The times confront us with the choice, stand with Christ or side with Satan – Fr Lombardi

Reflecting on Pope Benedict’s recent comments to cardinals on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of his election to the See of St. Peter, Fr Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman, said that the times confront us with the choice, stand with Christ or side with the devil.

Reflecting about the presence of evil in the world the Holy Father said we can see  how evil seeks to dominate our world,through cruelty and violence,but also in more subtle ways,posing as a force for good while destroying the moral foundations of society.

Admitting that the term ‘the Church militant’ is out of fashion,the Pope said we must fight against evil and for this reason it is important to have friends to support us in this struggle.

Fr Lombardi commented:

‘Saint Ignatius of Loyola, in a key passage from the “Spiritual Exercises”, tells us the same thing: we must choose to stand either beneath the flag of the devil or beneath the flag of Jesus. Under the devil’s flag, we are enlisted in the search for wealth, vainglory, pride, and all that which is seen by others. Beneath the flag of Jesus, we are committed to a love for poverty – both spiritual and material – humiliation, humility, and all of the virtues which follow.It’s all very clear, isn’t it? That this is the current state of affairs?

Saint Ignatius says that, on the one side, we are attracted to those deceptive spirits who promise happiness, but who actually lay traps along the way and enslave us. On the other side – that of goodness – we are invited to be “servants and friends” of Jesus, masters of spirit and evangelical discernment. The Pope also spoke about those “good friends” who accompany us and who help us rest in the Lord during the battle. Together we ask for the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit, the gift of consolation and of strength, even during the “dark nights” of our lives, so that the confusion of Babel, which poses an ever-present threat to society and the Church, we may continue towards the dialogue and communion of Pentecost.’

Protect the Pope comment: This is the truth of the situation that confronts us, more and more people are refusing to stand with Christ, and so come under the influence of humanity’s ancient adversary, the devil.

600 babies  are murdered everyday in England and Wales in some  300 killing centres in our streets and neighborhoods. These murders are committed with the support and approval of our government, NHS, judiciary, education establishment and the vast majority of the media. By so doing they side with the devil who according to Jesus Christ was always a murderer and a liar. This is the reality of the country in which we live. Remember this during the national celebrations this coming weekend.

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  • ms catholic state

    Well said Deacon Nick. I think we beat about the bush too often. The spiritual battle needs to be highlighed in our Churches (and beyond)…and Catholics can then choose sides. The attempt to integrate with secular society becomes more difficult and less compatible with Catholicism. And this is actually healthier than the mistaken assumption common among Catholics… that our top priority is to become ‘respectable’ and fully integrated with secular society.

    As Christ said…those that are not for Me are aginst Me. He also said…those that are not against Me…are with Me. I think these are agnostics, truth seekers and people of Good-will with no quarrel with Jesus. It would be great if someone could produce a prayer card with this very spiritual choice in mind to distribute at Mass and in Catholic schools.

  • caritas omnibus

    Considering the barbarism of the current Syrian regime and the horror of those murdered children last week; the international community quite rightly condemned. Why is it that when the crime of abortion and euthanasia are mentioned, the silence of these same communities- other than the Holy See- is very prevelant?

  • John Oglander

    Dear Deacon Nick,

    I want everybody who follows this blog to realize that we are certainly living in the end of times. The evidence is now overwhelming. Our Lady of Fatima clearly prophesied the diabolical disorientation of our modern era. Unless Russia was consecrated to her Immaculate Heart there would be wars, revolutions and persecutions of the Church and the Holy Father, the errors of Marxism (which includes Western secular political correctness/atheism) will spread throughout the world, various nations would be annihilated, but in the end the Triunph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will happen and a period of peace will be granted to the world. Russia has never been consecrated properly in accordance with her wishes by the popes together with all the bishops of the world. Therefore we are already in the times of the punishment. Much worse is to come, as the world is headed inexorably to economic collapse followed by a third world war involving the great powers – NATO and the Western New World Order on one side against Russia and China on the other. There will be at least the limited use of Nuclear weapons. Only this Spring the outgoing President of Russia, President Dmitri Mededev and several senior Russian generals have issued warnings of a nuclear strike if NATO persists in deploying their Anti-ballistic Missile shield in eastern Europe, or carries out a NATO attack against Syria or Iran. The West, however, does not believe these warnings and has already started deploying the ABM system in Poland and Romania, and is getting ready to attack Syria and Iran. I do not know if it will be this year or next.

    Know that the Mystery of Iniquity has been at work in the West sice the rise of Freemasonry in the 18th Century. Freemasonry is very powerful in the West and dominates every aspect of civil and ecclesiastical life in the West today. It is very difficult to get a professional career in the UK without becoming a Mason. The deeper 33rd Degree Initiates have sworn an oath to Lucifer in exchange for worldly power and success. The Masons mask their activities behind charity funding. Popes Leo XIII and Pius X condemned Masonry as doing the work of Lucifer. The Masons have had a plan to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church from within and to destroy the Eternal Sacrifice of the Mass. The have substatially succeded. At least a third of Catholic Cardinals and bishops are Masons, even though to be a Mason or other secret society still means automatic excommunication under the Canon Law Code of 1983, as confirmed by the then Cardinal Ratzinger.

    Be aware that the Antichrist is here now in the world and is synonymous with Illuminated Freemasonry. Their secret committee of the Bilderburgers is meeting right now in Chantilly, Virginia. It was the Cabalistic Freemasons, not Arab terrorists, who organized and carried out 9/11 in 2001, with the full complicity of the Masonically owned media. The evidence that the WTC Towers, especially Building 7, were deliberately brought down by controlled demolition is substantial. The motive was to have a casus belli to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, and to bring in a police state in America and to suspend the Constitution. You will not see this in the mainstream media however, which is controlled by the Masons. What we are seeing today therefore is the rising up of the Masonic New World Order, which is already being prepared for by policing with unmanned drones and electronic identification. Soon you will not be able to get a job or open a bank account or buy or sell your house wwithout electronic approval from the New World Order. This means that people who do not fit in, like orthodox Catholics, will lose their jobs and houses. All of what I am saying is prophesied in St Paul’s 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians and also in Apocalypse 13.

    Apocalypse 14 states that anyone who accepts the Mark of the Antichrist will be damned. This includes all those liberal, Masonic “Catholics” includig bishops and Cardinals and lay-people who are subverting the Catholic Church with Modernism.

    Please urge all your readers to be prapared, develop a strong devotin to Our Lady, read the Bible, and go to Mass and receive the Sacraments. I decided that I would join the Legion of Mary to join an army to fight the Satanic powers.

    Yours sincerely

    John Oglander

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