‘Exorcist’ author William Blatty taking Georgetown University to court for dissent

William Blatty, author of The Exorcist and alumnus of Georgetown University, is preparing a canon law suit to be filed with the Archdiocese of Washington and the Vatican, alleging that the Jesuit run university is refusing to comply with Ex corde Ecclesiae, the Holy See’s directives for Higher education institutes, and is persistently giving scandal to the faithful.

If William Blatty’s canon law suit is successful, then Georgetown university may lose its right to call itself Catholic or Jesuit in its fundraising and representations to applicants.

The final straw for William Blatty and others was Georgetown’s invitation to Obama’s Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to be a diploma ceremony speaker. Sebelius is a self-described ‘Catholic’ who actively defies the Church’s teaching on abortion, contraception, homosexuality and unnatural marriage.

A press release from the Fr. King Society stated:

‘Academy Award winner William Peter Blatty, whose best-selling book and blockbuster film The Exorcist were situated at his alma mater, Georgetown University, announced today that he will lead alumni, students and other members of the new Father King Society to petition the Catholic Church for remedies up to and including the possible removal or suspension of top-ranked Georgetown’s right to call itself Catholic or Jesuit in its fundraising and representations to applicants.

The move comes on the heels of an unprecedented rebuke of Georgetown and its first lay president by His Eminence, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Washington, over Georgetown’s invitation to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to be a diploma ceremony speaker today.  Georgetown, however, has not backed down.

The editors of the Archdiocesan newspaper wrote in an editorial last Sunday regarding Georgetown: “When the vision guiding university choices does not clearly reflect the light of the Gospel and authentic Catholic teaching, there are, of course, disappointing results.”

The Father Kings Society’s Canon Law action, based on Georgetown’s failure for more than two decades to comply with the requirements of Ex corde Ecclesiae(ECE), the 1990 Apostolic Constitution for Catholic Universities, was already being planned before the Sebelius scandal.

“This is simply the last straw,” said Blatty.  “The scandals that Georgetown has given to the faithful are too many to count, and too many to ignore any longer.”

On the Father King Society website [www.fatherkingsociety.org ] announcing the Canon Law action, Blatty writes: “Of course, what we truly seek is for Georgetown to have the vision and courage to be Catholic, but clearly the slow pastoral approach has not worked.  …Georgetown is being dishonest.  Together, we need to end that!”

Linking GU’s non-compliance with Church law to GU’s regular scandals, the website tracks the Archdiocesan editorial:  “Twenty two years of GU scandals, since Ex corde Ecclesiae was promulgated, are not just proof of a failed Catholic identity, they are evidence and a direct result of Georgetown’s failure to comply with ECE.”

Blatty does not mince words about who is to blame for Georgetown’s slide:

“Many believe that to make Georgetown truly Catholic is to turn back the clock hands and somehow limit its very nature as a university, as if the notion of ‘Catholic’ and ‘university’ are new to each other, or inherently at odds.  On the contrary, to make Georgetown ‘Catholic’ is to move the clock forward; it is to make the University better than it now is!  Of course, there are always those who are afraid of change—who lack vision.  They may need to step aside.”

“John Paul II exhorted us all to preserve for the Church the highest places of culture—our universities.  Generations of alumni have long been seduced to ‘go along’ by dinners, medals, and board seats.  We have all been negligent for too long: the laity, the clergy, and the bishops as well.”

Protect the Pope comment: We at Protect the Pope pray for the success of William Blatty and the Fr King Society in their case against Georgetown university.

What an excellent idea! Maybe its time that loyal and faithful Catholics over here in the UK  follow suit and collect evidence of dissent in our own ‘Catholic’ institutions that are causing scandal as a prelude to bringing canon law suits to our dioceses and the Holy See. William Blatty has opened up the possibility of canon law activism! After years of being powerless to stop the institutionalised dissent ruining the Church in the UK this could be the way to breakthrough. Any suggestions?




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  • Jim P

    “If William Blatty’s canon law suit is successful,then Georgetown university may lose its right to call itself Catholic or Jesuit in its fundraising and representations to applicants.”

    How does that work? As soon as the University is declared to be not-Catholic then there is absolutely no reason why it should take the least bit of notice of a Cannon law judgement. Catholic Cannon law has absolutely no justiction over a non-Catholic Univerity. If they want to stop Georgetown calling itself Catholic they would need to prepare a case under some civil law that did have Justdiction over the University – Trademark law perhaps?

    • Karla

      ‘Ex Corde Ecclesia’ can be declared that a university is no longer Catholic.

      ‘The 1990 document gives local bishops the responsibility of determining whether colleges can bear the label “Catholic.” Catholic colleges established prior to 1990 are assumed to be Catholic and to conform sufficiently to the guidelines of Ex Corde Ecclesiae until a bishop declares otherwise.’


    • Simon

      You know, Jim P, I’m sorry – I’ve never made one of these insufferably snarky grammar-nazi comments before, but please take it as a well-meaning suggestion… You may have experience and useful opinions on canon law, but why would you expect anyone to pay attention to your analysis if you can’t even SPELL the word correctly? Not to mention “jurisdiction” – not even close. If you can’t seem to write the key vocabulary, one can only assume you have never had any legitimate dealings with the subject matter.

  • Joohn

    We might begin with The Tablet.

  • Karla

    Pray this lawsuit is successful.

  • dominie Stemp

    What is the situation with ‘catholic’ newspapers? The UK Tablet consistently attacks Church teachings and scandalises the faithful. Can one apply canon law to these ‘catholic’ publications? I don’t have access to Canon Law – but could someone look this up please? I am constantly scandalised by contents in The Tablet and it is NOT catholic yet claims to be.
    D Stemp

  • Trisha

    Wish these ‘high profile Catholics’ had – would make such effort tacking the abuse crisis – REAL abuses of innocents. That would be true ‘exorcism’.


  • Joel

    Good for William Blatty! Action, not just words!!

  • Arline

    Kudos to Mr. Blatty! It’s about time something is going to be done about these so-called Catholic Institutions. We’re a shame and disgrace to the whole world for our non-compliance with our own Catholic rules and God’s Laws. It’s been one thing after another with Georgetown University. And the good Catholic people who show up there in protest are thrown off the property or arrested! Big mistake! Has anyone wondered how the Lord feels about all this and how He will deal with it and them?

  • Hirduin

    I say God bless William Blatty. May this be a precedent setting event towards other so-called Catholic educational institutions.

  • MFB

    Thanks Mr.Blatty .If the Mountain refuse to come to us we should go to the Jesuit Mountain. By the way the majority of good jesuits are great defensors of our faith but the ones who are embracing Theology of Liberation are a disgrace to the Church and to the great St. Ignatius of Loyola. Divide and conquer is the motto of this Iluminados.

  • beth

    Hopefully this will stop the media’s use of useing our Catholic Name as if Catholic teachings are negotiable. We need to pray to stop the media from useing so called catholic religious and laity to cause scandal to the Church.

  • Joseph

    Where in the world is the Vatican on this and where in the world is the Jesuit Father General Superior of the Jesuit order???? Why hasn’t the Vatican ordered the Superior to force that un-catholic university’s faculty to comply or else be thrown out of the order????

    • Daniel

      Joseph, these are good questions many must be asking. If you haven’t already read it, Malachi Martin’s book The Jesuits provides keen insight on how the Jesuit came to its current condition. The book also provides a picture of the political machinations that go on between the Vatican and the Jesuit Order.

  • I only wish that more “Catholic” universities and colleges were sued in this manner. Way too many parents think they are spending their hard earned money to send their children to Catholic institutions, only to find out too late, that their faith has been destroyed by dissident faculty.

  • David

    God bless Fr. King for ‘calling a spade a spade’(or shall we say ‘calling a Hoya an ugly dog’). Every informed devout Catholic knows that Georgetown U. hasn’t been Catholic in the real sense for decades: covering their crucifixes to appease a secularist tyrant, its students demonstrating for abortion against pro-life Catholic university students (I was one of those students) at Rescues, and now parading Sabellius and her anti-life agenda… Gerogetown U. just needs to stop pretending to be what they’re not and it looks like Fr. King is the one to make them fess up…

  • I think the likely result will be a removal of top Jesuits at Georgetown and maybe even the Province they are in. Remember the Jesuits in solemn vows take a special vow of obedience to the person of the Pope. All the Holy Father has to do is call in the General superior and order him to change the situation.

  • I didn’t know a lay person could do this. I guess when those in the Church remain silent, it’s up to the lay faithful to stand up and defend our faith. I’m sick and tired of the arrogance of those you scandalize and the wimpy non-reaction of many bishops. You know Jesus did overturn the tables in temple in response to the corruption. Time to act. I hope Georgetown is stripped of the Catholic identity. It doesn’t deserve it. Lets send our kids to truly Catholic institutions like Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH or Ave Maria University in Florida where they will receive an excellent education and not secular indoctrination. I hope Mr. Batty’s lawsuit is successful and we wake the sleeping giant.

  • Joe

    Notre Dame SHOULD be next …!

  • Thanks God! and sign me on. Two decades? is too long. I don’t know what we have to do to let our bishops know we stand behind them when they defend the Church and our Faith. I was appalled by the bishop who lost his courage and rescinded his prohibition of publicly awarding the “gay” student of a $40,000 scholarship from a LGBT group because of the “public” outcry. For God’s sake! Does he not hear God’s outcry against the “sins” do cry out to Him. The time is here when we must, each in our own little way, defend our Faith.

  • Amy

    It’s about time a courageous Catholic will take action. Enough is enough with these so-called Catholic Universities (in name not in deed). They should be stripped out of that prestigious title “Catholic University”. Faithful Catholics always follows the teachings of Christ. As he said to Peter, as He handed down the key “whatever you bind here on earth will be bound in Heaven. Franciscan University in Steubenville and Ave Maria University are the only Catholic universities that abide by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Every parent should send their children there.

  • I went through a so – called formation by a group called the ‘Pastoral Formation Institute’ in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, long Island, New York. This institute presented itself as a lay formation & educational group. What P.F.I., in reality, was was a pro – feminist, completely secular pedagogical organization, presenting their own opinions to a captive audience. They denegrated Mary’s Rosary; praised “gay marriage”, said that Catholics did NOT need sacramental confession to relieve mortal sin, and praised other religions, while denegrating Holy Mother Church. I could list more, but I feel that the point is made. they still exist; although, the Bishop, to his credit, is attempting to fix this so-called institute, which is totally non – Catholic. Before we accuse others outside the Church of anti – Catholic bigotry, let’s root out and fix the very real, internal attacks upon our faith, which are internal & incidious. To Jesus through Mary!

  • Diane

    Good for Mr. Blatty and those with him. I’ll pray he wins. These kinds of things need to be done in helping the Holy Spirit purify the Church. The dissident Jesuits there are nothing more than Judas and they need to go.

  • Daniel

    Good on Mr. Blatty. I knew he was the author of The Exorcist, but had no idea of the fervor of his Catholicism.

  • Pat McCormick

    This open defiance against catholic teaching of Georgetown is truly epidemic throughout the country and the world; essentially deeply rooted in nearly 100% of all other catholic colleges. What is most disheartening is that it occurs on the watch of countless bishops and priests. What does that so clearly spell out? There is only one possible reason that such an atmosphere can grow and does grow throughout these universities. Putting money aside and all secondary causes the fact is that many clergy themselves do not believe nor do they interiorly assent to these controversial doctrines.
    This open defiance is not only seen in catholic colleges such as Notre dame, St. Joseph University, St. Mary’s college etc., but it is seen in many catholic institutions and houses of formation again throughout the world. What does that say? Are these doctrines professed by the church full of error or all the people who defy the teaching wrong? Whose conscience is correct? Abortion is simply and clearly murder no matter how you slice it. Those who are prochoice are deeply corrupt and I think they are already damned. Yet, there is something very wrong when an enormous number of clergy, nuns and laity cannot assent to the church’s position on contraception, homosexuality, same sex unions and divorce. This needs to be said for the world and most members of the church adhere to these beliefs, just the small number of clergy and faithful support the church. Yet the hierarchy cannot change these doctrines because even if they are wrong any admission would lead to the collapse of the church.

  • Elizabeth Finnigan

    Keep the Broom moving! Jesuit Universities that need a clean sweep include Fairfield, Fordham, Marquette, and Santa Clara! If there is no correction of dissident ” theologians” and errant philosophies The Catholic Church will no longer be reconizable. It is overtime for Bishops to get off the political fence, develop a spinal prosthesis, and defend the Faith!

  • Liz Sam

    Maybe this will get our bishops moving in the right direction. Our Franciscan’s have said many times that there are only 10 Catholic colleges in America. All others should have the Catholic removed from their ID. Very very sad, but we all know this has been going on for years, Angela, Joe, and Pat McC are so right ! Pray, pray pray

  • Joey S.

    Let the exorcism of Georgetown begin!

  • Anita

    I hope Blatty wins. Georgetown is definitely misrepresenting itself as Catholic. It may have been Catholic originally, but not anymore.

  • I am glad to see that someone has the courage to take action. It is a shame that it took a lay person. It should have come from our American bishops and cardinals, but we all know that most of them have no to guts to do this.

  • Merle Haggard

    The sooner we have the ‘WDC Catholic Church’ the better I say. To hell with Rome.

    Dr Phil for Pope.

    Oprah to head the new American CDF.

    What say you ?!!! :-)

    St Jude (Patron for Hopeless Causes) ora pro nobis.

  • Josephine Ogden

    Funny how the lable Catholic is important…but in threats to remove the lable it brings an earthquake of “who do you think you are to question us at the university”…no matter how outraged the supporters become..Easy…obey the rules or be ejected from your money platform.Be CATHOLIC or be GONE from the TITLE.

  • Cheryl Thomson

    Correction: Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, D.C., did not rebuke Georgetown University. Repeatedly, he had “no comment” on the issue of Sebelius. On the contrary, an anonyous editorial went way out on a limb to say that the invitation to this baby killer showed that the university’s vision had “disappointing results.” Roman Catholics in America have been frustrated for decades, people, by a culture in the hierarchy here which is ridiculed around the rest of the Catholic world. The fact that serial Popes do nothing about it says something for the position of the folks at vaticancatholic.com.

  • Fr. Ron

    If they want sworn testamony I am will tell my story of going to my FIRST CHOICE school for a visit and leaving dejected because the Admissions folks told us to “not worry because we are not really Catholic.” I went to CUA, got a good job and then heard the call, praise God.

  • DavidJohn

    Que pasa?
    Tonight’s the news reported that Notre Shame (correct spelling) is suing the Obama adminstration after they give him an honorary degree.
    They all are a disgrace to be called Catholic institutions.
    If you take the talk – then walk the [damn]walk.
    That goes for those political frauds like Pelosi, Sebelius, Kerry, etc. who do not even talk the talk – yet they are out front with the walk.
    When our time is up – we all have to been accountable to the Good Lord for our time on earth…Kudos to Blatty for doing both the talk and the walk – I did not think he (William Peter(WP) had it in him.

  • John

    It’s very simple..the lines are being drawn now.The spiritual war is manifesting into the physical realm..as a Catholic..you can not have gray areas..or maybes..everything must be black or white..right or wrong..yes or no..truths are truths,,they cannot be compromised or changed to suit our own needs.This country is heading down the path of ruin at a quick pace.The Nancy Pelosi’s,Joe Bidens,Andrew Cuomos John Kerrys and Sebelius of the faith need our prayers..only God can condemn..as Catholics we are all required to know our faith..what we believe and why..if you don’t then you set yourself up for compromise and look foolish.You make bad decisions and choices and show yourself to be ignorant.We are heading for a persecution..the church shall be cleansed..we are in the beginning stages of whats to come..as Christ said..He will remove the weeds from the chaff concerning His church..the priest sex scandals was the start..these so called professed Catholics need to ponder the words of Christ..”what good is it to gain the world,,yet lose your soul…and another..”those who say they know me..yet do not keep My commandments are liars”.Catholics who know their faith need to frequent the sacraments..and to pray for our lost or confused brothers and sisters..it is not our job to change them..it is God..it is through our prayers that He will act..if we do not pray..we pay.

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