Fr Schüller expands his empire of disobedient Catholic clergy, with his eyes on Ireland, Australia and the USA

Fr Schüller, the leader of Austrian priests and deacons openly defying the authority of the Church and dissenting from her teachings, has announced the formation of a pan-Germanic group of dissenting clergy that will soon incorporate disobedient clergy from the Anglo-saxon countries, including Ireland, Australia and the USA by the autumn.

The Austrian Priests Intiative, with their Declaration of Disobedience, have joined with disloyal groups of clergy in Germany and Switzerland, forming a group of 1,500 priests and deacons who are breaking their promises of obedience made at their ordination.

There was a meeting of representatives of the disobedient priests and deacons in Munich between the 24-26 January 2013, that issued the following statement:

‘We stand for honest awareness of the situations in which people find themselves in their lives and for the credibility of church practice. That is why we openly specify what we do, even if it contradicts present church rules.

[Protect the Pope comment: This is the usual liberal mistake for making people's experience the judge of God's truth, rather than allowing God's truth to judge people's experience. They are proposing reducing Christianity from being the revelation of God, to just another humanism, with man replacing God.]

We are against absolutist structures in our Church and advocate civil rights and transparency.

[Protect the Pope comment: This is just another way of saying they reject the authority of the pope and Magisterium, given by Christ to the apostles and their successors. Their use of the phrase 'our Church' make the mistake of thinking that the Church belongs to them, when in fact it is the Body of Christ, and the Temple of the Holy Spirit. The Church doesn't belong to use like the bourgeois think their homes or cars belong to them.  Notice they talk about 'civil rights' but not responsibilities. This is typical of this type of liberal Catholic, it's all me, me, me.]

This is why we have formed a network in the German-speaking countries and internationally. We now call on the bishops to do likewise, that is to form a network for reform.

[Protect the Pope: Obviously they come from the Hans Kung school of egotism! The idea of calling on the bishops to join their disobedience and dissent betrays the depth of their delusions of grandeur].

Protect the Pope comment: Now the corruption has spread to over 1,500 priests and deacons under the leadership of Fr   Schüller, who aims to incorporate priests from Ireland, Australia and the USA in their anti-Church. How long until Fr Joe Ryan and the English Call to Action priests join up with Fr   Schüller’s empire? Imagine what these emboldened priests and deacons are preaching and teaching back in their parishes! God protect their people from their disobedience.

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  • On a point of order, whatever Ireland is, it certainly isn’t an “Anglo-Saxon” country.

    Mind you, portray the dissident Irish priests as “becoming part of an Anglo-Saxon group” and it will disappear like the morning mist!

  • Joseph Matthew

    Once we know their names, we need to flee from them. St Polycarp was starting to flee a heretic when the heretic asked him: “Know you not who I am?” Polycarp replied : “I know you as the first born of Satan.”

  • James Scott

    Christ is the only mediator between man and God be carefull in your condemnation, for Jesus did not come to condemn but to set free. But the day will come when all that is hidden will be reveiled all that is spoken in his name will be judged. Those who do not know him, who have not been born again and are found wanting will certainly be condemned. Pray to God on your harsh words, and weigh everything by the scripture laid down by God.

    God bless you and my you be guided by the Holy Spirit in your ministry.

  • Spesalvi23

    He was just uninvited by the (my) Archbishop of Bamberg! I’m very impressed!
    He was going to hold some kind of ‘discussion’. More like a monologue!
    No need for his dissent to be spread on official church platforms.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    I wonder if civil rights includes the right to life.

  • Raphael

    Whilst I understand your viewpoint, it seems to me that Christians should attempt to do what they believe to be reflect the holy love of god, and whilst the guidance of his holiness the pope is important Christians should not be denounced for following their own conscience

    • Nicolas Bellord

      Raphael: The guidance of His Holiness the Pope is not just important but mandatory in questions of faith and morals. Read Chapter 3 of Lumen Gentium (and don’t take anything out of context) to find out what a true Catholic should do in respect of the Magisterium e.g.

      From para 18: And all this teaching about the institution, the perpetuity, the meaning and reason for the sacred primacy of the Roman Pontiff and of his infallible magisterium, this Sacred Council again proposes to be firmly believed by all the faithful.

      and further at para 22:

      But the college or body of bishops has no authority unless it is understood together with the Roman Pontiff, the successor of Peter as its head. The pope’s power of primacy over all, both pastors and faithful, remains whole and intact. In virtue of his office, that is as Vicar of Christ and pastor of the whole Church, the Roman Pontiff has full, supreme and universal power over the Church. And he is always free to exercise this power. The order of bishops, which succeeds to the college of apostles and gives this apostolic body continued existence, is also the subject of supreme and full power over the universal Church, provided we understand this body together with its head the Roman Pontiff and never without this head.(27*) This power can be exercised only with the consent of the Roman Pontiff.

      I find it curious that none of this seems to have much to do with some call the spirit of Vatican II!

      As for conscience my understanding is that conscience is only relevant in deciding whether one’s proposed actions are in accordance with the teachings of the Church or not. Conscience is not there to question that teaching.

  • Patrick

    Is not a “Call to Disobedience” a formal declaration of schism from Holy Mother Church?

  • kfca

    I am pleased to read that Fr Schüller is trying to round them all up into one group, as this can only greatly improve the Church’s effectiveness and expediency in dealing with them.

    These are men who have received Holy Orders in one or more degrees, and who have spent many years or decades engaged in the study of the Faith, praying the Office, offering Mass, and at some point or other along their individual journey’s they have rejected it.

    Nevertheless, please do keep every single one of these priests and deacons in your prayers, as they are mostly well advanced in years, and the avoidance of final impenitence, even if just for one of them, would be a great victory.

  • Gizmo

    Lutheran church strikes again? Maybe this is what they’d hope! But why don’t these clergy and people leave and join a church they agree with, one of the many sinking into the abyss in morals and numbers. I guess they feel the need to hook in and try to pull us down. We must be doing something right for these spiritual attacks to be sustained on the catholic church. Put on the armor of God, and disassociate from these rebellious people.

  • Mike2

    These good and decently-motivated priests wish to be part of a Church in which there is no authority over them, instructing them in what they must teach. Very well, then, I say give them what they want: assist them in their search for such a Church by removing them from the Catholic Church so that they will be free to join the kind of Church they wish to be part of. After all, there are plenty of ‘churches’ which meet their requirements. We should not stand in their way of joining such ‘churches’ by insisting that they meet the rules of the Catholic Church. Why should these priests benefit from the resources of the Catholic Church? Show them on their way where they will have to fend without the resources of Holy Mother Church. No good doctor would advise a cancer patient to do everything to hang on to their cancerous cells. (Hope that this is not too uncharitable but we have had enough of these priests and the damage they are doing to souls.)

  • Please keep up God’s Work!

    Please see thewarningsecondcoming dot com and let us know more.

  • You refer to their “delusions of grandeur”. Should that not be “adequacy”?

  • Gurn

    Thank God my local Dean’s head is screwed on properly. Pride is the worst of all sins.

  • George

    God bless Father Schuller!

  • spesalvi23

    You know, if you’re not happy with the teachings of the insitution you have sworn loyalty to on free will, just create your own sect.
    Do it in the honest way. Quit your position and take all your friends with you.
    As mentioned many times before: as soon as he’d be honest with himself and actually left, he’d become absolutely irrelevant; some kind of new protestant, red-green wellness club. Attention factor: zero.

    I’ve seen Mr. Schüller in interviews – there is no substance to his agenda – he cannot counter real clergy with sound replies when they confront him with Catholic truths. He’s gone. Infested with Küng-ism, including the huge, inflated ego that comes with it.

    He plays the press perfectly and drags thousands of poor, badly catechized souls along into his new Zeitgeist religion.
    Hare Rama.

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