BBC honours aggressive anti-Catholic Tim Minchin, composer of disgusting ‘Pope Song’

The BBC have honoured aggressive anti-Catholic Tim Minchin on the Radio 4 show ‘Desert Island Discs’ hosted by Kirsty Young. Tim Minchin is the composer of the disgusting anti-Catholic rant, ‘Pope Song’ seemingly designed to offend Catholics and incite hate against the Catholic Church. Imagine the uproar if Minchin had performed a similar foul-mouthed rant against Muslims, Jews or homosexuals! Members of all three groups have been involved in child sexual abuse.

The lyrics are extremely offensive and mostly a rant of very obscene words. The following is an edited version to show the quality of the man the BBC has decided to honour.

‘F*** the m***********
F*** the f****** f*****
‘F*** the m***********
He’s a total f****** f*****

‘F*** the m***********
‘F*** the m***********
‘F*** the m***********
F****** f**** the m***********
‘F*** the m***********
F*** the m************ Pope.

‘F*** the m***********
And f*** you, m***********
If you think that m********** is sacred
If you cover for another m***********
Who’s a kiddie f*****
F**** you, you’re no better
Than the m*********** rapist

And if you don’t like the swearing
That this m*********** forced from me
And reckon it shows moral
Or intellectual paucity
Then f*** you, m**********
This is language one employs
When one is f****** cross
About f****** f****** boys

The BBC 4 show Desert Islands Discs is a biographical show that invites well-known people to share their favourite music and talk about their lives.

Protect the Pope comment: Tim Minchin justifies his virulent anti-Catholic attack on the Pope by claiming he is expressing anger at the abuse of children by Catholic clergy and its cover up by some bishops. He self-righteously assumes that Catholics don’t feel  intense anger and a sense of betrayal.

Minchin, like other extreme anti-Catholics in the media, choose to ignore the basic facts that Pope Benedict has not been involved in the cover-up of such crimes. Fair-minded commentators in fact credit Pope Benedict with confronting this crime in the Church. But Minchin wants the Pope to be guilty, so for Minchin the Pope is guilty despite any evidence to the contrary.

Minchin’s ‘Pope Song’ exploits the appalling crimes of child abuse by priests as a cover for his foul-mouthed, anti-Catholic  diatribe. He is very popular with the Catholic-hating mob, as seen recently at the misnamed Reason Rally in Washington, where he is reported to have thrilled the crowds with ‘Pope Song’.

That the BBC would honour such a man is just more proof that they despise Catholics in this country.

Just to be clear to those who intend to attack Protect the Pope for daring to criticise Minchin: the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is an appalling crime that should be immediately reported to the police and Diocesan safeguarding authorities. Those bishops and Church officials who have been involved in the cover-up of child abuse must be held to account for their actions.

600 children are killed everyday in this country through abortion, with the support of, and promotion by, the UK media, and in particular the BBC.

More lyrics:
All about Tim Minchin:

49 comments to BBC honours aggressive anti-Catholic Tim Minchin, composer of disgusting ‘Pope Song’

  • Karla

    What excuse does Tim Minchin have for his disgusting, expletive laden lyrics about Catholics?

    He attacks Catholics in his song called ‘I hate Papists.’ ‘Papist’ means a Catholic.

    So **** the ************,

    And **** you, *************

    If you’re still a ************* papist.

    The intelligentsia of the new atheism!

  • Sense of perspective please – yes, this appears offensive in isolation but Mr Minchin’s stock in trade is black humour and no corner of society is spared. You mention ‘Muslims, Jews or homosexuals’ – but he’s covered them all … “Ten foot **** and a Few Hundred Virgins”, “Peace Anthem for Palestine” and everything in between in “Prejudice”. He shocks in a way that actually raises awareness of the issues involved. He comes across as a decent guy with decent values and I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s seen his performances (fervent Christians included) who doesn’t see through his non-PC (but very funny) delivery. I trust, Deacon, that you have watched him in action before commenting? Yes, he’s angry … as are Catholics and non-Catholics alike … so why suppress him registering his disgust?

    • Karla

      This is humor? This is what is funny to some people? I am scared for them.

      Those examples you give (a line here and there) are in no comparison to the virulent Catholicism he devotes entire songs too. This isn’t ‘black humor’ – it is mockery of religion, which is all the new atheists do.

      • Jim P

        “the virulent Catholicism he devotes entire songs too”

        Songs? plural? Are there others? As far as I know there is only one that is specially about catholicism. Islam gets TWO whole songs to itself.

        Yet again you distort the truth to support your preheld belief. As the great Tim says in “Storm”

        “Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed, faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.”

        You are so convinced that your particular belief is being singled out that you fail to see the evidence that it is not.

        OF COURSE it is mockery of religion. Why can’t we mock religion? If it is true it can stand up to being laughed at.

        • Karla

          I wouldn’t find funny a song that mocked Islam or Judaism even though I am not Jewish or a Muslim. I do not find it funny to laugh at peoples deeply held beliefs even though I may not agree with them.

          • Neither Tim Minchin or anyone I know who listens to him are laughing at anyone’s deeply held beliefs – but when people who purport to be holy carry out despicable deeds, like terrorism or the subject being discussed here, they deserve to be mocked for their hypocrisy. Which is worse, the deed or the backlash?

          • I suggest you read Fr. Thurston’s pamphlet R.146 “Jehovah’s Witnesses: ‘Judge’ Rutherford” and “The Witnesses of Jehovah” by the Very Rev. F. J. Ripley, C.M.S. (R. 159). They are truly great comedy classics. The RCC’s CTS has a vast back catalog of other such books bashing other religions in the most amusing way. Mainly because they used to more or less totally renounce Ecumanism until Vatican II. Ecumanism is a very modern idea for the RCC. Anyway ….They kept me amused for hours as a child. Sadly many of these volumes are out of print. I’m not sure you’d get away with printing them today. Balanced writing may be worthy but it is seldom funny.

  • Asrajit

    Mr Minchin is angry about sexual abuse. So let us look at some facts. The Crimes Against Children Centre reported that in one year, 200,000 children were sexually abused in the US alone.Professor Shakeshaft has estimated that 290,000 US students experienced sexual abuse by school employees in a single decade.In North America, 15-25% of women and 5-15% men were sexually abused when children. If Mr Minchin blames Pope Benedict for sexual abuse in the Church, does he blame Obama for the far worse situation in the United States?

    • Jim P

      How the mighty have fallen.

      I wondered when the “don’t pick on us because we are no worse than anyone else” argument would surface.

      It is like Cardinal Brady blaming his inaction over sex abuse on the fact that at the time “no guidelines existed”.

      The Church absolutely deserves to be singled out and picked on because they hold themselves out as a source of moral wisdom. If you want to be judged by the standards of any other human instituation, then that rather undermines your demand to be listened to as a guardian of moral truths. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Jim P,

        A few things to say in response to that. First of all I don’t see how the Roman Catholic Church holding themselves up as a source of moral wisdom particularly makes it justified for people to single it out. Other institutions such as schools have noble aims, claim to be essential for children’s development educationally and also affect more lives than the RCC since more children attend state schools than go to church. To ignore abuse there and focus solely or almost solely upon abuse in churches is not only unfair but extremely irresponsible. Add to that the fact that the Roman Catholic Church has since put many strict guidelines in place so that it is now very unlikely that anyone there can abuse and get away with it.

        Secondly, by focusing mostly upon the Roman Catholic Church and ignoring abuse elsewhere does seem to me to give the impression that such people don’t really care too much about the safety of children or for the victims of abuse. It just seems like a wonderful excuse to further an anti-religious agenda.

  • Gurn

    Why should we be so surprised the BBC is just being true to form.

  • Spesalvi23

    Anger doesn’t justify foul mouthed, far-fetched insults against others.
    That’s just a sign of inferior lyrical talent and laziness.
    Anybody could write that kind of material about anybody at any given anger-moment.
    It’s just weak.
    Even weaker is the reaction people still show when they’re faced with rude and crude language.
    Most of the time they have a compulsory giggle attack when confronted with it.
    The actual message, or lack of, is then quite secondary.
    It’s very sad how English seems to be deteriorating more and more into street rat slang – publicly accepted.
    It’s a rather nice language with a lot of wonderful literature.

  • Bob Hayes

    To be honest I am not particularly troubled by the antics of so-called ‘cutting edge entertainers’ such as Tim Minchin. Claims that he (and others like him) ‘raise awareness of issues’ strikes me as rather hollow. Let us be candid: he is merely the middle-class luvvies’ version of the equally foul-mouthed Chubby Brown. I suggest we ignore his antics and pray for the soul of a man who appears rather infatuated with vainglory.

    • Infatuated with vainglory? The same guy whose Twitter profile self-deprecatingly states he has “a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance”? If only everyone else didn’t take him as seriously as he doesn’t. [poor grammar intentional]

      • Bob Hayes

        Oh Roy, you really have fallen for his marketing strategy.

        • Not at all – because you’re absolutely right … the trick is not to take him seriously. I just happen to find him clever, articulate and funny. I’ve not ‘fallen’ for anything – I can think for myself and to say otherwise is an insult to my intelligence.

  • Ioannes

    No, Roy, it may be black but it’s not humour as those with any subtlety (a rare commodity these days) understand it. For black humour delivered with wit and panache you can’t beat Tom Lehrer.

  • Deacon Nick

    I haven’t posted you other comment because it contained an excerpt from Minchin’s rant that makes a totally unacceptable reference to Our Lady. You also make global statements about the Catholic Church that are not true. The Catholic Church did not cover up child abuse. The Catholic Church consists of 1.5 billion people, tens of thousands of bishops and 100,000′s of priests. A small percentage were involved in the crime of child abuse and its cover up. They are not the whole Catholic Church. Deacon Nick

    • Karla

      There is no doubt mistakes were made by individual Bishops in their dioceses in their handling of Priests who were accused of committing abuse, but the Vatican does not ‘micro manage’ hundreds of thousands of dioceses and hundreds of thousands of priests around the world. Cardinal Ratzinger became aware and put in place reforms including child protection reforms which he as continued as Pope Benedict, he has vowed to get rid of the ‘filth’ in the Church.

    • Jim P

      “A small percentage were involved in the crime of child abuse and its cover up.”

      absolutely true and the Church contains many many good people and brave people who put a stop to abuse, but the High-ups continue to assert try and wriggle out of liabilty, they still have their secret files and they still assert diplomatic immunity.

  • Karla

    Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi in September 2009, the Holy See said, ‘We know now that in the last 50 years somewhere between 1.5% and 5% of the Catholic clergy has been involved in sexual abuse cases’

    A Perspective on Clergy Sexual Abuse By Thomas Plante, Ph.D., ABPP says:

    ‘First, the available research (which is quite good now) suggests that approximately 4% of priests during the past half century (and mostly in the 1960s and 1970s) have had a sexual experience with a minor (i.e., anyone under the age of 18).’

    • Jim P

      Only 4%!! well that alright then. With odds like that, I’d trust my kids to have contact with someone who has a 1 in 25 chance of being a pedo!

      • Deacon Nick

        8 % of the male population commit child abuse according to some US studies. I have tolerated your angry polemic because I think the Church needs to face the hate caused by this crime committed by some members of our community. But I must admit you seem to be enjoying pillorying every Catholic on this blog who has posted on this unbearable subject. You may benefit from venting on this subject, but it’s not helping the discussion. If your tone doesn’t change I’ll no longer post your comments. Deacon Nick

        • Deacon Nick

          I will not post the entire lyrics of Minchins Pope Song because it makes claims about the Holy Father that are just not true. If people want to read them they can use ‘google’ as Jim P suggests. The suggestion that I have distorted Minchin’s rant by not posting the whole thing is ludicrous. Deacon Nick

          • Well, let’s get some perspective here. The lyrics do contain the word “if” in several places. So this is not a blanket statement that definately the Pope covered up child sex abuse. There were several institutional cover ups of child sex abuse in the RCC and even though the Pope was probably not personally complicit … he is still responsible as head of the RCC for the institutional failings of the organisation and at the time the song was written the Pope had not issued a public apology for the institional failings of the church.
            I mean, if he’s that offended he could sue for libel.

            Is it sectarian? I dont think so particularly. Although one could make an argument that it will end up being used for sectarian purposes. And possibly the use of the sectarian word “papist” which has nasty Titus Oatesish overtones is ill advised. It is a concern that much of the dumber membership of organisations like the BHA may actually be motivated by sectarian bigotry and, of course, since they sell marriage ceremonies they have a vested financial interest in bashing the RCC but … what should and shouldn’t be allowed as free speech and what should be classed as hate speech is not a black and white line – it’s a grey one – and personally I think your concern is more along the lines that satire like this is a threat to your authority than concern for the “safety” of ordinary Catholics.

            Yes, there is a lot of swearing but then it is a song about sex. And this is art. And art is about emotion and emotional truths not just about the literal truth. The RCC spent years trying to ban bits of art and entertainment it didn’t like and gave up only in 1968 when it rather belatedly realised that all its list of prohibited books had done was make a lot of people into celebrities.

            Yes, the song also contains blasphemy but that’s no longer a crime any more. No thanks to the RCC which passively supported Stephen Green’s hate campaign about Jerry Springer the Opera. Well, you cant picket arts centres and complain that you get hate back in my view. You wouldn’t like it if we all came round your place of work picketing outside Churches in an attempt to lose you punters. And yes, I do know for a fact that the Catholic Church was complicit in picketing the production of Jerry Springer at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. Well, that’s our freedom of speech you’ll say. Fine. But you cant have your cake and eat it. You cant be complicit in picketing theatre productions and then moan when artists say acerbic things in return.

            Also your make the classic mistake of attacking the man as having no talent. This is just stupid. You dont write award winning musicals, sell out the O2 and the Royal Albert Hall and have no talent. You might not like everything he says. I’m not sure I agree with everthing he says – for instance I’m still waiting for the other days when affirmed atheist Tim Minchin will become an religious apologist – but I’m afraid he is an immensely talented man and you cant take that away from him. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have flaws but … that’s probably why he’s on the BBC and you’re not.

            …I dont know why I bother posting on here except that this site is so unintentionally funny.

          • Deacon Nick

            I find your snide, condescending comments irritating, and often boring in their self-regard. I don’t know why you bother posting, except to hear the sound of your own voice. Maybe its time to stop. Deacon Nick

          • harry

            “Deacon Nick

            May 13,2012 at 11:35 pm

            I find your snide,condescending comments irritating,and often boring in their self-regard. I don’t know why you bother posting,except to hear the sound of your own voice. Maybe its time to stop. Deacon Nick”

            Censorship! :)

            Nick, Anthony has made a lucid and well presented resume of his views. ‘Boring’ seems to be the response we hear from RC posters where another poster hits a fair point.

        • I think the point Jim P was making was that, whilst the offence rate is lower in percentage terms than in the general populace, we are comparing the largely unholy against those we expect to adhere to decency.

      • Karla

        Who said it was ‘only 4%’ as if it is a good thing that it is that statistic. NOBODY said that. The point of the statistics is that Catholic Priests are stereotyped as being abusers when 96% have never been involved in any abuse.

        According to Dr. Garth Rattray in The Gleaner (2002), ‘About 85% of abusers are family members, babysitters, neighbors or friends.’

        Children are safer with a Priest than an average person.

  • @Spesalvi23 – ‘inferior lyrical talent’?? Do I dare suggest you’ve never listened to a Tim Minchin song in your life? Which is why I mentioned perspective in the first place – these extracts should be looked at in the broader context (and intention) of his compositions. Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ was also condemned by people who hadn’t seen it. You are obviously all entitled to your opinion – but please become informed first. At least we’re talking about the central subject. And Deacon Nick, there is a very fine line between ‘not covering up’ and ‘knowing or suspecting the truth but failing to investigate or speak up’.

    • Spesalvi23

      The sample above is sufficient for me.
      Sure, if one likes to be entertained by such language one might find it clever and ‘authentic’.
      As a woman, I find it absolutely intolerable and offensive – regardless of who the recipient of the attack might be.
      This has nothing to do with humor, it’s designed to get a quick, unreflected reaction.
      Seemingly, because it originates in an unreflected, uninformed view.
      Polemics don’t help. Hate mongering doesn’t either.
      This kind of uncivil, undignified, polemic, unreflected, polarizing ‘art’ (sadly, practiced quite frequently in our oh so tolerant society) leads straight to a radicalization of thought and action.
      I don’t think we need further radicalization in Europe at the moment. It’s bad enough as it is!
      As said many times before: history always repeats itself.

      • To be honest, I don’t know what impact it might have. On the one hand I encourage free speech, in the hope that everyone has a voice and people can make their own choices – on the other, to be too politically protective of our views suppresses being open which I think can actually cause mistrust, which in turn leads to segregation and further division. One way or the other, I don’t think Tim Minchin’s views are going to incite riot or rebellion against Catholics – not the way he delivers his songs. I’m pretty sure he’d be just as quick to condemn wrongdoing within any other denomination – beating him down diverts attention away from the central issue and might actually fuel the widely held belief that the church wants to keep the story under wraps.

        • harry

          Sort of ‘burning books’.

        • Spesalvi23

          I have no problem with that. I do prefer civilized, well thought out criticism, however.
          Foul language takes all credibility out of protest and criticism.
          It’s fine to speak your mind. Just be normal about it and don’t turn it into a slap stick pub brawl!

      • sam mace

        Tim Minchin won’t provoke any riots and if you think he will I pity you. The biggest threat of radicalism comes from economic troubles like in Greece which has seen 8% vote for the fascists who call themselves the golden dawn. It is tolerable and it is offensive, two things which are crucial in freedom. If we lose the right to offend we have little left.

        • Sam? Did I suggest he would? I was making light. Would it have helped if I’d said “I HARDLY think ….”. Or was your comment directed towards the group as a whole, as was mine?

        • spesalvi23

          I don’t know what kind of criteria you have to pity people. Strange.

          Being German, I have possibly developed a certain sensitivity to what we call acts of ‘Volksverhetzung’ which are actually regarded a felony in Germany.
          Surely, he will not start riots, but he’s clearly spouting hatred in a rather artless, gutter-language, insulting way, about a topic he seems to have only rudimentary knowledge and one-sided facts of.
          It’s the same old ‘repeat the hatred and lies over and over’ tactic used by the brown shirts in the early days. It worked quite well and kicked off a rather efficient defamation machinery.

          I’m not comparing both scenarios directly, but the method is the same.
          It always helps to get the mob worked up into a nice frenzy.

          Another point: if you must offend, do your homework and get the facts straight. Too much to ask?
          Anyway, what’s with the right to offend? Is it a basic human right to insult people in the worst possible way?
          Am I missing something? I’d say that our society is lacking culture – on many levels.

      • … and, for what it’s worth, I was embarrassed by this song and clip. It works on a primal scream level, but sad that it should be held up as typical of a very clever guy who can write something as mesmerising as “Not Perfect”. And good news, there’s no bad language!

  • fd

    I don’t know if you remember when I posted about the director of the RAI 4 channel Freccero( a film-based channel which is one of the many new RAI satelitte channels) . I mentioned here that , after being criticized by the newspaper Libero for airing a Spanish (dubbed into Italian) tv show with violence and sex(including homosexual sex among teenagers), he phoned that newspaper , he insulted the journalists and even mentioned in the phone call ” a plot against him “by and I quote his words “padophile Cardinals in the Vatican” After all this he is still the director of RAI FOUR. But what is shocking is that he has recently sent a letter to PM Mario Monti with his CV because he wants to become the next president of RAI. Can you imagine what damage would such a person do , if in charge not of one minor channel but of fifteen channels ?
    I really hope that Monti knows this individual.

  • Mike2

    In Scotland we have a new law on sectarianism. I’m not sufficiently expert to give a full legal explanation of what it involves – maybe somebody else could – but basically, among other things, it bans the use of ‘sectarian’ songs at football matches. It does not define which songs are deemed to be covered but I wonder how Mr Minchin would get on with our constabulary if he tried to sing his song at a football ground in Scotland.

  • ms catholic state

    Oh yeah…..secularists are sooooo worried about child abuse…that they just want to give contraception out to 13 year olds and recommend that 11 year olds are fitted with coils. How absolutely evil. Of course they are silently driving towards the legalisation of peadophilia and facilitating child abuse. Truly the Gates of Hell have arrived….and ‘respectable’ people are pimping the children of the land. Even the State is having a hand in it. The Church must speak out!

    • DitrBrampfton

      You are out of your mind on this point. Precursor: I am from the US, where we are grappling with this as well. We have nicely segregated states we think of as “conservative” and “liberal”. You’d be surprised where the incidences of teen pregnancy congregate.

      There is a very clear connection between the availability of sexuality and the sexualization of minors.

      Abstinence based education is NOT working–it is only making things worse, given today’s cultural climate. Back in the 50′s it was great. There wasn’t sex on TV, separate beds for married couples in sitcoms and such.

      We have the internet now. Teens are curious. You don’t have to like it; this is just how it is. I don’t like it either.

      You want teens to not get pregnant? You give them contraceptives. You don’t give them those on the grounds of it encouraging immoral behavior, they get pregnant or become a father. Case closed.

      You want to prevent the desire to sexually experiment at increasingly younger ages, you need to engage in a massive well-funded scientific campaign, and then work out how you can implement a massive cultural shift without rounding up people into reeducation camps. Good luck.

      I understand your moral high ground, and don’t criticize, but it’s a brave new world we’re dealing with, and your side is ill-equipped to deal with it for the outcomes they are looking for. This is all before you take into account that for reasons completely unknown, kids are hitting puberty at unprecedentedly young rates.

      Seriously, if you view this in terms of a moral battle, you need to see that we’re “losing” and retreat. It’s a pretty screwed up situation we’re dealing with.

  • harry

    “ms catholic state

    May 12,2012 at 11:25 am ·Reply

    …..Of course they are silently driving towards the legalisation of peadophilia and facilitating child abuse. Truly the Gates of Hell have arrived….and ‘respectable’people are pimping the children of the land. Even the State is having a hand in it…”

    Do you have proof of any of these allegations Ms?

    • ms catholic state

      Of course. Their Actions speak for themselves. What do you reckon an organisation that calls for young girls to be fitted with a coil are doing?! Are they not preparing these girls for sexual abuse by whatever male can entice them with offers of chips, CDs or this that and the other?! Or what do you think such efforts are in aid of.

      Pure evil!

  • harry

    I worked for an organisation in the sixties and seventies that had dealings with new mothers. Don’t know why, but on a couple of occasions I counted the married and unmarried mothers. I recall that the latter were 30% of the total.

    Ironically a near relative got pregnent at 14. It ruined her life.

  • “I find your snide,condescending comments irritating,and often boring in their self-regard”

    Well, you cant love your neighbour if you dont love yourself.

    Perhaps you should ask yourself from whom I picked up such an acerbic yet turgid prose style…?

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