Pope Benedict will not be intimidated by irrational pro-gay media – Fr Lombardi

Fr. Federico Lombardi, the Director of the Vatican Press Office has published an editorial in response the media hysteria about Pope Benedict’s World Day of Peace message identifying gay marriage as a threat to genuine peace. In his editorial Fr Lombardi insisted that the Holy Father will not be intimidated by the world’s media who are only capable of shouting, not reasoning:

“The Vatican Press Office Director said that the “the Church never tires of stressing” its pro-life and pro-family views, even “at a time when this point is being challenged and even attacked from several quarters in many different countries.”

The media attack, he said, “consists of shouting, not reasoning; it is intended to intimidate those who want to support this view freely in the public arena.”

In the message, released December 14, the pope noted that “serious harm to justice and peace” comes from denying the true principles of respect for life and promotion of the “natural structure of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.”

Lombardi noted that the media storm resulted specifically from the pope’s comments on traditional marriage. “This has happened,” he said, “because the pope, in a short passage, returns to the vision of marriage between a man and a woman as profoundly different from radically other forms of union, and states that this difference is recognizable by human reason.”

Protect the Pope comment: Many sections of the world’s media have been reduced to parrots who shout out ‘discrimination’, ‘homophobia’, ‘equality’ when Pope Benedict or others in the Catholic Church defend the true understanding of marriage and human sexuality. The days of reasoned debate are long gone replaced by slogans and agitprop.



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  • savvy

    Good for the Pope. The French rabbi and the Pope have this right. Gender theorists replace sex with gender. Gender meaning whatever one “thinks”. The only way to make this utopia a reality, is to erase fundamental differences between men and women. Those who disagree are heterosexist. This leads to increasing attacks on what they see as gender roles and actual men and women.

  • Genty

    You left out “bigot”, “deal with it”, “get over it.” Tsk, tsk.

  • John Dare

    Given that the pope and the church are ‘right’ does it matter whether the media are rational or irrational. Or it it the church’s absolute right to deem opposition to his/its dogma to be irrational?

    • savvy

      The opposition has arguments that are highly emotional and and based on things not proven. If someone wants to enact laws, that change the fabric of civilization, they better have objective evidence, that is not based on what goes on in their head.

      • John Dare

        Thats a dubious line to follow Savvy.

        • savvy

          No it’s not. There is no evidence to prove that inclinations always result in pre-determined actions, where biology is not fixed. Phenomenology is truth as derived from one’s experience. This is useful in shaping group identity, but not in extracting facts. If zero or 6.7 billion people believe that the moon is made up of green cheese, it remains a belief until proven otherwise.

          Researchers think it exists, but have nothing close to a concrete set.

  • Simon

    Deacon Nick wrote, ‘The days of reasoned debate are long gone replaced by slogans and agitprop.’

    At last, a sign of self-critical reflection on your blog and others like it. You need protection.

    • rifleman819

      Simon ,
      Regarding your comment to Deacon Nick.That to me reading it sounds vaguely threatening.Please explain the phrase “You need protection”-and reassure me as to what this implies.

  • Lynda

    Dear Holy Father, Thank you for never tiring of holding up the fundamental truths of man.

  • Like I always say, if they don’t hate us, we’re doing it wrong.

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