Cameron and Osborne are wrong, majority are against gay marriage – latest ComRes poll

The latest ComRes poll shows that the majority of voters in the UK are against gay marriage, proving that Cameron and Osborne are wrong to claim that their plans for gay marriage legislation expresses the will of the majority.

The Daily Mail reports:

  • A ComRes survey published today found that 62 per cent of voters and 68 per cent of Tories believe marriage should continue to be defined as a ‘life-long exclusive commitment between a man and a woman’.
  • The poll of more than 2,000 voters conducted over the past week also found that 63 per cent believe many of those opposed to gay marriage are reluctant to say so ‘for fear of being called a bigot’.
  • Another huge majority – 69 per cent – believes children should be raised by a father and a mother in a committed permanent relationship.
  • By a margin of 45 to 38 per cent, voters do not think opponents of gay marriage are bigots who should be ignored.
  • In a further blow for the PM, 65 per cent agree that his plans to legalise gay marriage are ‘more to do with trying to make the Conservative Party look trendy and modern’ than a matter of conviction.
  • One in four voters says gay marriage could sway their vote at the next election. But while 7 per cent say they are more likely to vote Tory, 18 per cent – more than twice as many – say they are less likely.
  • More significantly, the effect is dramatically magnified among those who voted Conservative in 2010 but say they may not do so at the next election. Only 4 per cent of this group say they are more likely to vote Tory over gay marriage, while 36 per cent say they are less likely. That eightfold margin has increased as public discussion of the issue has intensified in recent months. In April the margin was just three to one.
  • Only 23 per cent of all voters agree with the Tory leadership that gay marriage will help them win the next election, while 40 per cent disagree. Of those who have turned away from the Tories since 2010, 17 per cent agree and 56 disagree.

Colin Hart, campaign director of the Coalition for Marriage pressure group, said: ‘This poll is the latest blow to a profoundly undemocratic plan that day by day is falling apart before our eyes. [Mr Osborne] should concentrate on fixing Britain’s broken economy instead of trying to rip up the centuries-old definition of marriage in a desperate bid to appear progressive and trendy.’

Protect the Pope comment: The vote against women bishops and this latest poll again recording majority opposition to plans for gay marriage show that when ordinary people are allowed the freedom to express their true opinions about such matters they have the commonsense to defend the perennial Christian truths.

This suggests that if the public were allowed to see with their own eyes the reality of killing babies through abortion the majority would quickly be opposed to it. The abortion abattoir providers and their supporters in the NHS and media fear this is the truth, which is why they impose censorship of images of their murderous work.


21 comments to Cameron and Osborne are wrong, majority are against gay marriage – latest ComRes poll

  • John Dare

    The story is here

    What isn’t there are the questions. Getting the answer without the question is a bit problematic.

  • Joseph Matthew

    Excellent analysis. Sadly, as the “Anglican bishops” fiasco shows, liberals only like democracy when the vote goes their way. Otherwise, Chirs Bryant, Ben Bradshaw etc will try to ensure that other means are found.

  • Karla

    I am actually surprised, this is great news but will Osbourne and Cameron listen to the will of the people? If they want to win the next election, they better. I believe there is money involved in pushing this forward, why else would they pursue this when the economy is in the tank and there are other big issues, that they would pursue an agenda fringe issue like gay ‘marriage’ as a priority is strange

    • Eric

      “I believe there is money involved in pushing this forward”

      I think that this is being pushed partly because money isn’t involved. It is entirely neutral in terms of tax and public expenditure. With the public finances in a mess the government are limited in what they can do. This measure is attractive because it doesn’t come witha price-tag attached.

      • Karla

        Money pushed by gay groups to Tory donors and to David Cameron to push this is a possibility. I think they are pushing gay ‘marriage’ because they think this will make them look more relevent and contemporary instead of their characterisation as old Etonions. I think this is a bad move and it is going to come back on them

  • John Dare

    Like I say, find the questions before you get too exited about the answers.

  • Lynda

    As with all the fundamental issues concerning the nature of humanity, life, marriage, family, the Media determines what people are told that “the majority” thinks. People need to look beyond the agenda-driven Media for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  • Mike2

    I have no doubt whatsoever that John Dare has raised exactly the same issue with all surveys on this subject. Indeed, the blogs are full of him going on about this whenever a survey purports to show a majority of the public in favour of so-called gay “marriage”. Not only that but the letters pages of the national newspapers are full of him making the same comment about surveys organised by Stonewall, the Green Party, etc, etc. Indeed, we all remember him protesting loudly when George Osborne claimed that public opinion was in favour of so-called gay “marriage”. “Where’s your evidence?” railed Mr Dare. “How dare you”, he said, “make such an unsupported claim without showing us the questions which were asked.”

    • John Dare

      What are you on about son?

      • Chris

        He’s going on about your lack of good faith, old boy!

          • John Dare

            Sorry Chris, my initial reaction was just, thats so funny. ;)

            Coming back to Mikes little send up, of course I’ve only questioned whats on this site. I’ve not got the time or interest to make asking questions full time, in addition to my day job ( which involves asking questions).

            Given that quick resume I think you may better understand that I’m wary of accepting many things at face value. Bit like that panel game where you have to guess the question, having been given the answer.

  • Gay Marriage is simply an extreme display of liberty…

  • Eric

    62% of voters agreed with the statement “marriage should be a life-long exclusive commitment between a man and a woman”.

    Note that gay marriage wasn’t mentioned at all in the question.

  • Robin Leslie

    Some very wise people have just founded a new Council for the Defence of the British University
    ( see the CDBU website and join)in order to free Higher Education from its captivity to the market and political control!
    Why don’t those who see the very same captivity now endangering the Churches form a
    Council for the Defence of British Churches?
    So we have a cause worth living for, let’s do it!

  • Michael Turner

    Gay Marriage has little or nothing to do with liberty or equality , it is an attempt by homosexuals to completely normalise their behaviours driven by an over-representation in the media. Legal partnership is more than adequate.
    Marriage is for man and women, it is to do with matters relating to survival of the species and the creation of children. it has nothing to do with the sexual gratification of those amongst us who suffer from a hormone inbalance.

  • Michael Turner

    I have seen survey results suggesting that a majority is in favour of Gay Marriage. I believe such surveys to misrepresentative if not fraudulent.
    I carried out my own survey of 100 people in the community I live in. ( Because I am concerned )
    A simple question was asked in favour, not in favour, or couldn’t care.
    IN FAVOUR 16

    I know its not a massive number but it is sufficient to indicate the opinion of those in my immediate community and more importantly I know it to be accurate.

    • John Dare

      I’ve just read the story Karla; two things amused me. The first was Mr Dunn’s comments at the bottom, the second was the poll, which was quite surprising, coming from Telegraph readers. Looks like the ones who responded are significantly in favour of gay marriage.

      I appreciate that they may not all be ‘real’ Graph readers, and they are probably self selecting, so maybe not the most accurate sample. Puzzling.

  • Pedro

    I can’t find this poll on the ComRes site. Can anyone provide a link?

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