Soho Masses Pastoral Council announce they will be known as ‘Soho Masses’ at Farm Street

The Soho Masses Pastoral Council have announced that they will be known as the ‘Soho Masses’ at Farm Street, and that the Masses at Farm Street will continue to be at the heart of their life in communion, and their pastoral activity. They expect that the Jesuits, who have been the mainstay of their provision of Mass at Warwick Street, will continue the facilitation of their misuse of the liturgy. The Soho Masses Pastoral Council state:

‘The Masses at Farm Street will, clearly, continue to be at the heart of our life in communion, and of our pastoral activity, and we look forward to participating fully in them. We are sure those priests with connections to Farm St. who have ministered to us at Warwick Street in the past will make us feel especially welcome.

Our only reservation regarding the transfer of base is that our title becomes somewhat of a misnomer, in that we shall be in Mayfair, rather than in Soho. However, given the value of the title Soho Masses we shall continue to use it.’

The Soho Masses Pastoral Council are presenting their move to Farm Street as an expansion of their activities, not a curtailment.

They go on to claim that the move to Farm Street is a welcome development because they have outgrown the facilities at Warwick Street:

‘We have become victims of our own success, in terms of the number of people who have joined the Eucharistic Community of our congregation. This means that, while the body of the church in Warwick St. is still adequate to our number, the lack of other facilities in the 18th Century building has become a limiting factor in organising social and pastoral activity and prayer, in particular for elderly, infirm or disabled people. We therefore look forward with much anticipation to the opportunity of using the greater space offered by the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and, since we have kindly been relieved of our responsibility of organising the Mass, to respond positively to the Archbishop’s challenge to develop our pastoral work in this “new phase” of our peripatetic existence.’

The Soho Masses Pastoral Council also view the move to Farm Street, Mayfair, as giving them a better location to spread their Queer ideology within the Church.

Protect the Pope comment: In both this message and Terence Weldon’s blog the Soho Masses Pastoral Council express gratitude to Archbishop Nichols for the move. Now that the details are coming out from them we can see why they might think this. They are playing us all for fools.

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  • Karla

    Of course the Council would put a positive swing on this, they do not want to acknowledge the changes described in the Westminster diocese statement but I guess the masses will continue at Farm Street. The change of location is not enough, this group is obstinate and they are intent on carrying on these ‘masses.’ Something futher needs to quickly happen to stop this but will it?

  • James

    I agree Karla – they will not be put out by the Archbishop’s attempts to curtail the abuses. I suppose Archbishop Nichols tried to kill two birds with one stone, but it will take a more defiant attitude on his part to do so: he needs the wisdom of Solomon. Rome is watching anyway, and he has been called to Rome before over the matter, and I think his red hat depends on this issue. So we shall see. The faithful will have to continue to be vigilant in Westminster.

  • Pat

    There’s been so many claims and counterclaims it’s difficult for anyone to get to the bottom of all this, but as soon as the dissent starts at Farm Street – which it will – be it in the form of bidding prayers, Mass sheets, news leaflets, info on their websites, ‘gay’ books being sold on the premises, public promotion of and support for dissenting groups/individuals/causes etc, it’s an easy enough thing to go there and get the evidence and send it to Rome. And so the merry-go-round will begin again. Ho hum.

  • Rifleman819

    If ++Vin grows a pair -he abolishes the S.Pastoral Council.If they want to print their own material …let them find a commercial printer who will do it….paying the bill at commercial rates from their own pockets.And rent a lock up garage in East Cheam for their own little “parish”.
    If you are to continue to be in open defiance of the church….don’t expect any RC Church resources then.
    Can anyone see a problem with that?

  • Joseph Matthew

    Until the likes of Terence Weldon and co have absolutely nothing to do with the council, it remains in a state of dissent. A geographical move with moral stagnation.

  • Louis

    What has the “red hat” got to do with this discussion? The Church in the UK, which is relatively small, punches well above its weight in that it already has two cardinals of voting age (St Andrews and Armagh – the Church in Ireland is undivided, notwithstanding the north/south boundary). There is no real urgency to create a third one, especially as there are places around the world where the Church is thriving, but is not reflected within in the College of Cardinals.

    There is no need, other than an outdated custom, for the Archbishop of Westminster to be a cardinal. As an English Catholic, I don’t feel in the least affronted that the Archbishop is not a cardinal. In the Republic of China (Taiwan), for example, the late cardinal Paul Shan S.J. (d.2012) occupied the suffragan see of Kaohsiung, not the metropolitan see of Taipei (the capital city).

    • Rifleman819

      In regard to your reply to James,

      You are a very naughty boy. The “red hat” is at the very centre of this issue …nothing else.

      Ask someone called Vincent Gerard Nichols. He will put you straight.

      Oops,sorry …in the context of the present blog perhaps that was the wrong word to use?

  • Karla

    Off topic

    Author of Britain’s Abortion Act: ‘I never envisaged there would be so many abortions’

  • Karla

    Catholic Voices: Meg Weissmann on BBC News about the stopping of the Soho Masses

  • John

    It is worrying that this group of dissidents will be coming under the “pastoral care” of the Jesuits at Farm Street. One of the most extraordinary developments in the post-Vatican II Church has been the abandonment by this Order of their obligation to support the Pope and the Magisterium which is why they were founded at the Reformation. Today they are at the forefront of the dissident movements in the Church especially in the area of homosexuality. This is evident from a glance at the websites of their US universities. Probably the reason lies in their decision -taken in the 1970s – to see the “struggle for justice” rather than defending Catholic theology as their primary activity.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    It looks as though SMPC see this as a purely cosmetic exercise. If there has been no conversion to the teaching of the Church by the the SMPC (preferably in writing) then it has now been given official recognition (which it did not have before) by the Archdiocese. Somebody has suggested that Farm Street is outside the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese and what with the public perception of the Jesuits I fear the worst – this could be hand-washing into the bargain. I hope those who live near Farm Street will keep us informed as Pat suggests.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick,

    I wonder what encrypted messages pass between the Nuncio and Rome at the moment on affairs in England and Wales?

    They might include some interesting pieces of purple prose about the English weather and apropos nothing at all ….as to whom exactly is running the ADW?

    Not about who sits on the cathedra……but who is actually running it?

  • Fredderick

    All the group does is show disent against the Church
    and should be banned. Full stop

  • Francis

    So some gay people in the church don’t follow the church’s teaching on homosexuality. What about the far greater number of heterosexual people in the church who don’t follow the church’s teaching on birth control? Don’t pick on them because they might walk out and the church coffers would run low. Pick on gay people, the nice easy target for prejudice down the centuries. What a nasty church the R.C. Church has become under this pope and his predecessor. Jesus must surely be weeping!

  • rifleman819

    Have a look at the Catechism of Catholic Doctrine.It should clear up the misaprehensions you are clearly being burdened with.

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