Atheist expresses concerns in Guardian about ‘anti-Catholic rhetoric’

Padraig Ready, an atheist and former deputy editor of New Humanist magazine, writes about his nervousness concerning the anti-catholic rhetoric of Protest the Pope and left wing politics generally.

Padraig Ready sees it as an expression of the ingrained anti-Catholic prejudice of the English establishment and culture.

‘Modern Britain is a country founded in large part on anti-Catholicism. This is obvious in establishment bedrocks such as the succession, which bars Roman Catholics from becoming head of state or even being married to the head of state. But it is not just the establishment that distrusts Roman Catholics.’

He goes on to criticise those protesting against the Holy Father’s visit for exploiting the scandal of child sex abuse not out of sympathy for the victims but as a stick with which to hit the Church:

‘The faux-sympathy over child sexual abuse feels similarly galling, used as an opportunity to attack the church rather than express genuine concern for victims.’

Padraig Reidy compares the secularists attacks against Catholic beliefs with the bigotry of Ian Paisley:

On leading left blog Liberal Conspiracy, one writer, discussing the Vatican’s stance on euthanasia, tells us: “This is, after all, a church that expects its followers to mumble incantations in front of a large statue of a mostly naked European bloke nailed to Roman torture implement and includes an act of ritual cannibalism in its rites… so who’s really obsessed with death here. Examine the language here. “Incantations”, “cannibalism”. This is the tone of Ian Paisley’s rabidly anti-papist Free Presbyterian church, not of rational secular debate.’

Protect the Pope comment: Even Padraig Reidy’s credentials as an ex-Catholic, atheist deputy editor of the New Humanist magazine are not enough to protect him from the rage of the anti-Catholic bigots on The Guardian comments page.  In their hate-filled world anyone expressing the slightest criticism of their anti-Catholic campaign or sympathy for ordinary Catholics becomes the object of their sneering contempt.

3 comments to Atheist expresses concerns in Guardian about ‘anti-Catholic rhetoric’

  • Karla

    You see for one good atheist, you seen the comments on the guardian of a million others that lie about the Church and that hate the Church. I have a problem with all of this, we are giving them more attention. They don’t deserve any attention, and we are giving them it. I wonder how many of them will be there, have you got any idea? I just looked at Protest the Pope’s facebook page and so far they have 543 people coming I think. Is that a lot? In a country of over 60 million I don’t think it is. I’m sure more will join before then but it can’t be that much more. If there are a 1000 and I’m probably overestimating, that will be minuscule compared to the 80,000+ that will come too see the Pope and that is just in Hyde Park. On that facebook someone says they want to beat the Pope up, that a protest march isn’t enough. And a female at that. Dude, where do these people come from? Think about it, they will rant and rave down the street and the Pope is preaching peace in the Park. Hilarious. By the way a lot of these Protest the Pope people are saying it’s going to cost 100 million for security. Where are they getting this from, it’s completely false. The people who speak of evidence can’t even look up how much the Pope’s visit will actually cost but make up some outlandish number. The whole thing will likely cost £20 million in total and the Church is paying for over £7 million and more will come from ticket sales, and most of that will be reimbursed anyway. They should be thanking the Church for paying for a lot of it. No one but the state pays for Obama and his entourage of 500 when he comes to the UK, like he did a few months ago. No organization subsidies when any other foreign dictionary comes to the UK and it costs millions.

    When king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia came to the Uk on a state visit a few years ago, to meet the Queen, Prince Charles, the prime minister and the next would be prime minister. The king came along with 213 personnel and family, their where 100 protesters against the human rights record of Saudi Arabia. 100, for a country that has a poor human rights record and where gay people are executed or imprisoned just like Christians are.

  • admin

    Karla, I really don’t know how many people support Protest the Pope enough to go on the protest march through London.When they held their big public meeting Richmond they only booked a room that could hold 100 and after all that, only 60 turned up. What I do know is that they’re poisoning a lot of minds with their lies. I set up Protect the Pope to make Catholics aware to the hate being whipped up against us, and to challenge the lies.

  • Tim H

    I am an atheist and I partly argee with Padraig. The Child abuse problem is one from which in my view neither the church, nor the atheists (nor anyone else) emerge with much credit. It seems to me that the victims were not the priorty of either side who were both most concerned with their own reputation and adgenda.

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