Panicking Cameron plans to rush through gay marriage legalisation in New Year

In a sign of panic PM David Cameron has decided to rush through gay marriage legisation in the New Year, abandoning his original plan to bring it to parliament just before the 2015 General Election.  The Prime Minister is suddenly waking up to the fact that many of his core voters up and down the country don’t share his metrosexual presumptions.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

‘The proposed change in the law is now expected to be voted on in Parliament in the New Year after the Prime Minister decided to rush it through. Downing Street said originally that same sex civil marriage would be introduced at some stage before the next General Election and there was no mention of the proposed legislation in the last Queen’s Speech. But a senior source told the Daily Mail: “The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister have agreed to get on with it. “It was in danger of slipping beyond the General Election. “David Cameron’s view of this is ‘get it done and get it done quickly’. If we are going to do this it’s better to make it happen rather than have it hanging. “If people want to commit to each other, he believes that’s a foundation of a stable society.”

Protect the Pope comment: This change of plans is no doubt due to the fact that Conservatives on the ground and national opinion polls show that he will lose many core Tory voters if he changes the accepted definition of marriage. By rushing the extremely controversial legislation through he is counting on the dust settling in time for the election three years from now.

No doubt another factor in his strategy is the judgement that the Church of England is bady wounded and in disarray with the vote against women bishops, happening during the transition between Rowen Williams and Justin Welby. The Prime Minister is betting that the Church of England will pragmatically seize the opportunity to to re-establish its liberal credentials and punish the Anglo-Catholics and Conservative evangelicals.

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  • John Dare

    I notice that the poll in the link is 3-1 in favour.

  • AndrewWS

    When you consider the many major problems at home and abroad with which the government has to contend, this action really makes you wonder what the PM’s priorities are and why. How can Catholics or orthodox Christian believers still vote Conservative? Or indeed for any of the so-called mainstream parties?

  • spesalvi23

    So strange… nothing else to do?
    Stable society might require economic stability! Not only in the UK.
    Maybe focus on that instead, eh?

  • Genty

    Well, like many others I didn’t know there was a vote as I have mostly stopped reading what comes out of Downing Street. So thanks for the link. My vote will have helped to shorten the odds in this straw poll. On balance I think I’ll go with the Coalition For Marriage result. None of the several organised polls in favour of SSM, even if you combine the numbers, come anywhere near it.

  • Kevin

    It seems that those who oppose any kind of social legislation say that the government should concentrate on “more important” issues such as the economy, jobs etc., even during times of a good economy say that they feel the government should be address the more important issues of the day. So tell me when exactly is the right time?

    Besides, SSM does help improve local economies as it’s been proven over and over again in areas where it is legal. Furthermore, treating all couples on an equal footing should be always be a priority. “Almost the same as rights” are never equal rights.

  • sylvatica

    Marriage equality is coming, get over it.

    • Andrzej


      Are you really for marriage equality (multi-partner marriages, incestuous marriage)or are you a bigot that wants to limit it to just two consenting adults (with no close kinship)?

  • Karla

    David Cameron probably thinks if he he passes it in 2013 people will forget about by the time of the general election and that it will not harm his bid reelection

  • Glen Munro

    Love it! Whoohoo!!!

  • chidiock tichborne

    This is David Cameron working hard to detoxify the Tory brand and embrace equal civil rights for all in the 21st century. As a Catholic who supports civil same-sex marriage (like so many in the US who voted for it in the four states) I congratulate him for his bravery.

    Of course he is wisely taking advantage of the self-inflicted wound in the Church of England – how can they oppose same-sex marriage when they appear to support a same-sex House of Bishops?

    • Karla

      To be Catholic and support gay ‘marriage’ is incompatible. The Bishops, Popes and Priests have spoken strenuously against gay ‘marriage.’ Bible makes clear marriage is only between 1 man and 1 woman

  • I have followed the link and voted against. Please encourage everyone to vote.

  • Boon Leger

    The Pope should keep his nose out of other countries politics and tend to his own country, the Vatican. They have their own problems that need tending to.

  • @chidiock tichborne
    “As a Catholic who supports civil same-sex marriage”

    That is a contradiction in terms. The Adjective I suspect you are look for is: ‘As a dissenting Catholic…’

  • Spesalvi23

    Sorry, folks. Whatever they will legalise, it’s not marriage. It’s a socially engineered construction – engineered by ideology blind puppets; the same as the next project they will push on us: gender mainstreaming.

    Realistically, it won’t matter much.
    I don’t give the EU and the current political system in general a long future.
    It’s quite clear that national interests are becoming more important than the European ‘dream.

    Priorities shift when systems collapse.
    It’s just the natural course of history.

  • Ioannes

    “How can they oppose same-sex marriage when they appear to support a same-sex House of Bishops?” No contradiction here, unless you assume the bishops are indulging in hanky-panky with their confreres.

  • Karla

    The great gay marriage revolt: 118 Tory MPs set to defy Cameron and trigger biggest Tory party rebellion in modern times

  • Nicolas Bellord

    chidiock tichborne: A catholic who supports same-sex marriage is acting contrary to the teaching of the Church. Do you deny that and on what grounds? Marriage is a fundamental good involving a man and a woman. No legislation can change that.

  • Robin Leslie

    Gay marriage is a contradiction in terms. It is simply vacuous and no matter whether British Prime Minister Cameron decides to make gay marriage lawful and political interference in the
    Catholic Church will be very very strongly resisted, here and elsewhere in the world.! Keep
    out of the Church is my message to the Tories and to that fake Party New Labour!

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  • fd

    Now there are elections for the left wing candidate who will stand for the election in spring in Italy against the center right candidate.
    The left wing newspapers and the left wing channels such as RaiNews24, Rai3 and La7 have been pressuring the left wing candidates to promise engage gradually legalize them in Italy as well in the future.
    The Rai3 correspondent from Paris has recently reported enthusiastically about the recent law in France which has abolished the words father/ mother from the legal form.
    The dutch psychologist Van Den Aardweg (do you know him Nick?) says that the future generatiosn will see as a sign of “decaying culture” the fact that the gender differencies are being deleted by politics…

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