Catholic theologian Tina Beattie mocks the Mass as an act of homosexual intercourse

Prof. Tina Beattie, Director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Catholic Studies at Roehampton University and member of CAFOD’s Theological advisory group, has written in her book ‘God’s Mother, Eve’s Advocate’ that the Mass is ‘an orgasmic celebration of homosexual love’. Here are a couple of excerpts from her book (WARNING – Extracts  from Tina Beattie’s work are sacrilegious and deeply offensive)

‘Today it [the Mass] has become an act of (homo) sexual intercourse…In our own age, however, the female body is recognised as equal but different and is still incapable of representing Christ, because Christ’s kenotic self-giving has become implicitly associated with the male orgasm, with all the pagan overtones that this implies….
Consider, for example, the imagery evoked in von Balthasar’s question, ‘what else is his eucharist but, at a higher level, an endless act of fruitful outpouring of whole flesh, such as a man can only achieve for a moment with a limited organ of his body.’…The female body, lacking the ‘limited organ’ that allows for this cosmic male orgasm cannot represent Christ in the eucharist.  Ultimately this means that women have become bystanders in the metaphysical consummation of homosexual love, a marriage between men and God in which the male body is both the masculine bridegroom and the female bride, the masculine God and the female creature, the masculine Christ and the feminine Church. p. 80

‘I have already argued that the phallocentricism of neo-orthodox theology risks reducing the Mass to an orgasmic celebration of homosexual love from which the female body is excluded, so that women have no necessary place in the symbols of salvation’. P.194


Protect the Pope comment: Prof. Tina Beattie’s stock in trade as a Catholic theologian appears to be making deeply offensive, sacrilegious statements about the most sacred beliefs and practices of her fellow Catholics.

As already documented by Protect the Pope Prof. Beattie has used the dogma of the Most Holy Trinity to despicably justify abortion and has absurdly  described the doctrine of Christ’s nuptial relationship with the Church as justifying homosexual marriage.

But her sustained description of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in terms of homosexual acts takes her blasphemy onto another level. She made her comparison between the Mass and sodomy ten years ago, since then she was elected the President of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain and has served as a theological adviser to CAFOD, the development agency of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales.

It is incredible that Prof. Beattie can so sacrilegiously misuse the dogmas of the Trinity, Christ’s marriage to the Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and no bishop has challenged her, let alone objected to her holding important positions in the Church. It would be really helpful if the CDF issued a monitum about her work so that dioceses and parishes are warned about her deviant theology. How about it Archbishop  Müller?

39 comments to Catholic theologian Tina Beattie mocks the Mass as an act of homosexual intercourse

  • Karla

    How can she continue to teach Catholic studies when she has a record of saying blasphemous offensive things such as this?

  • John Gramstadt

    Hmmm I’ll stick to Garrigou-Lagrange for my Theology. Is she really a theologian? I think she is intentionally stirring the pot. Best ignore her. She is obviously bitter

    • Deacon Nick

      John, on her website Prof. Beattie mentions that she is often invited to give talks in dioceses and parishes. She’s also has contact with students in a Catholic college. I don’t think we can afford to ignore her. Deacon Nick

  • Joseph Matthew

    Thank you for reminding us how far from the Catholic Faith this Blairite convert “Catholic” is. More importantly,the orthodoxy of any bishop or priest who invites Dr Beattie to give presentations needs to now be questioned. And questioned openly.

  • Joseph Matthew

    As an interesting aside, if Dr Beattie is quoting Von Balthasar accurately, it appears to show him in a bad light. Although he is seen as relatively orthodox, he does suffer from some strange beliefs. Adrienne Von Speyr, who he directed, was also really strange. I too will opt for Garrigou-Lagrange.

  • John Gramstadt

    You are right Deacon Nick. She certainly should not be near a Catholic College.

  • Daniel

    Who does this woman think she is?

  • El Nino

    Have I missed something? Don’t women receive communion? How can that be homosexual when you have women and the (male) Christ involved?

    On an equally stupid note, if during consecration the wafer and wine become the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ, does that make us cannibals?

    Can I have a job at Roehampton University now?

  • Appreciative Protestant Reader

    You think you’re badly off — we’ve got John Spong! ;-)

  • Pedro

    My, I’ve made some harsh comments about the Catholic Church in my time, but even I’ve never compared a Catholic Mass to… er… what shall we call it… a little gay get together.

    Are you sure she’s on your side?

  • Genty

    It had to come. She’s finally gone off her rocker.

  • amator Dei

    You quote von Balthasar as asking, ‘what else is his eucharist but, at a higher level, an endless act of fruitful outpouring of whole flesh, such as a man can only achieve for a moment with a limited organ of his body?’ If a major theologian can perpetrate such dubious speculation, perhaps Tina Beattie was intending not to be sacrilegious (why should she?), but to show, by reductio ad absurdum, what such thinking might lead to. Most theology has been written by men from a very masculine viewpoint, and we are still a very way from appreciating how much of it must strike women.

  • Augustine

    If it were not so offensive, it would be a prime candidate for “Pseuds Corner” in Private Eye.

    It is as if, in order to be accepted as a “Feminist Theologian” all that is required is to make some absurd comment about the human reproductive organs.

    Rather reminds me of the Flanders & Swann song “P** P* B**** B** D******”

    “Ma’s out, Pa’s out – let’s talk rude:
    Pee – Po – Belly – Bum -Drawers!
    Dance in the garden in the nude:
    Pee – Po – Belly – Bum – Drawers!
    Let’s write rude words all down our street,
    Stick out our tongues at the people we meet,
    Let’s have an intellectual treat:
    Pee – Po – Belly – Bum – Drawers!”

    I propose that Flanders and Swann be posthumously awarded a Doctorate from Roehampton University for this insightful and radical contribution to post-modernist neo-feminist theology, gender and critical theory.

  • Bob Hayes

    Just a few pages on from Tina Beatties’ gratuitously offensive assertions the author returns to a pet theme. ‘The Church’s stand on the non-ordination of women’, which she claims, ‘is stifling prayerful discussion and theological reflection that are the lifeblood of the Church’s intellectual life’. (p. 202) So there we have it: for Tina Beattie the Church’s intellectual life should be grounded in the musings of present-day theologians. Call me old-fashioned, but I would have thought that Scripture and the Deposit of Faith are what should underpin theology. The combination of gratuitous offence and special pleading for her profession suggest Ms Beattie has broken through the glass ceiling of academic ‘jobs for the boys’, but whether she has anything of value to say about the Faith is quite another matter.

  • James Hughes

    This woman is Not a catholic.She insults Christ and His church and gives scandal to the people who are faithful to the Pope and the magesterium. When ,oh when ,will our bishops denounce this woman’s behaviour. Thankfully this woman never taught any of my family but she did make a guest appearance at the Gonzaga lectures in Glasgow and from the pulpit gave a talk titled ‘the Catholic church and her recalcitrant daughters’ where she claimed that cardinals don’t have to be ordained as priests so one day a woman might be made cardinal and then perhaps pope.Then things would change.Thankfully the blessed sacrament had been moved to another altar. I thought at the time that this was said somewhat tongue in cheek but this time she has gone too far. She is one lucky lady in previous times she might well have encountered the Inquisition. People are entitled to freedom of speech but in other context she would be prosecuted for a breach of the peace yet we have not heard a squeak of disapproval from the hierarchy though I recall she was prevented from speaking in the Clifton diocese. The hierarchy ought to get to grips with this kind of dissent or soon they will be getting a visitation from Rome . I almost despair at their impotence. Even in Catholic Ireland their former president is scheduled to give a similar dissenting talk in a church no less and apparently with the hierarchy’s consent. What is happening to our church leaders? Thank the lord we have a new Arch bishop of Glasgow who openly states that he may well go to prison for expounding catholic teaching in his diocese. For our sake let’s pray for some action from the boy’s in the band.AMDG

  • Gurn

    Just shows how pathetic the Bishops are in this country, makes it hard not to lose heart. The RCC has more internal conflicts than a modern day political party, pretty pathetic.

    • Gurn, couldn’t agree more about the bishops and the state of the church today. Mostly the shepherds have gone to ground;they sure have in Ireland. One or two raise their heads every now and then and then retreat back into the bunkers. I listened to Bishop McKeown on TV recently about Marie Stopes opening in Belfast. This was a great opportunity to state clearly and firmly that the Church’s teaching on abortion at any time during the unborn’s development is that it is wrong. PERIOD. He seemed instead to try to describe the abortion row in terms of two opposing world views. Did we need to know this? God, help us all. Please send us fearless leaders who will state the Truth, and PC-ness be damned! Literally.

      God bless

  • Paul Smyth

    Amator Dei
    Von Balthasar was a great theologian and an important influence Ratzinger, Tina Beattie is not even a mediocre theologian. What Tina does not realise this is an analogy. It is not meant to be reduced ad absurdum which seems to be the only way she seems able to do theology.

  • Eric

    Maybe I would find it offensive if I could figure out what the hell she is on about.

  • Spesalvi23

    Ouch! Bitter feminist on a mission.

  • JamesM

    I don’t believe Tina Beattie is actually a Catholic Theologian. I instead believe she is a Catholic who is a Theologian.

    I think the difference is subtle but important.

  • Independent

    If this is not “hate speech” or “likely to cause a breach of the peace” then what is? It is certainly very offensive and were it on some other subjects there would be a militant lobby seeking her prosecution. I see she is President of the English Catholic theologians, which makes one wonder about their abilities.

  • Mike2

    Isn’t the Year of Faith supposed to be getting Catholics, lapsed Catholics and the wider world to embrace genuine Catholic Teaching? And is not the Synod of Bishops in Rome supposed to be examining ways of going about this? Well how about the UK Bishops making a start here in this country by saying loudly and clearly that not only does Prof Beattie not speak for the Church but that much of the time she speaks AGAINST the Church, and then ban her from speaking in any Catholic church in the UK and to any meetings of Catholic organisations. The ban imposed by the CDF regarding one meeting in Clifton diocese should be made applicable to every meeting in every diocese.

    • Augustine

      Be careful – she would just LOVE to claim to be a “victim” of the CDF. It would certainly boost the sales of her pathetic books – which she would then advertise as “the book the Pope doesn’t want you to read”.

      It’s rather like the Emperor’s New Clothes – or Tracey Emin’s dirty bed. People are afraid to point out how ridiculous her work is.

      And of course you have a nice little mutual admiration society set up amongst reviewers in The Tablet….

  • Damask Rose

    Good grief. Speechless.

    So, Prof Tina Beattie is:
    - Director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Catholic Studies at Roehampton University
    - on CAFOD’s Theological advisory group (doesn’t surprise me, must keep up the homosexual lead there)
    - President of the English Catholic Theologians (…”sigh”)

    Totally dumbfounding. Perhaps we have a self-perpetuating clique here.

    I guess if they can do “Queer Theology” at the Centre for Catholic Studies, Durham University, why not Prof Beattie try her hand at a homosexualist Mass. (Pity Ushaw Seminary.)

    James Hughes did make me laugh out loud with his comment (3.18pm, Oct 20) regarding the Hierarchy of E&W:

    “I almost despair at their impotence.”

    I wonder what the Catholic version of Viagara would be in need here?

  • Mark Thorne

    At this rate, Professor Beattie is likely to be offered a job at the BBC – they seem to quite enjoy employing theologian feminists who are anti-orthodoxy, anti-God and anti-Church. Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou, presenter of the notorious series the “Bible’s Hidden Secrets”, had better watch her back!

    • Eric

      to be fair Francesca Stavrakopoulou doesn’t claim to be a theologian. She is a historian.

      It isn’t that Beattie is allowed to speak that bothers me. I support free speech and I don’t have any problem with my faith being challenged or even mocked. It is strong enough to withstand that and wouldn’t life be boring if we all agreeded on everything. What does bother me is essentially an issue of “trade descriptions” it is misleading to describe yourself as a catholic theologian if you are not. Francesca Stavrakopoulou states quite openly that she is an atheist. She is honest about it, there is no deceit and that is absolutely fine.

  • Ioannes

    Last month I referred to La Beattie in conversation with a very learned Oratorian, who said “I haven’t heard of her. Who is she?”

  • bill

    These tales will continue til the end of time if the Vatican and the Pope do not excommunicate such people. Period. They are not excommunicated and whose fault is that? We need the next Pope to not be a writer. We need a Pope who loves administration…not writing… from morning til night including excommunicating for their own good…dozens per day. Not excommunicating equals a lack of love for these very people.

    • Excommunication seldom works. The SSPX were exommunicated – not exactly gone out of buisness, have they? Also it might have worked when you could control printing. In the modern media world it’s just more free publicity.

  • Sounds as if she has forgotten to take her medication.

  • No deep philosophical comment from me just a simple “She’s absolutely bonkers!” I have no idea where she gets her ideas from. I do not think this should be taken too seriously, she is clearly a damaged individual and quite possibly in need of our prayers rather than derision. I think general secularisation and the manipulation of people’s moral norms by government spin doctors and the media far more worrying.

  • She seems interesting and intelligent. She seems to be a sincere Catholic. She seems to be open minded more than many of the people here, but not more open minded than say Saint Theresa or Saint Francis. I am not quite sure what the problem is.

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