Sun newspaper falsely alleges Cardinal Newman was a homosexual

Under the headline, ‘Saint or Sinner?’, the Sun newspaper perpetuates the calumny that Cardinal Newman was involved in a homosexual relationship with Fr. Ambrose St John.

The Sun journalist, Jenna Sloan writes: ‘An English cleric some believe to have been gay is moving to sainthood. It is a hugely controversial move as homosexuality is strictly prohibited in the Catholic church. Some historians and campaigners claim the cardinal had a relationship with his best friend Father Ambrose St John – a view vehemently denied by the Church.’

Protect the Pope comment: Ignoring the considered judgement of Newman scholars, such as Fr Ian Kerr, the Sun decides to print the lie being spread by gay activists, who impose their distorted view of sexuality onto men who had a virtuous understanding of friendship. By so doing, the Sun does us all a disservice by falsely ‘sexualising’ the idea of friendship between men. This is cheap and nasty journalism.  Sadly, Archbishop Nichol’s piece on Cardinal Newman does not address the calumny against Cardinal Newman’s good name. Pity!

9 comments to Sun newspaper falsely alleges Cardinal Newman was a homosexual

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  • diffal

    The Sun newspaper has been printing “cheap and nasty journalism” for years. Did you really expect anything different from a newspaper whose view of human sexuality seem to begin and end on page 3?

    • admin

      Sad to say that this example of gutter journalism is typical of The Sun, as Diffal points out. I think its always important to name the offending behaviour as a way of witnessing to a higher standard of journalism. Maybe one day The sun will surprise us.

  • Dominic

    Although in recent years the opposite has often occurred, I think that is the first time I have encountered a “story” from “The Sun” and presumed it was in “The Times”. How very tiresome.

  • admin

    Dominic, it seems that the press have found one thing they all have in common, how much they despise ‘left footers’ and all we stand for.

  • God is above all of this garbage being spewed on the pages of agenda driven newspapers everyday.

    Keep the Faith, He is in control!

    Cardinal Newman, pray for all of us! (Some need it more than others, it seems.)

  • Hello all,

    I totally agree with your comments. Why the press is generally focusing in generating controversy, creating lies or even focusing in the secondary issues?
    The bottom line is the extraordinary work the Church and its people is doing everywhere in the world. In Spain the media is attacking the Church too.

    Antonio Alcocer

  • Tim H

    The Sun’s story is pathetic (as is the current nonsense about William Hague) Two men can be deep friends and colleagues without wanting to have sex with each other.

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