Pope Benedict will retire to a cloistered residence in the Vatican after resignation

Fr. Federico Lombardi, the Holy See’s press secretary, has announced information about the future of Pope Benedict XVI’s after his retirement. The emeritus Bishop of Rome will be resident in Castel Gandolfo and the move to to a ‘cloistered residence in the Vatican.’

Upon resigning, he will go to the papal summer residence near Rome, and then will move to a cloistered residence in the Vatican.

Lombardi has said the pope’s decision “took us by surprise” – indicating even Benedict’s closest aides did not know what he was thinking of doing, Reuters reports. His decision left aides “incredulous”, the spokesman said.




6 comments to Pope Benedict will retire to a cloistered residence in the Vatican after resignation

  • Louise Gatto

    I can’t believe that the pope is leaving .Don’t know why ,I guess he is really sick ! I hope the next Pope will be Cardinal Dolan We love him so much .He’s young and feisty and I know he is the right decision .

  • John Gullickson

    Thank God it won’t be Dolan. That embarrassing picture of him with a cheese wedge on his head would surely become the face of Catholicism. Besides that he’s a newbe; no experience, no credibility; no connections. Recent news about shifting funds in Milwaukee won’t do much for his advancement. I would suspect Cardinal Bagnasco is in the lead.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      I think Cardinal Dolan is a great pastor. Go read his address to the recent Synod in the New Evangelisation. It was brilliant. Surely we can forgive a cheese wedge on the head. Deacon Nick.

  • Amanda Peter

    Cardinal Dolan is a great and holy church man. May the cardinal electors inspired by the Holy Spirit and choose the right man and we catholics have a duty to pray and fast for this intention.

  • Amromo

    I told everyone this Pope would not complete his term the vatican and him are not say, but he is being force out. The scriptures foretold this as a rebellion that would take place within the church. If the next prediction is right, remember this that even the Catholics are saying that the next Pope will be call Petter the rock; Roman Catholic church and the Vatican is saying this because the name Petter was never chosen in the history of the Catholic Church and they believe that Petter was the first Pope. Remember that every Pope selects a name of a Pope that has live in the past. HE MAY COME FROM AFRICA, he may be Maybe Nigerian.

  • Benedict-D. Wallbaum

    RELAX!!!! We put our faith in the Holy Spirit. Let us prayer-FULLY practice what we preach!

    Benedict-D. Wallbaum

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