After fifty years of rubbish catechesis why the surprise that 44% of UK Catholics support gay marriage?

In the run up to the latest Westminster Faith debate, ‘Do Christians really oppose gay marriage?’ Lancaster University has published a Yougov survey that reveals 44% of self-described Catholics support gay marriage. After fifty years of rubbish catechesis promoted by dissenting diocesan catechetical departments why does this surprise anyone. This generation of Catholics must be one of the most ignorant about the Faith in hundreds of years. The Daily Telegraph reports:

‘The polling, carried out by YouGov, found that opposition to gay marriage was strongest among those with the strongest religious convictions.

But overall, 43 per cent oft those who identified personally with a religion or denomination said they supported gay marriage, the same proportion as opposed it.

Among Roman Catholics, 44 per cent were in favour and 41 per cent against while among Anglicans support ran as 44 per cent against 43 per cent.

Even when those who say they do not attend services regularly are excluded, only 47 per cent of Anglicans churchgoers are opposed, with 40 per cent of regular attenders in favour.

Among Catholics, 48 per cent of regular massgoers are opposed to gay marriage with 42 per cent in favour.

Prof Linda Woodhead, of the Religion and Society Programme, an academic unit based at Lancaster University which organises the Faith Debates, said: “Given that the churches have really pulled out the big guns and made this the big issue that they are going to stand on, it is surprising that not even half of active churchgoers are opposed.

“The other interesting finding for me is that this identifies what I call the ‘moral minority’ in this country.”

The poll showed that almost one in 10 people, of different religious persuasions, identified themselves as having a strong faith and looking to God, religious leaders or their teaching for guidance ahead of their “own reason” or “intuition”.

Prof Woodhead added: “We find them in all religions yet they are really similar to each other.

“The most striking thing about them is their attitude to personal morality and I think that is a new thing – it is like a moral protest group which belongs to our particular time.

“The majority of the population probably held a lot of their views 50 years ago but now they exist not as a relaxed majority but as a vocal minority who see themselves as standing against the majority.

“All the action is between them and the atheists – they bring themselves into existence they feed on each other.”

Protect the Pope comment: Prof. Woodhead shows her credentials as a professor of Lancaster University, with its anthropological approach to religion, when she can only see Christians who uphold the apostolic faith as feeding off atheists. Lancaster University upholds Ninian Smart’s approach to religion as a purely human phenomena. Prof. Woodhead, and self-styled theologians who are Catholic, will have no idea that we feed off the Word of God who became incarnate in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The bishops, priests and deacons who do not defend the Faith, whole and entire, entrusted to this generation should hang their heads in shame that 42% of Catholics who regularly participate in the celebration of Holy Mass support gay marriage.  This is an indictment of their poverty as shepherds.

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  • Haslam

    Do you know if the percentages have been adjusted for age? I don’t know what percentage of non-church goers said they supported gay marriage in this survey but judging from other polls, support for gay marriage in the 90% of the population who do not go to church rarely gets to more than about 65% so the gap between mass-goers and everyone else is not that wide.

    It is well known that support for gay marriage is much higher with younger people. It is also known that older people are more likley to attend church services. This raises the interesting hypothesis that the lower support for gay marriage among mass-goers may have more to do with the fact that that group is older than that they are catholic.

    The gap in support may narrow or even dissapear when the results are adjusted for age.

    • Gurn

      Perhaps you would like to adjust your scope to look at the support for gay marriage among younger regular Catholic church goers (18 – 30 yrs or so) there won’t be any of this dissent among them.

      The youth who do support gay marriage won’t bother attending mass they’ve already removed one moral imperative from the Church so removing Sunday obligation should be no problem either (too busy throwing up after a night of heavy drinking usually). After that they could change the teaching on contraception, abortion, sex before marriage. Maybe they’ll take a liking to the Gnostic Gospels and say Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene perhaps then they will even deny the resurrection and say Jesus was just a ‘very good moral teacher’. While they’re at it they could deny the existence of God and say they only attend mass because they enjoy singing along to a bunch of feel good hymns.

      • Michael

        I’ve found most young adults who regularly attend Mass are in favour of same-sex marriage. I am one of those. The only time I have failed in my Sunday obligation to attend Mass is when there was no evening service. Yes, I was out the night before; as a Street Pastor until 4am in the morning.

        You’ll be glad to know that I’m against abortion, so don’t label everyone with the same set of stickers.

  • karla

    I am fed up of these polls. I personally think it is only worth doing if you poll PRACTICING Catholics

    • Haslam

      IIUI this poll was conducted on practicing Catholics – those who regularly attended mass (or at least those who said they did).

      • karla

        If 42% of regular mass goers support redefining marriage that is disturbing. But again, regular mass goer, is not defined. To some people, once a month might be regular.

  • ms Catholic state

    I doubt if +Nichols will do anything about this…..but surely our priests should at least ask those who support gay ‘marriage’ to desist from taking Holy Communion, and tell them ‘those who eat and drink unworthily, eat judgement to themselves’ Scriptural verses about the Faith are almost unknown to Mass going Catholics too. Otherwise maybe a little persecution and even incarceration of faithful Catholics might wake up those Catholics who wish to run with the hare and hunt with the hound.

    These Catholics are being really hypocritical….and should be told so from the pulpit.

  • Michael Petek

    Well, there you are!

    If I were a betting man, I’d bet the house that those who regularly go to church to worship God and support gay marriage are precisely the same people who regularly contracept and thereby worship themselves.

  • John

    Of those regular mass-goers who ‘support’ gay marriage. 30% are scared of being called a bigot or homophobe and thus called it because they fear for their reputation, 50% have never adhered to matters of sexual morality and commit sacrilege on a regular basis. 20% misunderstood the way the question was phrased. They assumed gay was being used in its original sense.

  • Joseph Matthew

    I do not see how it is possible to defend contraception and not accept “gay marriage.” I am sure that it is only a matter of time before more contracepting Catholics accept “gay marriage.” As philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe noted so many years ago, a contraceptive mentality = a homosexual mentality.

  • Mersey Mercy

    It would be interesting to know how many people rather than percentages. Not that I don’t believe the article – I very much do!

    But there is also some truth in the attached clip (which is always very funny)!

    From about 1:10

  • Michael B Rooke

    Surveys are often loaded by asking soft questions

    Instead of soft questions such as ‘Do you approve of gay marriage’ more meaningful would be ‘do you think children should be taught that sodomy is the same as marriage’

  • Mel

    “After fifty years of rubbish catechesis promoted by dissenting diocesan catechetical departments why does this surprise anyone.”

    Yep diocesan departments are full of left wing navel gazing dissenting lay spirituality types…

    I know a few good orthodox Catholics who work for diocesan departments around the country and they tell me that it so hard to get anything orthodox promoted because the liberals in the curia start playing the usual duplicitous games, like the:

    ‘Catechetical programme is not pastoral enough – it is too strong and could be damaging, or it is too hard hitting, it doesnt meet people where they are at, that they are promoting a right wing agenda, we need further consultation and dialogue before we even consider implementing this, it doesn’t include enough social justice aspects, it is too white middle class, the programme has an agenda’…

    Really we must encourage good orthodox lay Catholics to pursue employment for diocesan posts, perhaps Deacon Nick could also help with this situation in his own diocese as a member of the clergy.

    The problem also is that we need people like Deacon Nick on the interview panel in the first place to weed out the dissenters, thus employing good diocesan catechists who love Jesus Christ and the teaching of His Church.

  • John

    Haslam you are wrong ! There are plenty of practising orthodox Catholics who have resisted the incessant barrage of spin and lies foisted on us by powerful lobbies.


    I blame the clergy.

  • John

    After the incessant pro-homosexual stance of the media such as the BBC, and their celebration of homosexual lifestyles, it is interesting and perhaps comforting to see that if this poll is to be believed, that 44% of Catholics are not convinced.

    There will be a natural tendency for the young generation to go along with the more radical ideas. Hence the quip about what’s the difference between a radical and a conservative? Answer, about 30 years.

    And can we even believe the poll? Over the last few years, since the Push for SSM, we have had nothing but lies and half-truths from the homo-faction

    Finally, we can be assured that no matter what the nuanced pronouncements of our Bishops, the Church will stand. I have sympathy for the Bishops – they are faced with the full forces of darkness – and perhaps like me they are not so brave at present.

  • Celia

    Ask any group of ‘practising Catholics’ (that is people who turn up to Mass more Sundays than not) about various aspects of the Faith and you will find that the majority dissents from or, more commonly, is ignorant of the Church’s teaching. So I’m quite impressed that 40%+ think gay marriage wrong.

    Comments I often hear, especially from older people: ‘I don’t know what’s a sin any more -the Church doesn’t tell us anything’; ‘What are we supposed to believe nowadays?’. Or -most common of all- ‘You don’t have to do what the Church says- it’s what you think that matters’.

    The fault lies with priests who abandoned their duty to teach their people in the 1970s, for fear of upsetting them and losing them and bishops who went along with and even encouraged this. It will take generations to put right. My diocese is currently awaiting a new bishop, who may be (I hope is) one of Pope Benedict’s last choices. If he is a good, orthodox man he will have his work cut out to correct all the abuses that currently go on, ‘winked at’ (I’m told) by the present incumbent.

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