The Tablet is accused of ‘gross misinterpretation’ of Cardinal Schönborn’s comments on gay civil partnerships

Michael Prüller, the spokesman of Cardinal Schönborn, has challenged The Tablet’s reporting of the Cardinal comments on gay civil partnerships in his lecture given at the National Gallery, accusing it of a ‘gross misinterpretation’ of his words.

In its 13 April 2013 issue The Tablet ran the report ‘Schönborn leads rethink on same-sex civil unions’. ‘ A LEADING cardinal has said that same-sex relationships should be respected and recognised in law amid signs of a sea change in church thinking on the subject.’ (p.26).

Michael Prüller writes in a letter published in The Tablet (20 April 2013) :

You reported (The Church in the World, 13 April) on the lecture Cardinal Schönborn gave at the National Gallery in London on 8 April, claiming in your headline that “Schönborn leads rethink on same-sex civil unions”. To call Cardinal Schönborn a “leading rethinker” is highly flattering but in this case a gross misinterpretation. The cardinal does not lead, neither intends to do so in the future, any rethink on this matter. He stands clearly by the Church’s consistent and unwavering teaching on homosexuality and has repeated this on many an occasion. The words used by
the cardinal in the lecture were in the defence of marriage.

What the cardinal did recount during his lecture on “Christianity: Alien Presence or Foundation of the West?” is what he tells Austrian schoolchildren when they ask him why the Church opposes “gay marriage”. His answer is always that marriage is by definition and exclusively the union between one man and one woman that is open to life. So “gay marriage” is a contradiction in itself – and in consequence the Church cannot
oppose what does not exist, no matter what is being claimed or legislated upon to the contrary.

To make this very clear, the cardinal said in a side note to this statement that, as the state may choose to respect certain choices made by its citizens, it may as a consequence legislate upon them, but it must never equate marriage with non-marriage. This cannot be seen as an endorsement of same-sex civil unions, neither in a legal sense, nor in a moral sense.

And it is true that the cardinal sees the need to give thought to the question of pastoral care for people living in irregular situations – to
truly apply, not to rethink, what the Church has to say about a life in Christ.

Protect the Pope comment: The liberal/dissenting media are spreading the rumour that Pope Francis, and certain cardinals, are open to the possibility of the Church recognising civil partnerships between homosexual persons. The ‘urban legend’ that Pope Francis has a positive attitude to such civil partnerships has been repudiated by a close aide, and now the spokesman for Cardinal Schönborn has repudiated The Tablet’s ‘gross misinterpretation’ of his comments on civil partnerships. Why this concerted effort by the liberal/dissenting media to misrepresent both Pope Francis and Cardinal Schönborn on the issue of gay civil partnerships? Wishing doesn’t make it so!


14 comments to The Tablet is accused of ‘gross misinterpretation’ of Cardinal Schönborn’s comments on gay civil partnerships

  • Joseph Matthew

    I have to disagree with you on this rare occasion Deacon Nick. The Archbishop of Vienna is about as credible on this issue as the current Archbishop of Westminster.

    • Deacon Nick Donnelly

      Oh dear, that’s disturbing to learn Joseph! I was hoping that the general editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church would be reliable on this. Deacon Nick

      • Lionel (Paris)

        Indeed, what characterizes these modernist bishops is their ambiguity of language that allows any interpretation…
        Almighty Lord, have mercy on us! Please, rid us of these heretical and apostate prelates! Our Lady of Fatima, please, save us!

  • Andrew rex

    Well Archbishop Pierre Marini has just spoken in favour of same sex civil unions so it sounds like The Tablet is right about a groundswell of opinion emerging…

    • Michael B Rooke

      In the report he concludes saying “What can’t be recognized is that this [union] is equivalent to marriage.”

    • karla

      I just read that. I am absolutely astounded, open mouthed. What is going on here?

      Translated article:

      In Costa Rica has opened the discussion on the secular state, what do you think of these choices?

      ‘This is already a reality in Europe. Okay secular state, the trouble is if it becomes a secular state, ie, it is against the Catholic Church. They should not be seen as enemies to each other. In these discussions, it is necessary, for example, recognize the union of same sex, because there are many couples who suffer because they do not recognize their civil rights which can not be recognized is that this couple is a marriage.’–papa—iglesia-vive-esperanza-tras-anos-de-miedo-.aspx

      Look what the Congregation of Faith document says about legal recognition for homosexuals:

      We as catholics have a duty to oppose recognition of civil unions.

      Now NCR is parading is using the comments from Archbishop Piere Marini to further the agenda of the ideology of the NCR paper

      • Michael B Rooke

        @ Karla

        I do believe it important that the truth be made clear. We should also recognise that reporting is not necessarily free from interpretation unless backed up by audio or video. For example there were anti Pope Francis reporting in the media over what he said at the time of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands.

        The word used by the then Archbishop Bergoglio was ‘patria’. The press used the word Fatherland as did the online translation by Google and also Bing that translated this into ‘Fatherland’ and this was taken to mean he favoured Argentina. If the translation of ‘patria’ is into the the more obvious ‘homeland’ the sense changed and the meaning included or referred to the the Falklands.

  • Bob Hayes

    The ‘Tabletistas’ have been waging a war of disinformation against the Church for many years now. We will have to see how this one develops.

  • Rifleman819

    Dear All ,
    Thank God for the 21st efficiency of blogs…….that lies , spin and distortion can be swiftly rebutted.
    Look at the wreckage that the Anglican communion has become…….what a terrible , awful warning that is for the Roman Church.

  • Rifleman819

    Ladies and gentlemen ,
    In the interests of fair play and not to be swayed by hearsay I thought I would at least take a look at “Queering the Church” website to see for myself.
    I lasted about 3 minutes before I could take no more-how anyone, anyone at all , could remotely claim the antics and links on that website are in any way “Catholic” is completely beyond me.
    With deep regret I sent an example of extreme graphic blasphemy to Deacon Nick by other means -to show him exactly what is on that site.
    I felt physically ill and pretty shaken for a few minutes afterwards.
    Be warned-not for the faint-hearted.

    • John

      Like you Rifleman, I opened a website from the Terence Higgins Trust, gave it a quick glance and bitterly wished I hadn’t. The THT gets about £16M from the taxpayer to promote these things. Even its logo is celebration of sodomy.

      This material really pollutes the mind, and once it is there it is difficult to get it out again.

      There is a book by David Kupelian ‘The Marketing of Evil’ which shows how radical homosexuals set out in the ’90s to desensitise the public regarding homosexual practices. Their policy was to start by being as similar as possible to the rest of society then little by little drag in the other sexual practices. As the saying goes, allow the camel to get his nose into the tent, and the rest of the body will follow.

      The camel is almost into the tent now.

      People on this and other blogs have been saying how fortuitous it is that the Internet enables the Catholic points of view to be heard and exchanged with others and the wide world. I wonder how how long this will be allowed to persist by the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple, who claim that their object is to do good – though their definition of good may not chime with our beliefs.

      In the 70′s, Edward Heath’s government sequestered the funds of one of the trades unions, while they were in argument with them, to show who was boss. Could this happen with the funds of the Catholic Church?

  • John

    I wonder whether the ‘T’ in the homosexual alphabet ‘LGBTIQ. . . XYZ’ can refer to the Tablet?

  • Joseph Matthew

    Pope Francis has requested that his Papacy be consecrated to Our Lady of Fatima. Perhaps we could ask the Tablet to have a special issue on Fatima – including the vision of hell as there are rumours that the Tablet journalists are worried that few believe in it (hell,that is, not the Tablet)

  • karla

    Off topic:

    Catholic members of royal couples won’t have to raise kids Catholics

    Church leaders have told the British government that members of the royal family who marry Catholics under recently passed legislation will not be obliged to bring up their children in the Catholic faith.

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