Hans Kung is certain Pope Benedict envies him his ‘oeuvre’

In a recent interview in The Tablet Fr. Hans Kung makes the remarkable suggestion that Pope Benedict XVI envies him because of the books he has written:

‘He respects me and also my scholarship. He takes this very seriously…And I think he envies me because of my oeuvre…It will be decided by history whose ideas ultimately win over, I think. Books survive many popes,” he says, smiling again.

Robert Mickens also elicited the response from Fr. Kung that though he rejects the description ‘anti-pope’ he does see himself as representing millions of Catholics following an alternative version of Catholicism to that represented by Pope Benedict:

“Some people call you the anti-pope”, I say to provoke him. “No, I don’t accept that,” he says. “But I know I represent millions of people who think differently from the Pope. And it is a fact that we both had the same career and for some years were in the same city…There are two ways of being a Catholic. I think I represent the other way well, while he represents the first one. But if there were a public vote, as in my own country, I think its clear who would have a majority”, he says unapologetically.” He knows I am an honest person. And I think he knows very well that I am a good Catholic in my own way and that I am not alone at all in my views.2

Protect the Pope comment: The depth of Fr. Hans Kung’s self-delusion and self-deception are more than apparent in his interview for The Tablet. That he thinks Pope Benedict envies him his shallow and dissenting books is incredible. The career and fall of Hans Kung is a tragic spectacle that serves as a cautionary lesson to theologians of the danger of pride and vanity. Pray that this lost priest is granted openness to the grace of contrition and compunction.


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  • Paul Smyth

    No-one should ever trust a man with a life size statue of himself in his garden.

  • Michael Petek

    If he were a martial art, he’d be a kung fool!

  • Joseph Matthew

    Well he certainly does not suffer from the virtue of humility. I hope he keeps his pledge and maintains a Trappist silence from now. He represents all that is rotten in the Church today.

  • Independent

    Having taught Church History where the other lecturers, largely Anglican, used Kung’s work for textbooks, I was delighted when a Baptist student said how refreshing it was to find someone who did not have much time for Kung.He found him unscriptural and unconvincing. Unfortunately Kung does have a lot of support especially in what one may regard as the less rigorous parts of academia.Roehampton perhaps? I write as an admirer of the Pope but am not of his communion.

  • Augustine

    Compare and contrast the following quotations.

    Hans Kung: “But if there were a public vote, as in my own country, I think it’s clear who would have a majority”.

    Jesus Christ: “Alas for you when the world speaks well of you! That was the way their ancestors treated the false prophets.” (Luke 6: 26)

  • “Books survive many popes,” he says, smiling again.”

    Hasn’t he heard of recycling?

  • Gurn

    Since when did popularity accurately judge the content of arguments and works.

  • Karla

    Theologian Hans Küng to retire from ‘big stage’


    Unfortunately links to The Tablet but it is the source reporting this in full

  • Spesalvi23

    Yeah, sure.
    The same envy as when they were colleauges, when Küng came to University in a bright red alpha spider while Prof Ratzinger came by bicycle.
    Not to mention personal holiness. One is the ever smirking, self-promoting egomaniac; the other couldn’t be more humble.

    The poor man is scratching and crawling as his world ethos is becoming more and more irrelevant.

  • Very glad that Pope Benedict’s many books, homilies and audiences will also be around for us to read for many years to come.

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