Cardinal O’Brien’s call for referendum on homosexual marriage has gays running scared

Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s call to the Scottish government to hold a referendum on homosexual marriage because of the intense public interest in the recent consultation has gays objecting with all kinds of lame excuses, suggesting they’re scared of allowing normal Scottish people having a say on the future of marriage.

‘Cardinal O’Brien, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, said the marriage consultation received three times more responses than the government’s consultation on the independence referendum, which saw more than 26,000 people share their views. The Scottish government’s consultation on unnatural marriage between men-men, women-women saw more than 80,000 responses.

Cardinal O’Brien also said:

‘”Clearly, if it is sensible to hold a referendum on independence, it is crucial that we have one on marriage,” he said, adding: “It is the only way the country can move forward on this issue.

“Let all those who have a view on this subject place their trust in the Scottish people and let Scotland decide.”

The disordered sexual attraction charity The Equality Network said a referendum would result in the “Americanisation” of Scottish politics, with big-money campaigns run by professional lobby groups.

The organisation’s policy co-ordinator Tom French, said: “Our MSPs were elected on clear manifesto commitments to consider the evidence, and decide, and we have confidence in them to do that.

“A referendum would be un-Scottish, unfair and a colossal waste of taxpayer’s money.”

So following that logic it would be un-Scottish, unfair and a colossal waste of taxpayer’s money to hold the planned referendum on Scottish independence.

A Scottish government spokeswoman said: “The cabinet have had a first discussion on the next steps following the consultation on same sex marriage and the registration of civil partnerships and have asked for some further detail.

“We fully expect to be in a position to publish the way ahead this month.”

Protect the Pope comment: Judging by the response from the Scottish government spokesman it appears that Alex Salmond is going ahead with plans to legalize unnatural marriage without a referendum. No doubt he shares the same fears as the gay lobby that if it came to a vote the normal people of Scotland would reject the madness of marriage between men-men, women-women.  This is just another example of the arrogance of the ruling elite, and their unfathomable thralldom to perversion.

24 comments to Cardinal O’Brien’s call for referendum on homosexual marriage has gays running scared

  • Karla

    I do not believe gay ‘marriage’ would be legalised if people got the right to vote on it and the gay rights lobby knows it

    • Eric

      The Scottish Social Attitudes Survey of 2010 had 61% for and 19% against same sex civil marriages.

      Cardinal O’Brien is being very “brave” (I am being polite) to call for a referendum in such circumstances.

      • Karla

        American polls show 50% + support gay ‘marriage’ being legalised but when it has been on the ballot in 32 states it has been rejected 32 times. What this tells you is that there is a huge difference in people saying ‘yes’ to a poll and when people have a direct hand with their votes in its legalisation, and when people have a direct opportunity they reject it

        • Eric

          “What this tells you is that there is a huge difference in people saying ‘yes’ to a poll and when people have a direct hand with their votes in its legalisation”

          absolutely agree with that part of your post. But I still think he is being brave to the point of foolhardy because noone really knows which way a vote would go and there is a very real danger that this will backfire.

          The problem with his stance is that he is tying the issue of gay marriage to the democratic will of the people. That is a mistake. It is either right or wrong and that is not something that can be democratically decided. If the vote goes in favour of gay marriage he will have to back peddle which will make the church look like they are un-democratically ignoring the will of the people and were only interested in a referenda that tell them what they want to hear.

          I do not favour his approach to this issue in general. He has made the stakes too high. There is a real danger he will loose and be left with egg on his face and the church looking foolish and impotent.

          • Karla

            It is better to take the risk with the voters deciding, than a group of politicians deciding who want to legalise it

          • Eric

            But the Cardinal IS taking a huge risk with the already battered reputation of the Church. In calling for a referendum he is saying that this is an issue that ought to be settled according to the will of the people. Then when the will of the people says yes to gay marriage (as I -and the polls- predict it will) then he is left either accepting the will of the people and shutting up about gay marriage or trying to weasle out of his previous commitment to letting teh people decide which will make him look, well, like a weasle.

          • Teresa

            A referendum is the only decent way forward. Right now the government is not playing fair by pushing something thro without any regard for whether it is wanted or not.

            If a referendum were to go in favour of gay marriage then we as Catholics would be no worse off than if it is forced thro without. But it could go against ….and they don’t want to find that out.

            As for right and wrong – the reality is we have one group saying it is wrong and another saying it is right (and yet others saying it is just opinion). No way forward without a referendum

        • sam mace

          Yes but to compare places like South Carolina with Scotland is completely wrong. America finds Gay marriage harder to deal with than we do, most of the votes which have happened in states have been in the south I believe which would be why many have failed. California had a proposition which initially passed but after aggressive campaigning it failed. I am not sure if New York needed a proposition or not? I have a feeling it would have needed one.

  • Mark Thorne

    Of course the SNP wouldn’t ‘win’ a referendum on the localisation of unnatural marriage, if they were to err on the side of pushing for this in principle. Neither would Mr Cameron. In the States, this issue has gone to the vote in 32 States, and so far the score is 32 States against, zero States in favour of the legislation. If (or when) the referendum for Scottish independence does go ahead, the SNP are unlikely to win that one either, and so I can see why they wouldn’t want to hang its head in shame twice over.

  • Raymond

    The ‘Equality’ Network have shot themselves in the foot for suggesting a vote on the subject would be ‘unfair and a colossal waste of taxpayer’s money’ – this is the lobby group who have done countless dubious surveys at vast expense and are themselves financed by the Scottish Government (ie tax payers) .A Scottish Government financed lobby group which lobbies the Scottish Government – how very cosy !The Scottish Government has given £5 million to gay rights groups Stonewall Scotland, the Equality Network and LGBT Youth Scotland (please google ‘James Rennie and LGBT Youth Scotland’ ) – and all three have campaigned extensively to have marriage redefined.

    I noticed a photograph the other day in the Scottish Sunday Mail which illustrated a glowing description of the homosexual rally in Glasgow(how much tax payers money I wonder ?).Pictured in the photo were men dressed as crude perverse charactertures of Catholic female religious (nuns ).The article did not mention this offensive parody.Why such offence towards the Catholic Church and why is this accepted as a jolly day out ? It’s meant to be all about acceptance and ‘equality’ when in reality it is really a narcissistic perverse display of shameful behaviour (‘PRIDE’).I wonder what would happen if Glasgow City Council financed a march featuring perverse charactertures of Rabbis or Imams? – I’m sure such a display would shame Scotland and there would be World headlines about crude antisemitism and islamophobia .In this country anticatholicism gets funded out of the government purse .

    • Pedro

      Deacon Nick, I see you haven’t posted my helpful reply to the above.

      Don’t worry, I fully understand, such knowledge could be dangerous to the sensitive Catholic mind.

      In fact, I won’t even mention the name of the “Sisters of…” in case any of your curious readers go a-googling and accidentally become disordered as a result.

      There, you see how much I care about your readers?

    • Eric

      Not in Glasgow, but at East London Pride there were a group of gay Muslims dressed in rainbow coloured Islamic headgear…

      The muslim response this time wasn’t, surprisingly, to claim offense, but to try and suggest that the Pride event had been organised by the EDL.

  • harry

    Who are these ‘normal people’ Nick? No one is ‘normal’ surely?

  • I remember following an all day poll in the Guardian last month. With one hour to go there was about 70% against gay marriage and only about 30% for gay marriage. Yet one hour later at the end of the voting there was 54% in favour and 46% against. IN other words the poll was ignored and fresh figures substituted to get the right result. You cannot rely on pollsters with a bias to give you a fair result. The Scottish MSP`s can vote for their own consciences but they cannot vote for the conscience of the rest of the Scottish people.

  • Lionel (Paris)

    It is a good idea! I believe that most of the people will vote against gay “marriage”…

  • robert in stamford

    Its nice to know that when good men (and women) stand up and protest they are respected, for we all know what happens when silence prevails.
    Yes, the powerful will get their way, as they perhaps have done for far too long.
    Your highly selective choice of ‘gay’s running scared’ does you no credit.
    Since your own propaganda fuels your self-perpetuating prejudice, you really should start listen to the truth in other peoples’ arguments.
    The Roman Catholic faith really does not hold the exclusive rights to what is right or wrong in Society,
    The decency of democracy does however, allow for Clubs and their Members to practice their own ideals unless of course such practice conflicts with the law of the Land.
    And then it is for the Electorate to vote accordingly, not the bloc-vote of this Church or that Church.
    As I said elsewhere, methinks (Cardinal) O’Brien might well get a different Reform vote to what he was anticipating, so perhaps he should now cool down and do the decent thing by keeping quiet on those subjects he is only prejudiced against- or ignorant of.

  • Jean

    Well this turned out well for Keith.

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