House of Commons to debate making sex education compulsory for all primary and secondary schools

Next Thursday the House of Commons will debate the proposition that sex education should become compulsory in all primary and secondary schools, including faith schools. At present parents have the right to withdraw their children from sex education lessons if they judge them inappropriate for their children and Catholic schools have the right to teach sex education according to the moral teachings of the Church and the Catholic understanding of age-appropriate sex education. For example the Education Centre of the Diocese of Lancaster recommends that  primary schools teach about relationships but do not teach explicit sex education during the psychosexual dormancy period.

The Guardian reports that campaign groups are arguing that in light of the appalling sexual crimes of Saville and the high incidence of rape all schools, including Catholic schools, must provide compulsory sex education. The implications being that parents will no longer be allowed to withdraw their children for such classes and Catholic schools will lose the right to set their own sex education curriculum.

‘Holly Distin, director of End Violence Against Women, said: “A critical opportunity is being missed by not making sex and relationships education compulsory for all schools so that young people are taught about sexual consent and respectful relationships. We are in a critical moment for turning this around but we need political leadership on it. “We are worried that our government is missing a key opportunity to tackle this issue, challenging harmful attitudes and behaviours by young men before they set in.”

Protect the Pope comment: While Catholics will share the campaign objectives of these women’s groups to educate young people about consent and respect to challenge sinful attitudes among young men that lead to rape and the abuse of women, we cannot accept making sex education compulsory in our schools, nor the ending of parents rights to withdraw their children from sex ed classes.  And one thing we will not accept is the government mandating the nature and content of sex education in our schools. The secularist approach to sex education, such as ‘safe-sex’ campaigns, results in sexual promiscuity and the abuse of young women due to peer pressure to engage in sexual activity outside of marriage.


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  • Michael Petek

    Remember my previous comment about the mediaeval crusade against the Cathars? One characteristic of these people is that they repudiated the binding force of marriage vows and of the obligation to obey civil authorities. They detested procreative sex and preferred the other kind.

    I suspect that many of the knights and men-at-arms who waged war against them were husbands and fathers determined to do all in their power to ensure that their children were not depraved and corrupted by the Cathars, whose heresy is so similar to the modern ideology of the culture of death.

  • ms Catholic state

    These cunning people are trying to undermine the authority of parents. But who is speaking for parents….and why is there no group for them. No adult has the right to speak of things intimate to children! The police should be called to those who do….and parents should let head teachers know this in no uncertain terms.

    Stay away from our children!

  • ms Catholic state

    It’s another ruse to expose our children to unatural marriage and indoctrinate them….because those who oppose traditional marriage don’t have so many children of their own….so want to get their hands on our children’s minds!

    Despicable evil!

  • John Kearney

    Now Ed Balls will just love this. He wanted children at 5 years to be given sex education. I suppose however that this bill will be introduced by my local MP, and the new Wonder Woman, Maria Miller. Are there any poiiners that sex education cuts down Teenage Pregnancies, Abortion, Rapes, and Abuse? No, but it will be said with the same smugness by those who also rejoiced that their declaration that a man can marry a man was somehow a human right rather than a load of nonsense. In Quebec, Loyola College, has just been turned down on its appeal to keep Catholic Education on Marriage as the curriculum, the State wants all types of marriage to be explored by the pupils. Let us be clear on this. There are very few gay marriages, what the same-sex act was about was the laying down of the foundations for a full assault on the Catholic Faith.

  • Rifleman 819

    Dear Deacon Nick , Ladies and gentlemen,
    It came to me at Mass today -a sudden moment of (I think) insight…just as the collection plate was being taken around…but my mind started wandering it suddenly struck me what all the dreadful implications of this whole gamut/culture of right-on, secular hedonism dressed up as “equality”.
    This is my “take” on things:-
    I believe that naturally enough we focus on robust Catholic responses to the assaults being made on our democratic rights and freedoms. But perhaps we need just once in a while to observe what might happen when these assaults impact upon the fastest growing faith in the UK-Islam.
    Same -sex marriage,sex education the whole equality agenda….whilst VA/VC Church schools have (for the time being) a degree of opt-out and protection and conscience clauses in place, there is absolutely none of the foregoing in Local Authority schools/Academies who are mandated to present all of this by legislation and DFE circulars etc.
    Lets’s take the LBs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Newham , Luton, parts of West Yorkshire, the West Midlands and parts of Greater Manchester.A large number of state -maintained schools in these areas are “de facto” Muslim community schools-that is sheer demographics.
    But as state schools the staff will have to present all the equality agendas in their PSE /biology/RE lessons and in other parts of the curriculum.That is the law -and no parental opt-out.

    That then meets head- on with the standards and values of an entire community to whom these things are blasphemous anathema.
    So who will blink first? The equality zealots in pressure groups and in local authorities or uncompromising stances taken in the mosques by local imams?.

    Equality meets diversity. Stonewall meets Sharia.

    And my feeling is that these divergences will not remain academic divergences-but could…(repeat could) end up spilling over onto the streets.

    • ms Catholic state

      Rifleman….I can tell you there is friction between Muslim parents and the sex-education brigade. I know that in the borough of Tower Hamlets both Catholic and Muslim protestors have been reacting against certain unsuitable material. (SPUC have all the details on their website.)

      But of course the primary target of the government is Catholicism and Catholic schools. However Muslim parents are affected adversely too….and they do organise protests.

    • Jonathan Marshall

      Excellent point, Rifleman. Does “Gay” trump “Devout Muslim” – or vice versa? Either way there is the potential for conflict, as you so rightly say. I’m certain that other unintended consequences of this desperately ill thought out legislation will emerge to embarrass Mr Cameron.

      What on earth was he thinking of?

    • ms Catholic state

      THe strange thing is that some schools these Muslim parents were protesting against were Catholic schools….where Archbishop Nicols had given his consent to this unacceptable sex-education program.

  • Karla

    Stopping tax funding and getting government out of the way for Catholic schools is the only way these schools have freedom to teach what they want in regards to sex education

    Sex education has failed disamlly in its purpose and intention. When will thw government learn?

    Quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Einstein

  • Mike2

    Having failed to abolish Catholic schools by the front door, the opponents have changed strategy. They seek to effectively abolish them by the back door by removing all the Catholic elements from such schools. As Evan Harris, former Lib Dem MP, once said, as far as he (and the Lib Dems) are concerned, faiths can provide schools but they should not use such schools for teaching their faith! That is now the secularist approach to Catholic schools.

  • Rifleman819

    Ms catholic state and Jonathan,

    Thanks for the endorsements! One thing that will have officialdom squirming and writhing on the points I made will be future OFSTED inspections of those LA, but demographically Muslim ,schools and academies where the inspectors will have to comment on”action” points if the schools are deemed to “fail” on transmitting the equalities/sex ed agenda.

    It would be interesting to watch if OFSTED is discreetly directed to pull its punches in evaluating these matters where a school has an overwhelmingly Muslim intake.
    I think that the stakes will be high.
    Muslim parents simply will not tolerate their children being fed this secularist line.
    Hijab versus Humanism……..played out in British classrooms near you…soon.

  • Deacon Nick, I have pointed this out before, but I can see no harm in repeating it: Article 2 of Substantive Protocol No.1 to the European Convention on Human Rights, dated March 20, 1952, states: “No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any functions which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the State shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching is in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.”

    The State cannot “respect the right of parents” whilst trampling all over them. Time to say enough is enough.

  • John Dare

    I gather that the pope is resigning, just reported on Radio 4.

  • ForFaithForever

    There is Good and There is Evil and Compulsory Sex Education for all Primary
    and Secondary Schools is Pure Evil

    There is No Moral Justification For It

    I am Beyond Disgusted with the House of Commons

    • ms Catholic state

      I totally agree. There is an evil agenda beneath all this. It is a way to propogandise, sexualise and de-Christianise our children. While their parents slave away at work, our children will be handed over to godless programs.

      Will Catholic head teachers comply?! No doubt they will. St Michael the Archangel…protect us.

  • Dominic McCarthy

    Please write in protest to your MP at

    House of Sodom
    SW1A 1AA

  • ForFaithForever

    What is Needed is a Active Agenda of Goodness and Morality to Stop and Reverse
    This Descent to Evil

    One that Instill into Children in the United Kingdom Morality Decency
    and Goodness Things that True Christians Uphold

    Any ” Head Teacher ” who Complys with the De Moralisation of Children
    is Not Serving God and Needs to be Sacked

    No Body who Does Not Uphold Goodness Virtue and Morality should Hold
    Office or Draw a Huge Salary as MPS do.

  • ForFaithForever

    I have just Written to MP Yesterday and Sent Off the Letter Saying that
    there is Good and Evil and Compulsory Sex Education in Primary and
    Secondary Schools is Evil

    I Wonder how he Votes

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