Westminster justifies invite to pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-contraception Beattie

The Archdiocese of Westminster’s monthly newspaper The Westminster Record, edited by Bishop John Arnold, has published an article by Barbara Kentish, an employee of the diocese’s Justice and Peace commission, that seeks to justify Westminster’s invitation to Prof Tina Beattie to deliver a lecture as part of the Justice and Peace commission’s Year of Faith lecture series. Prof. Beattie has been banned from taking part in a similar Year of Faith lecture series in her own diocese of Clifton.

Under the headline ‘Free Speech’ Barbara Kentish writes:

‘Nor can we ignore the damage caused by bloggers as in the case of Tina Beattie, the university professor who has recently been prevented twice from speaking at Catholic institutions because she spoke out on the freedom of conscience regarding gay marriage.  One of the aims of Justice and Peace is to speak on behalf of the ‘voiceless’. In this case we must speak out and uphold the right of a professor to persue her own personal beliefs’.

Protect the Pope comment: It is frankly absurd for the Archdiocese of Westminster’s Justice and Peace Commission to claim that Prof. Tina Beattie is one of the ‘voiceless’. Not only does she lecture as the Director of Catholic studies at Digby Stuart College, but she also regularly publishes articles in The Tablet, of which she is a board member, is a regular guest on Radio 4′s Sunday programme, and publishes books and articles.

It is clear from the writings and statements of Prof. Tina Beattie that she supports the abortion of embryonic human beings,  strongly supports same-sex marriage, is a vocal opponent of the Church’s teaching on contraception, and advocates the ordination of women to the priesthood.  If this weren’t enough, Prof Beattie has also written sacrilegiously and blasphemously about the Mass as a homosexual orgasm, Christ’s marriage to the Church as justifying same-sex marriage and a sexual fantasy about the apostles having sex with women disciples. Worse than this, Prof Beattie has used the Dogma of the Holy Trinity to justify the abortion of early embryonic human beings as non-persons.

It is not good enough for the Justice and Commission to defend their invitation to Prof. Beattie by saying that she won’t be talking about anything controversial, because by giving her a public platform the Archdiocese of Westminster is either making a public declaration that her public dissent is unimportant, or they implicitly support her right to dissent from the teachings of the Church.  Surely those involved with this decision to invite Prof Beattie to speak in February can see that either position is untenable?


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  • If the Archbishop cannot defend the flock from the enemies of the Church from within, how on earth will he make a fight for marriage against Her enemies outside the Church?

  • Joseph Matthew

    Sometimes words fail. Is Dr Beattie really being compared to other voiceless people, the unborn for example ? She has been extremely vocal in her dissent.

  • Rifleman819

    Deacon Nick ,
    Another first-class own goal by ++Vin …the man who would fail to organise a reverie in a brewery

  • Patrick

    I see that’s it’s bloggers, not Prof Beattie, that have caused the damage!!
    It’s outrageous that an employee of the Archdiocese should seek to champion Prof Beattie’s “freedom of conscience” to undermine Catholic teaching on marriage. Once again, I hope Rome is watching.

  • Simon

    Has anybody commentating here ever talked to Tina Beattie? She may not be the devil you make her out to be and it might just be that the Archbishop knows her rather better than you. It’s apparently OK to throw insults from a distance. How about a day without stereotypes?

    • Rifleman819

      You only need to read a few of her articles and compare them with what the Church teaches on the same subject.
      Tina Beattie is not a Catholic.Why? Because she gravely dissents from Catholic doctrine.
      But she is a founder member of the First Church of Tina-so if you want to join?

    • Have you ever read any of her stuff Simon? I’ll give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but she’s clearly and openly schismatic by any definition. If she’s given the backing of Catholic hierarchy, it’s saying to ordinary Catholics her views are valid, and thats in direct contradiction to what the Church actually teaches.

    • Trisagion

      I have met her and spent several days listening to her as she taught Mariology on the Clifton Permanent Deacon Formation Programme.

      She is a charming and engaging individual. She is a capable and was always very well prepared. She was also a doctrinaire, feminist ideologue whose theology was thoroughly Modernist. Her theology of the incarnation was deeply defective. She should never have been permitted to be involved in the formation of men destined for Holy Orders. Thanks be to God she encountered a cohort of students who were thoroughly orthodox and who had made a private study of apologetics. She suffered more than we did. None of us could work out why she was a Catholic.

  • aindelal

    Barbara Kentish worryingly writes “we must speak out and uphold the right of a professor to persue her own personal beliefs”. I thought the Catholic church in Westminster should be “Speaking out” to ensure Catholic professors persued Catholic beliefs. Surely tye “Speaking Out” should be to protect us (the faithful) from grave error. Speak Out please Archbishop Nichols whose side are you on?

  • Peter Newton

    Dear Deacon Nick, Professor Beattie in compared with the ‘voiceless’ in Barbara Kentish’s article (Westminster Record Jan/Feb issue). In addition to the points you and Joseph Matthew make, The Professor is a regular user of the internet, with a blog. Just Google her name.

  • I know everyone keeps saying that bloggers caused Prof Beattie’s invitation to Clifton to be withdrawn, but is there any actual evidence of that or is it a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc? And, incidently, why is Prof Beattie the only Catholic whose freedom of speech must be defended?

  • Neil Jennison

    It amazes me that anyone thinks the English Bishops (with some honourable exceptions) would defend the Faith at all. just look at their record since vatican ii.

  • John Dare

    Or maybe saying that she should be heard even if you don’t agree with her?

    • rifleman819

      John ,

      Sorry No.Not when she and her followers are using RC resources and platforms to advocate anti-Catholic doctrines.

      She is not even really Catholic at all-and she knows it.She is not even a recognised Pontifical theologian anyway…just a “civvy” like me or thousands of other ordinary Catholics.

      Of course she can peddle New Age nonsense if she wishes….but not in the Catholic church.
      And she knows that if she does not play the “dissenting Catholic” card …she has no other fame or status.

  • Mike2

    “the university professor who has recently been prevented twice from speaking at Catholic institutions because she spoke out on the freedom of conscience regarding gay marriage.”
    How far do these people think that ‘freedom of conscience’ goes? Would they give similar approval to a Catholic who, for example, publicly in print and on the radio rejected, say, papal infallibility or the divinity of Jesus? What about a ‘Catholic’ who said that their ‘conscience’ does not allow them to accept any part of the Nicene Creed whatsoever? Or publicly declared that Catholics should not take seriously the Catechism of the Catholic Church? And if they say, don’t be silly, then what, in their opinion, determines the limits of ‘freedom of conscience’ for a Catholic? And why do they think that there should be limits?

  • Slightly off-topic. A recent study has shown that 56% of Catholics, including 40% of practicing Catholics in France, were in favour of gay marriage. (http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2013/01/09/qui-approuve-le-mariage-homosexuel_1814480_3224.html). During the Christmas holiday, I found myself in the midst of a discussion on the subject with some relatives of mine, in which I had to defend the opposition of the Church to such project. I mentioned the likely social consequences of gay marriage being recognized, for instance the social engineering which will happen in schools and the door being opened to the recognition of polygammy (as happened in Brazil last August) or the disappearance of the age limit for marriage, with underage teenagers being allowed to marry, given they already behave like married people, having sex and having children, all on the grounds of equality. I think I scored points on that and some of my relatives did recognize the reality of the threat afterwards. It angered me then, that in this context, there was not a word being said about marriage on the Feast Day of the Holy Family at the local parish I went to. Should we be surprised then, that 40% of practicing Catholics are now in favour of gay marriage? How desperately needed is the New Evangelisation, and the Year of Faith in particular!
    One last word, French Education secretary Vincent Peillon has called for all debates to take place in State funded Catholic Schools to be supervised, allegedly to prevent “homophobia”. Secularists do know when to crack down dissent and stop dissenting views being voiced on their premises. Why can’t Church leaders do just that?

  • kfca

    Deacon Nick, all that the faithful can do is to pray in reparation, and to alert the nuncio and the relevant sacred congregations about these bishops (as well as about Fr Radcliffe!), over both the new recognition given to the Soho Masses Pastoral Council and the scandal of Tina Beattie being allowed (to give talks) on Church premises. Take heart that these rebels are mainly all very advanced in years, and even Mrs Beattie is rapidly approaching the usual retirement age. Otherwise the words of Our Lord apply: “Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou, and preach the kingdom of God.”

    Please keep Archbishop Mennini, and the dioceses of East Anglia and Leeds (currently both sede vacante), Brentford, Hallan, Portsmouth, Salford and of course Liverpool (where the 74 year old incumbent has recently had a stroke), in your prayers as all are expected to be filled or to change hands shortly, (should the Holy Father decide to keep them all in existence).

    Electing faithful and courageous priests to fill these sees could only lead to a new spring-time in the Church in England & Wales – rarely has such an opportunity arisen before. To elevate up to seven around the same time would be to commission an army.

    Please also get down on your knees and ask Our Lord for a truly worthy appointment from our country, to the sacred College.

    • “Please also get down on your knees and ask Our Lord for a truly worthy appointment from our country, to the sacred College.”

      Absolutely – Deacon Nick will do. There’s nothing in the office of Cardinal that requires it to be a held by a bishop. Let’s resurrect the tradition of the Cardinal Deacon – the last one died in 1910.

  • kfca

    Apologies, I meant Plymouth rather than Portsmouth. Another appointment like that of +Philip Egan would be most gratefully welcomed.

  • “…freedom of conscience regarding gay marriage.”…”uphold the right of a professor to persue her own personal beliefs’.”

    Unfortunately Barbara Kentish does not have a clue about the Catholic understanding of freedom, conscience or rights, or the obligations and responsibilities which go with them, and is in desperate need of sound catechesis by her pastors – if any of them are capable of it. If she had been taught correctly, she would know that Beattie’s problem is that she is not free at all. On the contrary, she is enslaved to the world, the flesh and the devil, she is bound tight in the chains of error, ignorance, heresy and deception. By affording her the opportunity to spread her lies and encouraging her to persist in her errors, the Archdiocese of Westminster is actually doing the poor woman harm and binding her even more tightly to Satan’s chains. They probably think they are being “pastoral” whereas in fact this is a failure of pastoral care of the highest magnitude.

    Freedom is given to us by Christ who sets us free from error and makes us free to believe Truth. Those who have been freed by Christ are the only ones who are truly liberated, but with that freedom comes the obligation to cleave to Truth and never depart from Him. Error and ignorance have nothing to do with freedom – they are the natural fallen state of the enslaved. They are part of the human condition before a person has been saved by Christ and are never objects which a redeemed soul which is sane would ever aspire to. That is why the Church has always taught that error has no rights – rights only pertain to truth. Mrs Beattie has absolutely no right under natural law or Divine positive law to spread error and, until she repents of it, those who provide her a platform co-operate in her sin.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Deacon Nick. Very good article.

  • Gurn

    Vincent Nichols is a mouse, this is all happening on his watch.

  • If the Justice and Pece Commission want to defend the `voiceless` should they not be looking at the `plight of pedophiles` as raised in a National Newspaper last week. Perhaps they just make up excuses as they go along.

  • Karla

    Very disappointing

  • Dominic MacCarthy

    If the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission are spending the faithful laity’s hard-earned cash to employ Ms Kentish, who is so keen on Tina Beattie, then next time the plate comes round asking for donations to J&P, I suggest that the faithful all write cheques for £0.00 with an explanation on the back. Hit them in the collection, it’s the only way, and give your money to charities which actually help the poor, and oppressed Christians instead. Why should these people, who seem not to actually believe in Catholicism’s teachings, live off the fat of the land at our expense?

    • Rifleman 819

      Dear Dominic ,
      Spot on. All Tina Beattie’s Army and the Soho Masses group want to use Catholic money to undermine the Catholic church.
      Well …how about these people offering dissent from their own pockets?
      If truth to tell they ceased being Catholics a long time ago and yet they have the sheer gall , the sheer temerity to demand funds and recognition.
      As I understand it the Justice and Peace cabal have been well and truly rumbled in the diocese of Shrewsbury and they are not liking it.

  • JohnH

    Let ‘The Westminster Record’ note a part of the 18 June 1965 Garabandal message:-
    ‘Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts.’

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