English court considers doctors request to allow coerced abortions

The English Court of Protection is considering a request made by a team of doctors to allow a coerced abortion, in this case the doctors are seeking the legal right to kill the baby of a woman they have categorized as  ’mentally disabled’.  Clearly the doctors have made this request to the Court of Protection because the mother has expressed her right to keep her baby. The doctors are arguing that this mother is unfit to make that decision for herself.

The Daily Telegraph and LifeSitenews report:

‘The woman, whose name has been withheld, has sickle cell disease, and she has already suffered from multiple strokes due to the condition. Her doctors think that allowing the woman’s pregnancy to continue may cause further complications and could potentially endanger her life.

The doctors argue that forcibly aborting the woman’s child without her consent is necessary because in their judgement the woman has a “significant learning impairment.”

The woman, whose name has been withheld, has sickle cell disease, and she has already suffered from multiple strokes due to the condition. Her doctors think that allowing the woman’s pregnancy to continue may cause further complications and could potentially endanger her life.

Sickle cell disease is an inherited condition in which the red blood cells which supply oxygen to the body develop abnormally. The blockages, which can last for weeks at a time, can cause anaemia which leaves patients tired and breathless. In more severe cases, they can cause severe breathing problems and strokes.

Father Shenan J. Boquet, president of Human Life International, said it is a “complete mockery of justice” that any court could have the power to force doctors to kill a woman’s unborn child.

“Judges and lawmakers around the world have exercised the power to create and uphold the legal ‘choice’ for women to kill their babies through abortion for decades,” Fr. Boquet said. “We shouldn’t be surprised that those in power would also force mothers to kill their children ‘for their own good.’ This is not the first time the ‘choice’ to abort a child has evolved into a requirement that a child be aborted.”

“When the dignity of human life is not respected and upheld for all people at all times, the assaults on the innocent multiply,” he said.

Protect the Pope comment:  This week the Court of Protection is being asked to consider allowing a crime against humanity. Obviously this mother wants to keep her child, against the wishes of her doctors.  These same doctors want to forcibly kill her baby because she has a medical condition that ‘may’, ‘potentially’ cause medical complications if the pregnancy continues.

If the Court accepts the doctors argument then this mother will have to be restrained and sedated in order to allow the doctors to rip the living baby from her womb.  The UK allows abortion on demand based on evidence of ‘mental distress’, but in this case the doctors are obviously ignoring the mental distress of the mother in their determination to dismiss her wishes and kill her baby.

The implications of this case are also appalling because if the judge allows the forcible abortion of this mother’s baby then it will establish the legal precedent that will encourage other ‘doctors’ to seek to forcibly abort the babies of mothers they judge ‘mentally incompetent’.  This is monstrous to contemplate.



8 comments to English court considers doctors request to allow coerced abortions

  • A woman commented on the ARCH’s (Abortion Recovery and Care Helpline) web site: “For all our liberation, women are still weeping”. This case seems to me like a violation of the so-called “women’s right to choose”, which no doubt, these doctors will claim to defend. What we see is that this right of women to choose what to do with their own bodies has now evolved in the duty others have to decide what is best for their bodies. One day, people will realize that the so-called liberation of women has in fact led to their enslavement. Time will save the Truth from falsehood. We stand on the winning side.

  • Berkely bird

    The psychological effects on the woman if her baby is aborted against her will, will be catastrophic. To what degree will these doctors take responsibility for that and for whatever results occur?

    • Haslam

      I agree. Whatever the court decides I fear that this may not be a happy outcome for this mother as she is clearly gravely ill but I shall pray that both lives are preserved.

      Presumably the mental disablement took place after conception or else you would seem to have a legal system which was happy to concern itself with the issue of consent for the abortion, but blind to the issue of consent to the sex which caused the pregnancy in the first place.

  • spesalvi23

    I have no words for this… really!!

    As a mother of three sons, this kind of cold-blooded, clinical cruelty makes me want to run home and hug my boys.
    It’s the obsession with perfection which is really scary.
    We don’t need people with ‘conditions’ to multiply.
    Next step are forced sterilizations of certain groups of men/women.

    Being German – I’m reminded of 8th grade history class, where we found ourselves too stunned to think straight.

    • Michael Petek

      My mother was German too, and her father once set out with some others to kill Hitler. I have long been of the settled opinion that it is in principle morally licit to close with and to kill the agents of the Chinese state in order to prevent them from carrying out forced abortions.

  • Lynda

    Monstrous. What evil! These people cannot stand to see this woman give birth to her child – what hate must fill their hearts! And if they were to carry out this threat, they would make it much more likely that the woman will have adverse mental sequelae, or even kill herself.

  • Dominic MacCarthy

    What crime has this baby committed to deserve the death sentence?

    We abolished the death sentence for the guilty, why did we keep it for the innocent?

    Your mention of Hitler reminds me of a 1938 abortion case in Germany. Abortion was illegal in the Third Reich, but a Jewish woman was brought before the courts for having procured an abortion. She was acquitted, but on the grounds that Nazi laws could not be used to defend Jewish babies! Savage irony or what?

  • Nicolas Bellord

    The Judge turned down the request saying that whilst the mother might not be able to take every decision she had a right and a capacity to decide for herself as to whether to continue with the pregnancy.

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