What does a demon think about? Blaspheming God, Abortion, corrupting the innocent, destroying the Church…

The excellent website Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction has a Q & A about Demonology which draws on the work of exorcist Fr. Fortea, author of Interview with an Exorcist. The most recent post looks at the question, What does a demon think about?

A: Every demon retains the intelligence of its angelic nature. Demons know and inquire with their minds about the material and spiritual worlds, the real and conceptual worlds. As spiritual beings, demons are eminently intellectual; there is no doubt that they are deeply interested in conceptual questions. They know very well that philosophy is the most elevated of the sciences and that theology is built upon philosophy. In spite of this knowledge, every demon hates God.

Though demons find pleasure in knowing, they also suffer as a result of their knowledge—especially when this knowledge leads them to think about God. Demons constantly perceive the order and beauty of the Creator in all created things. Even in apparently neutral things, they see the reflection of the divine attributes.

Demons are not constantly engaged in tempting human beings. Much of the time they spend thinking. They suffer during those moments when they remember God and become conscious of their miserable state, that is, their separation from God. As we have previously noted, the amount of this suffering varies in intensity according to each demon’s degree of moral deformation.

Protect the Pope comment: Our Lord Jesus Christ indicates what demons think about in the Gospels:

‘He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.’ (John 8:44).

It follows from this revelation that demons think about murder and spreading lies, and spreading lies about murder. The greatest lie about murder is the unquestioned acceptance of abortion as a good to justify the killing of millions of unborn children every year. The rage and violence heaped on Christians when we challenge this lie is another sign of the demonic influence motivating the killing of babies through abortion.

There is one name that will defeat this evil scourge across the world, and that name is our Lord Jesus Christ. If every Catholic priest in the world called on the name of Jesus Christ everyday to end the crime of abortion the pro-life movement would be unstoppable.

Read more: http://rcspiritualdirection.com/blog/2012/11/22/what-does-a-demon-think-about#ixzz2CwmHneNc


23 comments to What does a demon think about? Blaspheming God, Abortion, corrupting the innocent, destroying the Church…

  • Eric

    “If every Catholic priest in the world called on the name of Jesus Christ everyday to end the crime of abortion the pro-life movement would be unstoppable.”

    A bit of a logicistical challenge, but hardly an impossible task.

  • Robin Leslie

    The best strategy is an unremitting exposure and unravelling of the ‘culture of death’.
    Much of this work has already begun through the Linacre Centre for Medical Ethics, The Doctors for Life, exposures in the daily papers, Daily Mail on the care of the elderly, exposures on
    poverty, the engineering of populations, the eviction and displacement of poor people from London, the gentrification of areas in preparation for the ghettoisation of the rich, the
    enlargement of sink estates and the construction of reservoirs of scapegoats, the continuing
    corruption of Public Office for private gain (MPs are still using properties to enrich themselves and claiming subsidies from expenses) One could go on but such a strategy highlights the extent of a dehumanising of our own people, a dehumanizing and hollowing out that abuses the defenceless first but will no doubt visit all eventually. Abortion is indeed part of this wider Nazification of the British State. So a broad and integrated strategy
    exposing this most vicious culture of death is long overdue!

  • amator Dei

    Abbe Paul, a character in a recent novel, ‘believed that the only true Satan was the idea of Satan.’ Many religious people on the other hand seem to find the devil much more real and interesting than God. To talk of demons as having minds and intelligence, beings who spend most of their time thinking, is surely taking far too literally what is clearly mythology. If only the Church were to concentrate on preaching the love of God and helping people to know they are loved by God, then they might be more predisposed to good. The more the Church fantasises about demons the more powerful the idea of Satan grows.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes it clear that the devil and demons exist, based on the evidence of scripture. The fictional Abbe Paul is wrong in his conclusionjs about the non-fictional devil. If you do not accept the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church you are not a Catholic in full communion with the Church. Deacon Nick

      • amator Dei

        One may accept the teaching of the CCC and therefore be in full communion with the Church, but still ask what this might mean, seeing that the CCC only sets out a summary or outline of Catholic belief, which often begs some very real questions. In what sense do demons exist? What is the evidence and how is it to be interpreted? Intellectually honest and responsible people must address such questions, otherwise their faith will be unreal obscurantism.

        • Amator dei, I don’t think you really want to know, but here are the answers to your questions. Demons exist in a sense they are intelligent creatures seeking to destroy us. Evidence? The Scripture, Tradition of the Church and experience of saints. Finally, the Church does explain, teach and instruct all faithful in matters of faiths. That is what you probably mean by interpretation. Progressives, lunatic women and other unsuitable persons are simply not fitting for such a noble task.

      • Eric

        “devil and demons exist, based on the evidence of scripture.”

        Where is the scriptural evidence that “demons are eminently intellectual”; that they are deeply interested in conceptual questions”, “demons find pleasure in knowing”, “Much of the time they spend thinking”?

        It sounds like a claim to know the unknowable.

        • Eric, I think you misunderstood the good priest. His claims are rooted in the experience of the Church. After all, the Holy Church performs exorcism over two thousand years. Surely you don’t want to boast and claim you know better than the Holy Mother Church?

      • Christopher

        ‘The Catechism of the Catholic Church makes it clear that the devil and demons exist, based on the evidence of scripture.’

        It’s also De Fide.

        As Father Zuhlsdorf stresses: ‘Catholics are obliged to believe in the existence of the Devil and of Hell. These are de fide doctrines taught by the Church without the possibility of error.’ [http://wdtprs.com/blog/2012/11/hell-and-the-enemy-exist-priests-and-bishops-who-dont-teach-about-them-will-probably-wind-up-there/]

        God Bless.

        • Eric

          yes, but it doesn’t claim to know what they spend their time doing. That level of detail is unknowable, and anyone pretending to know that when not tempting humans that they are thinking as opposed to doing Sudoku is simply making themselves look foolish.

    • Anthony

      The proof of the existence of the demon is the state of the world.

      Hundreds of millions dying through poverty, disease, persecution, war and systematic murder.

      Whole global industries such as the trafficking of arms, drugs and people profit vastly of the untold misery of humanity.

      Thousand of millions struggling daily on the face of our planet against impossible odds.

      Man could not propagate such evil alone.

    • Burt

      Amator Dei asks “What is the evidence and how is it to be interpreted? Intellectually honest and responsible people must address such questions, otherwise their faith will be unreal obscurantism”
      It seems he expects to have understandings of reality only from a priori evidence in the material world. If you depend on that kind of proof to accept the existence of all things supernatural, it will be difficult to be a true Catholic. The whole of our faith depends on the acceptance of the existence of the supernatural. At least demons have that advantage over us. They know our faith is about true things, they just hate the truth.

  • Michael Petek

    Whatever demons spemd their time doing, I’m convinced that a fair number of them are busy infesting David Cameron. The man’s going for gay marriage like the clappers.

  • Lynda

    After 30 years of fighting against attacks on the right to life of human beings, particularly those not yet born, I can personally attest to the clear demonic action in the activity to legalise, carry out, make widespread, and make people agree to (not necessarily in that order) abortions. Even the language of “abortion” promoters is indicative of the extreme and shameless deceit involved. And it is horrifying how so many people accept the deception despite blatant untruthfulness, illogicality and injustice. The demons are especially active in Ireland right now. Please pray our deliverance.

  • Lynda

    There is no doubt but that there would be no abortion if every Catholic priest did as you say – perhaps even every Bishop would be enough. The clever demons know to silence our shepherds first though. It is incredible but sadly true that at Ireland’s most crucial hour in respect of saving our children from “legalised” murder, that the majority of Catholic priests have said NOTHING (!) not even on the annual Day for Life/Month for Life (October) when their Bishops instructed them to preach against the evil of abortion, and gave them all the tools to do so. The demons knew to disable the most powerful opponent to abortion – the Church.

    • Eric

      “There is no doubt but that there would be no abortion if every Catholic priest did as you say”

      well lets do it then. We have put men on the moon. Organising this ought to be a doddle.

      • Lynda

        Unfortunately, it would be anything but a doddle!! A great number of priests and Bishops are dissenters, do not obey the Church in many fundamental issues of Faith and Morals. They practise their own religion and have caused many to lose their Faith, leave the Church, or attack the Church while still pretending to be in communion.

  • Robin Leslie

    Well we would all endorse your point about an unhealthy preoccupation with Satan and our desire to love God and neighbour. However love is not blind and the demonisation of poor people, the
    non-productive, the sick, the elderly necessitates that we overcome this collective and personal sin, this terrible evil that is causing many of our neighbours suffering without end!
    Yes amator Dei God is the real as such, but discipleship involves the Cross which is why we are brought to our knees in love and adoration of God in the first place. Without the Cross, an everyday reality that involves a constant awareness of evil, there is no Christian religion. Middle-class Christianity with its placebos and consolations are wholly inadequate to discipleship in todays world.

    • amator Dei

      You say, “we would all endorse your point … ,’ but I am not sure whether you really do. Talk of the Nazification of the UK strikes me as grotesque exaggeration (try going and living in North Korea) arising from an unhealthy preoccupation with Satan. I do not believe we are brought to God in the first place by focussing on evil and suffering. We are far more likely to be brought to him by thinking on his love and goodness. It is, however, so much easier to browbeat people by telling them how sinful they are – showing them love in practice is much harder. Perhaps that is why the churches tend to make do with the former.

  • Theological question – what is a demon?

  • Anthony

    Never underestimate the subtlety of the demon.

    He will do his utmost to persuade people that he doesn’t exist, especially those who believe in a loving God, by convincing them that such a God would never allow his children to be threatened by the existence of demons.

    As for abortion, disgusting as it is, there is an even greater, more subtle, damage that the demon does to souls. The mirror of abortion is the death of tens of millions of infants in the developing world through malnutrition and disease. Jesus makes it clear, and the Catechism confirms it, that, whatever else we do, we will be damned if we ignore the serious material needs of the least of Christ’s brothers.

    The activity of the demon is subtle in placing as many obstacles as possible to our realisation of this fact, and by making us believe that, by doing everything else right and yet ignoring the poor, we will be guaranteed salvation.

    We will then be like the goats at the last judgement shocked and surprised at being rejected by Our Lord and asking the reason why.

    Archbishop Chaput said that if we ignore the poor, not harm them but simply ignore them, we will go to hell. The demon does his most damaging subtle work by making believers think they are doing right when in fact they are doing wrong, making them think they are going to be saved when in fact they are heading for damnation.

  • Comte de Frebonius

    Consider the fact that last week end, an Irish Sunday paper stated that the sad death of a Indian mother and her baby, was leak to pro- choice(death)groups 72 hours before the media by certain elements with influence, in order for them to mass their troops on the steets. The suddenness of masses of people out protesting for abortion”rights” on the very hour that the news broke, gives credence to this view. In many ways the pro-life lobby were left in limbo; although they said that their lack of reaction was in order to get the full story. But,whatever way one looks at it, there was a demonic element behind the genesis of this story and how it was broken to the media.

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