Nothing will get in the way of the Government legalising gay marriage – Home Office Minister Featherstone

At the launch of a 12 week consultation on homosexual ‘marriage’ Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone has told Sky news that ‘Nothing will get in the way of the Government legalising gay marriage.’

‘Ms Featherstone said the consultation she will launch later will invite comments only on the practical implementation of marriages for same-sex couples by 2015 and not on the policy itself. “There is no rolling back whatsoever. The essential question is not whether we are going to introduce same-sex civil marriage but how”.

Government minister Featherstone went on to warn Catholic bishops not to ‘fan the flames of homophobia’ through their defense of marriage as the exclusive union between a man and a woman:

‘Launching a consultation on the practical implementation of the move, Ms Featherstone hit out at the “inflammatory” language used by senior religious figures in recent bitter exchanges. And she urged them not to “fan the flames of homophobia”.

Ms Featherstone said the strongly worded attacks “add nothing to the debate” and appealed for a common approach.

“We have a responsibility in leadership positions to make sure we don’t fan the flames of homophobia.

“I totally respect all of the religious views and understand they are strong and genuinely felt.

“But to use such inflammatory language does not help the debate and does not help their cause.”

Protect the Pope comment: Lynne Featherstone says she totally respects ‘all of the religious views’ but doesn’t comprehend that government plans to rip up the universal understanding of the nature and purpose of marriage is an ‘inflammatory’ act.

Not only is the government highhandedly proposing to change the meaning of marriage without a proper consultation, but condemns anyone who seeks to robustly and frankly defend marriage as homophobes. Lynne Featherstone says nothing about the death threats received by David Burrowes MP for defending marriage.

So lets be clear here, Lynne Featherstone has designed a consultation that renders us powerless, and also seeks to gag us by accusing us of being homophobes. Know your place Catholics!

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  • asrajit

    And what about the unjust persecution of Catholic priests for standing up for marriage by their bishops? A priest in the United States, Fr Guarnizo, quietly refused to give Holy Communion to a woman, Barbara Johnson, who had told him just before Mass that she was in a lesbian relationship. He has now been sent on administrative leave while she has received an apology from the diocese and is a forthcoming speaker at a dissident homosexual New Ways Ministry conference. Fellow speaker is retired Bishop Geoffry Robinson, who should surely be told that he is no longer a Catholic.Unless something is missing from the public forum, this sounds like condemnation of a priest for trying to uphold Church teaching.
    Oh and Johnson turns out to be a Buddhist.

  • Karla

    They are making a big mistake if they legalize gay marriage, they will feel the repercussions – you can not change 3000+ years of traditional marriage and then redefine it without so many problems that will follow. The ancient Greeks had a very pro homosexual culture and even they did not think to redefine marriage.

  • Karla

    Off topic: The Guardian is getting concerned about pro lifers and 40 Days For Life – you know something is going right! :)

    Debate between campaign director of 40 days for life and BPAS executive:

  • Bob Hayes

    I suggest people complete (for what it is worth?) the Home Office consultation on this matter. There is an ‘any other comments’ section at the end, where the presumption in favour of ‘gay marriage’ [sic] can be challenged.

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