UN human rights consultants demand banning of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Gherush92, the international committee on human rights and UN consultants, have demanded the banning of Dante’s Divine Comedy from school curricula of the world for being racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic. Miss Valentina Sereni, the group’s president, justified the group’s advocacy of censorship of one of the world’s great works of literature by stating:

‘”We do not advocate censorship or the burning of books, but we would like it acknowledged, clearly and unambiguously, that in the Divine Comedy there is racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic content. Art cannot be above criticism.”

The Daily Telegraph reports:

‘Schoolchildren and university students who studied the work lacked “the filters” to appreciate its historical context and were being fed a poisonous diet of anti-Semitism and racism, the group said.

It called for the Divine Comedy to be removed from schools and universities or at least have its more offensive sections fully explained.

Divided into three parts – Hell, Purgatory and Heaven – the poem consists of 100 cantos, of which half a dozen were marked out for particular criticism by the group.

It represents Islam as a heresy and Mohammed as a schismatic and refers to Jews as greedy, scheming moneylenders and traitors, Miss Sereni told the Adnkronos news agency.

“The Prophet Mohammed was subjected to a horrific punishment – his body was split from end to end so that his entrails dangled out, an image that offends Islamic culture,” she said.

The remarks prompted Italian cultural associations, actors who have performed the epic and even gay groups to rush to the defence of the poet.

It was wrong to judge Dante by the standards of today, said Giorgio Rembado, the president of an Italian head teachers’ association. ”Works of literature need to be placed in the historical context,” he said. Banning the Divine Comedy would be “senseless”.

Franco Grillini, the head of Gaynet, a gay rights’ organisation, said the suggestion that Dante’s writings should be prohibited marked “an excess of political correctness”.

Protect the Pope comment: In 1921 Pope Benedict XV issued an encyclical on Dante for the 600th anniversary of his death, which conveys something of the importance of the Divine Comedy to the Catholic Church. Here’s the introduction:

‘Among the many celebrated geniuses of whom the Catholic faith can boast who have left undying fruits in literature and art especially, besides other fields of learning, and to whom civilization and religion are ever in debt, highest stands the name of Dante Alighieri, the sixth centenary of whose death will soon be recorded. Never perhaps has his supreme position been recognized as it is today. Not only Italy, justly proud of having given him birth, but all the civil nations are preparing with special committees of learned men to celebrate his memory that the whole world may pay honour to that noble figure, pride and glory of humanity.’

Ninety one years later a human rights group acting as self-appointed censors of the entire human race is calling on the world’s schools to ban Dante from the classroom. This is just another expression of the extent of the the human rights lobby’s ambitions to control our lives, all in the name of diversity and tolerance.

What next, calling for schools to ban the Bible for being ‘offensive and discriminatory’? It’s only a matter of time.



6 comments to UN human rights consultants demand banning of Dante’s Divine Comedy

  • Mark Thorne

    I’ve never thought of reading Dante’s Divine Comedy before – I feel inspired to do so, having read this article!

    • CathChap

      I can certainly recomend it.

      Like anything else it needs to be read in context with a certian amount of maturity. But if someone is suggesting that University Students lack that level of understanding then perhaps they ought not to be at University.

      (not to be confused with Neil Hannon’s band)

  • Damian

    They will be banning Fahrenheit 451 next as it exposes the totalitarian direction this absurd lack of common sense leads to.

  • harry

    They seem to be reported as suggesting something sensible in the second bit – explaining the context to young minds.

    Coming to the wider point; it is just their point of view. And they push it like anyone else would.

  • Elizabeth

    I just got my copy a few weeks ago. Phew! (Before it totally disappears).
    How come they aren’t campaigning for the removal of the Koran? That contains some pretty awful language against Christians and Jews? I guess that would be too dangerous.

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