Archdiocese of Westminster invites Prof. Tina Beattie to contribute to Year of Faith lecture series

The Archdiocese of Westminster has invited Prof Tina Beattie to give a lecture on Lumen Gentium – Mary, justice, ecumenism, and sacramentality as part of the Archdiocese’s Justice and Peace in the Year of Faith series.

It appears that the Archdiocese of Westminster is providing a platform for Prof. Beattie to give a version of her lecture she was banned from giving in her home diocese of Clifton.  Bishop Lang cancelled a lecture to be given by Prof. Tina Beattie as part of Clifton Diocese’s series celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Prof. Beattie was to have given a lecture on ‘Mary: Mother of God and a model of a pilgrim people – Lumen Gentium’.

The latest post on Protect the Pope about Prof. Beattie’s work of narrative theology imagining the apostles having sex with women disciples raises further questions about her suitability to present herself as a Catholic theologian and to lecture in Catholic dioceses and institutions.

This is just another example of her dissent from the doctrine, and spirituality of the Catholic Church. The catalogue of her dissent includes:

Protect the Pope comment: If Bishop Lang cancelled the lecture to be given by a member of his own diocese why is the Archdiocese of Westminster ignoring his action by allowing her to lecture as a contributor to its Year of Faith series? Allowing Prof. Beattie to give the same or similar lecture as part of a Year of Faith lecture series looks like a public rebuke of Bishop Lang for his decision. Maintaining the unity of the English college of Bishops is the paramount value among our bishops. The Archdiocese of Westminster offering patronage to Prof Beattie appears to break the unity of the bishops.

H/T That the Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill.


22 comments to Archdiocese of Westminster invites Prof. Tina Beattie to contribute to Year of Faith lecture series

  • Karla

    Contact the archdiocese of Westminster and charitably inform them about Tina Beatie:

  • Dr Mark Thorne

    Well, that’s one of the events associated with the Year of Faith that I shan’t be attending here in London. Based on the earlier post on Protect The Pope today, you might as well buy just buy 50 Shades of Grey and read this in the comfort of your own home!

  • Mike2

    I see that it’s organised by the Justice and Peace Commission. That tells you plenty.

  • Hooray for the good sense of Westminster.

    And – just where is the offensiveness in imagining the apostles having sexual lives, as most humans do?

  • rifleman 819

    I am sure that the Nuncio will be deeply interested in all of this.

    Why haven’t I been invited to speak at this august gathering?

    After all I know as much about Catholic theology as our Tina.

    One simple solution.

    Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury is given an Archepiscopal pallium as “Legatus a Latere”, closely followed by the red hat and works with Archbishop Mennini to re-stock the hierarchy of England and Wales.

    Professor Beattie is promoted to the Regius Chair of New Age and Erotic Studies at the University of Smethwick.

    And a certain Archbishop is moved to a Personal Prelature to the Inuit with a remit to evangelise the coast of Labrador.

  • Recusant

    The ‘turbulent priest’ who runs the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission is Joe Ryan, a co-dissident with Tina Beattie.

    Whether the Archbishop is strong enough to take any action is a different question.

  • Gurn

    Struggling to understand why this women carries on using the Catholic label to identify herself. Far from Catholic doctrines being perverse she is the one who seems to have the fixation with sexual matters. Catholic teaching encourages us to concern ourselves with other things, things that are often more important.

  • Fiona_A

    Tina Beattie is an excommunicated Catholic. As is Fr Joseph Ryan.

    I am concerned that ++Vincent has no real control over his Archdiocese, and a weak archbishop is no good for the Province as a whole, particularly now, when we need strong, clear and decisive leadership.

    I would like to know why he has chosen to act in the manner that he has, and why he has displayed such poor judgement on so many issues, as I do not believe that it is based on conviction. I have often wondered if he is being blackmailed in some way.

  • Lynda

    Scandalous. Surely, the Archbishop of Westminster needs to be disciplined?

  • Duc de Frebonius

    At this rate there will be little chance of Vin Nicholls getting a red hat!!

  • Simon

    The Archbishop does not have a closed mind. I am afraid your blog posting and most of the comments suggest closed minds and an immature, frightened approach to the discovery of truth. Protect everything we agree with. Prevent, ban everything with which we disagree. By the way, just in case you are tempted to stereotype me, no suggestion of relativism here and I don’t read The Tablet!

    • Simon this is not about banning everything. The sort of level of dissent that Deacon Nick is talking about here involves mortal sin because it constitutes an offence against Faith. In fact all dissent against church teaching is an offence against Faith. The reasons people do not understand this anymore is because they have not been properly taught that the chatechism is there to draw you closer to the absolute truths of Christ i.e. if you follow the advice of the catechism then you will become more closely converted towards Christ.

      I am also concerned because we have some good results coming out of the New Evangelisation in this country, particularly in the case of Youth 2000. We have a generation of young people now that are being taught about the absolute truths of the Eucharist and confession, and solid vocations are coming out of this. We cannot have a situation of one step forward and two steps back.

      Faithful Catholics cannot allow loose cannons to go around stating that dissent is OK, or that having a pick and choose attitude to Christianity is OK, because what they are actually saying is that mortal sin is OK. Have you actually seen what the Catechism has to say on the consequences of mortal sin? Let’s put it like this, despite popular belief, nothing on this teaching changed at Vatican II.

    • Nicolas Bellord

      Simon: The function of the clergy is to preach the truth of the Gospels and the teachings of the Church. To give a platform to anyone who actively denies that truth is not their function. Those who deny that truth are not being prevented from proclaiming what they think; they should just not be supported in those proclamations.

  • I have just phoned Westminster, needless to say that they informed me that I was not the first person that they had spoken to. I am afraid that this is a step to far. They informed me to also write in and complain.

    If this lecture goes ahead I strongly suggest a prayer vigil outside at the time of the lecture.

    Surely enough is enough now.

  • Bob Hayes

    It appears some elements within the Diocese of Westminster are doing whatever they please regardless of the Catholic Faith. These people seem to congregate around the diocesan Justice and Peace Commission and are blatantly using it as a vehicle (Trojan Horse?) to disseminate their dissenting views.

    An earlier lecture in the series of talks to which Tina Beattie will be contributing, was given by Colette Joyce – 23 November. Now, Colette Joyce (according to her LinkedIn page) is a project assistant with the J&P Commission and a pastoral assistant for the Catholic Parishes or Borehamwood. This is Ms Joyce’s description of her role: ‘I work part-time in the parish as the pastoral assistant and catechetical coordinator. It is a fairly large parish with approximately 50 children preparing for First Holy Communion, 30 teenagers preparing for Confirmation and 7 or 8 people preparing to be received into the Church (RCIA programme) each year. In addition I coordinate children’s liturgy sessions each Sunday for 80-100 children across two churches and assist with music for worship’. She also lists a 13-month role in ‘parish outreach’ with and has contributed a podcast previewed with the observation: ‘Colette Joyce, who has spent the last 30 years believing that she has a vocation to be a Catholic priest’.
    In her role as parish catechist what is she telling the, ‘approximately 50 children preparing for First Holy Communion, 30 teenagers preparing for Confirmation and 7 or 8 people preparing to be received into the Church’?

    Someone in Westminster needs to get a grip on this dissent – and quickly, please God.

    • Marianne

      Colette Joyce’s podcast was originally a BBC Radio 4 public broadcast. And she was one of eight Roman Catholic women staged a one-minute demonstration for women’s ordination Tuesday October 17 2011 in St Peter’s Square before police intervened. The women timed the protest to coincide with the final days of the Vatican’s Year for Priests. “If women don’t do it, no one will,” Colette Joyce of London, an activist from a group of would-be women priests called New Wine, told AFP, saying she was “terrified” of the reaction in her parish when she returned. home.

      Obviously her ‘terror’ was unfounded, she is still employed as a catechist/ pastoral assistant in the Westminster Diocese despite her outright public dissent of Church teaching.

  • Fiona_A

    The Holy Father has told us that we must recognise dissent for what it is. We must also recognise the consequences of dissent and heresy as provided for under Canon Law i.e. automatic excommunication. These are not teenagers who haven’t received a full and honest account of the Unity of Truth, as appropriate to age and stage, and hence whose sin cannot be properly called dissent (yet); they are individuals who have spent years, even decades, engaged to some degree in the study of the Faith.

  • Augustine

    From Terence Weldon’s website:

    <> comments on Mr Weldon:


    Mr Weldon is a member of the Soho Masses Pastoral Council.

  • Fiona

    Mr Weldon is a plant.
    Ignore him.

  • Simon

    You have made my point wonderfully. Criticism, criticism, criticism. That is the law and the prophets. I wonder. Relax.

    • Spesalvi23

      What so you do when you see someone is taking the wrong path?
      You tell him to reconsider, I’d assume.
      What do you do if he doesn’t listen?
      Do you tell him to go ahead, all is fine for the sake of peace and harmony?

      Lukewarm Christianity is a product of the last 40+ years.
      Christ didn’t go around as some type of Dr. Harmony.
      He was not the sweet brotherly guru many people like to falsify him into!
      He did eat with sinners, but He criticised strongly when it was called for.
      He told people to turn their lives around, to ‘sin no more’.

      It’s essential to point out wrongs when they are as clear as in this case!

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