Pope Francis re-affirms CDF’s condemnation of dissent among US religious women’s leadership group

The Holy See has issued a statement following Archbishop Müller’s, the CDF’s prefect,  meeting with representative’s of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious which unambiguously states that Pope Francis re-affirms the CDF’s assessment of this group’s persistent dissent from the doctrine of the Church:

‘Finally, Archbishop Müller informed the Presidency that he had recently discussed the Doctrinal Assessment with Pope Francis, who reaffirmed the findings of the Assessment and the program of reform for this Conference of Major Superiors.

It is the sincere desire of the Holy See that this meeting may help to promote the integral witness of women Religious, based on a firm foundation of faith and Christian love, so as to preserve and strengthen it for the enrichment of the Church and society for generations to come.’

Here’s a reminder of the level of dissent found among the LCWR by the CDF:


The CDF’s ‘Doctrinal Assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious’ reveals a catalog of dissent and heresy among the leadership group of US women religious that is beyond belief.  For example, the CDF state:

‘The Cardinal offered as an example specific passages of Sr. Laurie Brink’s address about some Religious “moving beyond the Church” or even beyond Jesus. This is a challenge not only to core Catholic beliefs; such a rejection of faith is also a serious source of scandal and is incompatible with religious life.  Such unacceptable positions routinely go unchallenged by the LCWR, which should provide resources for member Congregations to foster an ecclesial vision of religious life, thus helping to correct an erroneous vision of the Catholic faith as an important exercise of charity.’

The Apostolic Visitation officially uncovered what many loyal and faithful Catholics have known for years that there are ‘policies of corporate dissent’ among many US religious congregations:

‘The terms of the letters suggest that these sisters collectively take a position not in agreement with the Church’s teaching on human sexuality.  It is a serious matter when these Leadership Teams are not providing effective leadership and example to their communities, but place themselves outside the Church’s teaching.’

Protect the Pope comment: Just to be clear for any Tablet readers, Pope Francis has re-affirmed that the  Leadership Conference of Women Religious has persistently placed themselves outside the Church’s teaching and they must undergo a programme of reform. Better get used to this from Pope Francis.  Please Holy Father can you send a visitation to the Church in England and Wales and draw up a programme of reform! You don’t need to start from scratch, just look out copies of Bishop O’Donoghue’s Fit for Mission?


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