the position to brand Judge Smith as a liar if she doen’t concur.

    • Fred

      Michael, maybe you should consider what you have written at a little more length.

      Putting your obvious and sincere distress about this issue to one side, can you really say a UK judge is a liar if she considers the law and the facts and reaches a conclusion that you don’t agree with?

    • Paul Tully

      Some of the media reports have been misleading and have sought to present this as a “religious rights” case. The midwives sought to enforce legal protection of their consciences (not their religion) under the Abortion Act. Their religion may be their motivation, but it was not the basis of their argument in court. Nor was “fact and reason”. It was the law.

      Equally, it is quite reasonable to point out that the judgment amounts to an attack on those who uphold the protection of life, among whom Catholics are prominent.

  • Fr John McCallion cc

    Michael, A very sad day for humanity! How can Archbishop Nichols say that Catholics aren’t being persecuted for their faith when this judgement clearly says that they are?

  • Kieth Marry

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