BBC report 4 topless women protesting in St Peter’s in coverage of 800,000 Paris rally

The BBC’s report on 800,000 people joining a massive rally in support of marriage and the family in Paris concludes with a report and photograph of four topless feminists protesting in St Peter’s Square during Pope Benedict leading the Angelus.

The only photograph of the Paris rally against Hollande’s plans to legalise gay marriage is a close up shot of protesters carrying pink banners and balloons, there are not distance shots showing the size of the 800,000 protest, like the ones the BBC used to show the size of the 7,000 Protest the Pope protesters during Pope Benedict’s state visit to the UK in 2010.

The BBC even include a paragraph to downplay the size of the rally, quoting from an unnamed government minister claiming the size of the rally was smaller than the organizers expected:

‘Police said the figure was closer to 340,000 and one government minister said the turnout was lower than the organisers had predicted. A similar march in November attracted around 100,000 people.’

A third of the BBC report on the Paris rally includes criticism of the Catholic Church’s stance on gay marriage, concluding with the absurd report of the four topless feminists in St. Peter’s Square:

‘Despite the support of the Church and political right, the organisers are keen to stress their movement is non-political and non-religious, and in no way directed against homosexuals, BBC Paris correspondent Hugh Schofield reports.

An opinion poll of almost 1,000 people published by Le Nouvel Observateur newspaper at the weekend suggested that 56% supported gay marriage, while 50% disapproved of gay adoption.

The poll also said that 52% of those questioned disapproved of the Church’s stand against the legislation.

Earlier polls had indicated stronger support for the legalisation of gay marriage.

As the marchers began arriving in the centre of Paris, four Ukrainian activists staged their own protest in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican in support of gay rights.

The women from feminist group Femen appeared topless while Pope Benedict recited his traditional Angelus prayer.

Police moved to restrain the activists, one of whom was attacked by a worshipper brandishing an umbrella.

Protect the Pope comment: It has become standard practice among the liberal media in the USA to ignore or misrepresent the huge March for Life held in Washington every year, which regularly attracts over 250,000 pro-life supporters.  Notoriously one of the US newspapers printed a photograph of seven pro-abortion protesters one year, and no photograph of the pro-life march.

Obviously the BBC have taken a leaf out of the propaganda playbook of US liberal journalists in its coverage of the Paris march to distract from the size and success of 800,000 seeking to protect marriage from being corrupted by the nonsense of gay marriage.  The editor of the BBC website thought four topless women in St Peter’s Square would do nicely as a distraction. No doubt she/he justified its inclusion under the BBC twisted understanding of ‘balance’ – 4 feminists versus 800,000 supporters of marriage and the family.


30 comments to BBC report 4 topless women protesting in St Peter’s in coverage of 800,000 Paris rally

  • Karla

    Whether 340000 or 800000, it is far bigger than the protest in support of gay ‘marriage’ that happened in 2012 in France

    This is typical of the mainstream media. They downplay anything that is pro traditional marriage, pro life. You will find barely any coverage of March for Life, or any of the victories that people have won in court against the HHS mandate

    I saw a comment about the 4 women which made sense:

    ‘I find it strange that they are so insecure in their choice of life style that another person’s opinion would matter at all in the equation. Makes me feel like their lifestyle requires an audience to have validity.’

  • D Newman

    I am studying in Paris at the moment and was fortunate enough to witness (and participate in) yesterday’s demonstration. I can tell you that it was an incredible sight; you are sadly right that the B.B.C. has conveyed neither the size nor the spirit of the event. There were three marches across the city, each covering sizeable distances, and the first marchers arrived at the Champ de Mars (below the Eiffel Tower) before the tails of any of the processions had left. I joined one of the marches near what I thought must be its end, but was actually still within the first quarter.

    The demonstration has been very well-organised. I have seen leaflets in churches and handed out at stations. Each of the three marches had flags of different colours, so that when they all converged on the Champ de Mars they would create the effect of the Tricolore. All along the march there were floats with speakers playing music and slogans, and at the Champ de Mars a concert was held on a large stage with big screens.

    The mood was uplifting and joyful, and I saw people of all ages (the elderly, families, students) who had come from all over France in hundreds of coaches and even in special trains. The police have remarked that there were no unseemly incidents and that they have never seen Paris so clean after a demonstration of this size. I have read that for many (including me) this was their first demonstration.

    I think the success of the march can be put down to its unflinching attention to the plight of the child, which is after all the most important objection to these proposals. The slogans, the placards and the letter to the President read out at the end all upheld the importance of family: the rights of children to be brought up by the man and woman who brought them into the world. The march also succeeded by its independence, by the breadth of opinion of its three organisers and by the joyful mood which they encouraged.

    A time-lapse has appeared on YouTube which shows how many had come.
    Even this represents only one of the three processions.

    This photograph too I think is missing from the B.B.C.’s website:
    I think it represents an incredible number of people.

    The sad news is the apparent continued refusal of the French Government to change course.

    Incidentally, thank you, Deacon Nick, for your website and courageous work.

  • John Dare

    If you see the world through the prism of anti catholic bias then all will be a plot. More likely that the beeb quotes everyone ( and gives a nice shot of a topless woman) thus affronting anyone who wants to be affronted, and amusing many others.

    Does anyone actualy count protesters, or do they just estimate. Are the police anti catholic, or are they just people with better things to do.

    Please Nick, take up fly fishing, bonsai, koi carp, get an allotment. Anything. ;)

  • Note the reporting of the umbrella-brandisher. That, and not holding peaceful mass demonstrations, is how conservatives are supposed to behave.

  • Robin Leslie

    The BRITISH BULLSHITTING CORPORATION no less! This is and has been standard practice for as long as I can remember though since 1980 the BBC has performed the propaganda role for the New Neo-liberal Elites to the exclusion of it Reithian past, which was prior to 1980 reasonable!
    Time the Church disowned its middle-class connections and worked to retrieve the working class and the poor who are its biblical inheritance.

  • I notice that you have a anti-Catholicism log at the top. Have you thought about having a BBC log there. I complained six times to the BBC last year concerning their anti-Catholic stance in news items and programs. There have been numerous examples over the past five years.

  • El Nino

    Nick, I think you should correct your ‘pre-life’ typo.

  • Francis

    May God forgive you all for your stirring up of homophobia in the church and in society in general. You are all no better than the playground homophobic bully! You may be Catholic but you are certainly not Christian!

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Francis proves the point that Catholics will be accused of bigotry and homophobia for defending marriage. This attitude will only intensify once David Cameron’s plans of gay marriage become law. Deacon Nick

      • Francis

        Why are you getting sooooooooo upset about the government’s proposal relating to CIVIL marriage? You have been told many times that you will not be asked to participate. There are none so deaf as those who will not hear, they say! You can still hold your view of marriage and the state can hold its. Why can’t you just live with that and concentrate on much more important things in this world such as poverty etc? The government’s proposals do not threaten heterosexual marriage in any way. Most well-read, intelligent Catholics will know that already!

        • Deacon Nick Donnelly

          Francis, you appear unable to post comments without being insulting. Drop the snide insults or else I’ll block you. Deacon Nick

          • matt

            Out of interest Nick. What charitable actions have you or anyone on this site done today? I have helped at a foodbank (run by a church, shock horror I don’t want you deported) and cooked dinner for a 73year old neighbour (I’m pretty sure they are christian too).

        • (X)MCCLXIII

          There’s no such thing as “CIVIL marriage”.

  • ms Catholic state

    Next time….send in the nuns to deal with these women. They are looking for attention….but the nuns might give them the attention they didn’t quite want.

  • John Dare

    Its my week, I may buy a lottery ticket. Catholic hospitals the other day, now nuns.What were these nuns going to do Ms, beat them up then tend their wounds. Or maybe give them a sharp talking to.

    Where are all the nuns these days BTW? (apart from Sunderland, of course).

  • Spesalvi23

    Topless on St. Peters?? Pathetic. Poor, confused girls.

    Speaking of more important things to worry about!
    What’s with the obsession for (pseudo) equality? If equality was really at stake, tackle economic problems, support the family – don’t weaken it, create sustainable industry, invest in infrastructure, improve the medical care system, propagate and work for a fair, moral, balanced market, oppose blinding consumerism, etc.
    Instead of focusing on all that, it’s much easier to push a meaningless but emotionally charged scapegoat into people’s faces.
    A good way of diverting attention and disappointment.

    All this equality talk is a big load of bs.

  • John Dare

    Lot of fair points there Spes.

  • Francis

    So gay people want to be able to have a marriage ceremony like straight people. What’s wrong with that? You can still have yours? The government is not asking you to participate. Still don’t understand why you feel so threatened!

  • John

    Francis and Dan Dare: I think you should try to learn something about Catholic beliefs on issues such as sexuality before commenting on this site. Your comments are simply trivial and idiotic and do not contribute in any way to a rational debate about marriage.

  • John Dare

    We live in a world where trivial and idiotic people are the norm. As Rod Stieger said ‘it doesn’t make you a bad person’. However, it does make you a levening agent for all the high minded stuff on this site. Real catholics learn from the interaction.

    Everything doesn’t need to be serious y’know.

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  • D Newman

    The B.B.C. examines the French state of affairs in more detail (29th January)…

    The organisers are certain that more than a million marched and that 340,000 is a severe underestimation.

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