The Secretariat of State warns Cardinals to defend the Conclave from coming under pressure from the media

The Secretariat of State for the Holy See has issued a statement warning cardinals to defend the Conclave from coming under pressure from the media and their expression of so called public opinion, just like Cardinals needed to be on their guard against nation States in the past putting pressure on the election of the pope:

‘The freedom of the College of Cardinals, which alone, under the law, is responsible for the election of the Roman Pontiff, has always been strongly defended by the Holy See, as a guarantee of a choice based on evaluations solely for the good of the Church.

Over the centuries, the Cardinals have faced multiple forms of pressure exerted on the individual voters and the same College, with the aim of conditioning decisions, to bend them to a political or worldly logic.

If in the past it was the so-called superpowers, namely States, who sought to condition the election of the Pope in their favour, today there is an attempt to apply the weight of public opinion, often on the basis of assessments that fail to capture the spiritual aspect of this moment in the life of the Church.

It is regrettable that, as we draw near to the beginning of the Conclave, when Cardinal electors shall be bound in conscience and before God to freely express their choice, news reports abound which are often unverified or not verifiable, or even false, even subsequent damage people and institutions.

It is in moments such as these that Catholics are called to focus on what is essential: to pray for Pope Benedict, to pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten the College of Cardinals, to pray for the future Pope, trusting that the fate of the barque of St. Peter is in the hands of God.

Protect the Pope comment: This warning from the Secretariat of State couldn’t be more timely with the obvious examples of the media putting pressure on Cardinal Murphy O’Connor and Cardinal Keith O’Brien, and them, in different ways, confusing the teaching of the Church.

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  • Spesalvi23

    Well, the Italian media is going nuts with crazy Dan Brown-ish conspiracy theories and wild speculations.
    I work with Italians every day… I love them to death.
    But it’s in their nature to be a bit on the careless side when it comes to ‘think before you speak’. So to say… (I’m very bad at being politically correct – sorry)
    This rather explosive combination of National elections plus an upcoming conclave seems to have blown some rationality chips in their minds…. not that there is a superset of those. ;)

  • Karla

    {UPDATED} Holy See takes aim at reports, “often unverifiable or not verifiable”

  • buckle

    The answer is to extend the interregnum by at least six months or even indefinitely. The Church is presently ungovernable and there should be no shame in admitting to this. Leave the See of Peter vacant and let the media speculate on this new development. Why feed the trolls with a conclave?

    The Vatican II disaster was in part due to the interference by outside agencies notably from the United States. This was something the moronic European “Council Fathers” fail to grasp back in 1962. Fifty years later they still haven’t worked it out. The idea of Belgian, Dutch or even Swiss theologians being in control of events in the 1960’s is risible. The Church needs a sabbatical from theologians, bishops and cardinals. Contrary to Cardinal Arinze’s claim the Holy Spirit needs a break too.

  • Amanda Peter

    “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul?”
    May all the Cardinals and all Catholics, all over the world, take this time to retreat into prayer in a very serious way to implore God to give us a strong leader, a great Pope like the previous two, to witness to His Truth and to defend His teachings in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.
    Never before has the world known so great a rejection of God. May we have strong, holy and saintly leadership to guide the Church between the pillar of the Eucharist and the pillar of Our Lady. Amen

  • Joseph Matthew

    buckle, we have an absolute guarantee that the Church will be with us till the end of time. The Church may cease to exist in Belgium, Holland etc but that is an entirely different matter. The amazing thing with sedevacantists is how they hate each other.So let us please not go down this route.
    One of the biggest problems we now face is how to deal charitably with the powerful homosexual movement within the Church and the way their friends in the media have spoken about a “paedophile” abuse problem when in the majority of cases it is not.

  • Michael B Rooke

    We should not forget that the extremes of journalism are to attack their enemies and protect their friends. The other axis of the matrix is truth or falsehood.

    Reporting on the Catholic Church in the secular or secularised media tends to be repetitive on wrong doing in the Church, reporting of dissent or reporting trivia. The message of salvation and redemption is ignored., not understood or hidden.

  • Anthony

    This is very clear for those with eyes to see, this is the end of the Catholic Church as we know it.
    We are now entering the age of woman all the old institutions run by men, will lose there position & power.

    Woman will rise to there true Position

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