29% agree that Churches should be forced to conduct gay marriage – BBC Radio’s Today show

BBC Radio 4′s Today programme ran a pro-gay marriage segment with John Humphries interviewing Ben Page, Director of the Ipsos-MORI polling organisation which pushed the line that the public acceptance of civil partnerships indicates that same-sex marriage would be equally accepted.

As a sign of the public’s acceptance of gay marriage the man from Ipsos-Mori highlighted the finding of their December 2012 survey on gay marriage, that 29% of respondents agreed with the statement that churches should be forced to conduct gay marriage.  The Ipsos-Mori rep or John Humphries could have pointed out, even objected, that 71% disagreed or didn’t agree with the proposition of coercing the Churches to act against their beliefs. But instead John Humphries exclaimed with wonder, ‘That’s more than a quarter!’

Protect the Pope comment: On the day of the vote on David Cameron’s plans to legalise same-sex marriage the BBC are talking about the prospect of forcing the Churches to conduct gay marriages. The votes not in yet, and the BBC are already pushing the idea that the quadruple lock protecting religious organisations is irrelevant.

PS BBC Radio 4 are not discussing the ITV News poll that shows that the Tory’s will lose votes as a consequence of same-sex marriage.


8 comments to 29% agree that Churches should be forced to conduct gay marriage – BBC Radio’s Today show

  • Karla

    People can’t have their cake and eat it too. If you want the Church and state to be separate then Churches have to be left alone when it comes to issues of marriage and issues of sacrament

  • Michael Petek

    I have been a student of totalitarianism for most of my life. Last week I listened to the testimony of a Holocaust survivor who was at Auschwitz and aged 15 when it was liberated. My inclination is to say that these 29 per cent should find another country to live in.

    Once human beings are convinced that human nature is endlessly pliable and malleable, and that it can be perfected by the use of the coercive power of the state, then the temptation to do so no matter how much death and destruction they leave in their wake can be irresistible. Imagining that you can change the nature of marriage out of the course of human reproductive biology is a case in point. Once human beings are convinced, further, that supreme honour and worship is due to any two men in the act of sodomy, there is no limit to the bestiality they are capable of in trying to silence voices which object to the preposterous and criminal abomination of same sex marriage.

    For a list of public enemies and seditionists, find this evening’s Hansard and read the names of those who voted Aye.


      “For a list of public enemies and seditionists, find this evening’s Hansard and read the names of those who voted Aye.”

      Done that. Sad reading for a Prestonian.

      Even the Catholic member for the Fylde voted for this abomination.

  • ms Catholic state

    Just found out my Twitter account has been suspended. Very malicious people these pro-gay so-called marriage people whom I suspect of reporting me for offending the poor dears. Just as well it’s more difficult to suspend me from real life then isn’t it!!

    Let the battles begin.

  • Nicolas Bellord

    I believe that England is going to pay very heavily if this bill is passed. Already despite the many health initiatives that have been made in respect of HIV the infection rate amongst gay people is rising. I suspect that this is in part due to the normalisation of perverse sexual practices by the introduction of civil partnerships and the propaganda issued by the Terence Higgins Trust and others. Things will get worse with the “open marriages” of same-sex couples where sexual fidelity is not a requirement. Politically the Conservatives will lose the next election and the Socialists will return making things worse on every front both economically and socially. Even greater conflict with the Churches when the quadruple lock is picked and our children corrupted in school. Not a pretty prospect.

    • Michael Petek

      If only fathers were to awaken to their responsibilities to protect their children from being corrupted in school by whatever means are necessary, it wouldn’t be long before the sex educators were picked up bodily, carried shoulder-high out of the schools they frequent and dumped in the slurry.

  • fintan michael

    the church needs to now start preparing itself to go partially underground. priests and religious need to prepare themselves to militantly act against all this pervert propaganda and politics and be prepared to break the law to protect children. the reason this has got so far is that the good men and women of religion did very little to stop it. how about the formal ex-communication of catholic politicians for starters who support the murder of children in the womb and those who have defined and approved sodomy and other unnatural acts as marriage. they have of course already ex-communicated themselves if they support the afore mentioned matters but the public bringing home to them of what they have done is what is needed. also why should we use the term abortion. it is almost a semi polite word. why not say, “the murder of children in the womb”. gay marriage is another misnomer. why not call it, “solemnizing sodomy and acts of perversion as marriage”.

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