Archdiocese of Southwark allegedly blesses Stonewall holding indoctrination workshop at Catholic primary school

A source close to  St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Wimbledon, south London, has told The Catholic Herald that the Archdiocese of Southwark has given its blessing to Stonewall holding one of its indoctrination workshops in the school on  how to educate children in sexual equality. The Catholic Herald reports:

…’a source close to the school claimed the training day was arranged after one pupil called another boy’s shoes “gay”. Miss Crouch denied this was the case.The source also said the training day had the blessing of the Archdiocese of Southwark.’

According to The Catholic Herald ‘The archdiocese was not available for comment.’

One Catholic close to the school, who did not wish to be named, said: “I don’t think that teaching ‘mummy and mummy’ is equal to mummy and daddy is right in a Catholic primary school because Catholic Church teaching doesn’t agree with that.”

The Catholic Herald goes on to give details of the types of indoctrination Stonewall uses in its workshops for Catholic teachers:

‘The resources used to guide Stonewall’s work with some Catholic primary schools include a “best practice” guide which advises teachers on how to promote equality in the classroom. The guide provides case studies of different primary schools, describing how some put up Stonewall posters with the slogan “Different Families, Same Love” with cartoons of same-sex parents. In another case study a primary school compared books from the 1960s and 1970s that portrayed conventional families with a modern children’s picture book called Prince and Prince.’ [This may be a reference to the children's book 'King and King']

The book ‘King and King’ is about a queen who wants her son to get married and become king. She arranges for a string of princesses to meet her son but he does not fall in love with any of them. In the end it is one of the princesses’ brothers who catches his eye. The princes get married and become two kings.’

According to Stonewall St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Wimbledon is not the only Catholic school to invite them to give their gay equality workshops for teachers:

‘Wes Streeting, Head of Education at Stonewall, said that about half a dozen Catholic primary schools had been given the accolade of “Stonewall School Champion”, including St Mary’s. He added: “Thousands of primary schools have received Stonewall’s primary school resources through local authorities, including Catholic primary schools.”’

Protect the Pope comment: The Archdiocese of Southwark’s response to The Catholic Herald that no one was available to comment is hopefully only a holding measure while the Archbishop looks into the truth or otherwise of the allegation that the Archdiocese gave its blessing to Stonewall going into one of his primary schools. Protect the Pope is sure that Archbishop Smith will be as shocked as we are that Miss Crouch, the head of St Mary’s Primary school, allowed a gay rights campaign group to hold indoctrination sessions with her teachers with the objective of teaching Catholic children that disordered sexual behaviour was the same as the love between their mothers and fathers.


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  • I think the technical term is ‘consorting with the enemy.’

  • David Gould

    I suggest that you look on Stonewall’s website and look at its accounts. You will probably find that your bank gives it substantial donations. It is interesting how our money goes (without our knowledge) to campaign for same sex “marriage”, even, as we now read, in schools

    • Matthew Booth

      It is interesting that you bring up the issue of funding. As a voluntary aided school, St Mary’s operating costs are entirely met by the state, and 90% of its capital costs are met by the state. As a state school funded almost entirely by the tax payer, St Mary’s is obliged to follow the national curriculum. It is also obviously bound by the Equality Act 2010. The Church’s small contribution is appreciated, and allows it a measure of control over worship and admissions in the event that the school is over-subscribed, but not the main-stream education of its pupils.

      There are also a number of Catholic Independent schools in the UK. These are entirely funded by parents and the church, and are consequently free to do as they will. However, it is presumptuous to suggest that a state school should follow a Catholic doctrine of discrimination which is both illegal and deeply unpopular amongst the tax payers who are actually funding it.

      • Discrimination against child-abusers who would force this filth on primary school children is perfectly legitimate and very popular amongst the tax payers who are actually funding it. Catholic schools are there to serve tax-paying Catholic families who want their children educated in the Catholic faith, not the ideology of deviants.

        • Matthew Booth

          Is there a child abuse scandal involving Stonewall that I’m unaware of? Deacon, I hate to bring it up, but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          • katherinehelena

            Which section of the community in question have abused children? If you investigate you will find this is one aspect of catholic life today that the media dont want you to know about…you will never hear abusing priest and homosexual in the same sentence EVER on radio, TV or in the secular papers. The media and Stonewall, who work hand in hand make jolly sure that the gullible public never make the connection. The homosexual act is a sin. The vocation of the sinner is immaterial. I am NOT homophobic but I do not believe I have to tell homosexuals what they want to hear to prove that I am NOT homophobic.

          • Yes, there is a child abuse scandal in this case right here. Exposing children to homosexual propaganda and filling their heads with lies that this perversion is normal is child abuse.

      • ms Catholic state

        There is no such thing as state funding. All such funding comes from tax-payers….and that includes Catholic taxpayers who pay for Catholic schools. As for the Equality Act….we don’t need it. Catholics already know that all human beings are equal….likewise we are taught that not all human behaviour is equal. Some is sinful.

        I wonder does the Head Teacher agree with this….and if she doesn’t….what is she doing in a Catholic school?! Parents must be told.

      • Haslam

        you are right that the relatively minor contribution of the Church does not give it complete control over the ciriculum. It is also true that although a Catholic school there will be parents with a diversity of views on this subject BUT the point remains that was a stupid move by the school to do something which a) they did not need to do; and b) will annoy many people.

        • Matthew Booth

          A much more cogent point!

          Depending on the circumstances, I don’t think it was necessarily an over-reaction. So many gay people stay in the closet that an enormous number of people go through life without knowingly making friends with, or perhaps even meeting, a gay person. This lack of familiarity breeds a suspicion which may not be deliberate. An unwarranted sense of otherness. When you actually make friends with gay people you find that they’re exactly the same as everybody else, and as long as you never have sex with them you’ll never notice a difference. This is obvious, of course, but experience is a much better teacher. I don’t always agree with Stonewall’s methods, but if they are offering children the opportunity to meet openly gay people, the kids can discover this for themselves. That’s no bad thing.

          • ms Catholic state

            Parents do not want their children exposed to ‘gayness’ or other matters of sexuality. And anyone who does so….must be reported to the police.

            Don’t try to corrupt children!

          • Andrzej


            While I can see the value of an gay person speaking to teenagers about their struggle with unwanted desires, I fail to see the benefit of presenting someone who embraces these desire.

            After all, there are many adulterers who “remain in the closet” – in fact, “when you actually make friends with [people who engage in adultery] you find that they’re exactly the same as everybody else, and as long as you never have sex with them you’ll never notice a difference.” So what?

            Just as I wouldn’t invite an adulterer to speak to kids, so I wouldn’t invite someone who engages in same sex behaviour.

            And please do note, that the disposition for adultery is must more “natural” in humans that a disposition for gay sex – it is hard-wired by evolution into a man’s sexuality.

          • Denis

            Thanks Mathew for your contribution.
            Though the serious sticking point is the concern that Stonewall might have, I dont know, I wasn’t there, have used the opportunity to promote ideas wholly contrary to the teachings of the Church. Homophobia is wrong and condemned as such by the Church, but what cannot be accepted is that a sexually active lifestyle outside of marriage can or should be promoted to children in a Catholic school.

          • Bohemond

            “An unwarranted sense of otherness”

            Unwarranted? Unwarranted? Oh, no, dear boy, it’s entirely warranted.

  • ms Catholic state

    The Head Teacher should be sacked…..she obviously hasn’t a clue how to run a Catholic school. Let’s hope she hasn’t exposed any of the little children there to scandal. Ridiculous and pathetic Catholic schools. No other Catholic school must be allowed to behave in this way.

  • Genty

    No doubt this will be of interest to the Papal Nuncio.

  • Johannes

    Do you think the perverts at Stonewall get a kick out of exposing young children to matters sexual in this way? It seems rather unnerving that they should think children as young as 4 or 5 need to learn about sodomy and other illicit acts of sexual sin.

  • ms Catholic state

    So does this head teacher think that labelling children as ‘homophobes’ (by adults no less) is not bullying! Pathetic.

    • Haslam

      doesn’t it depend on whether or not they are homophobes. Accusing someone of racism isn’t bullying if they are racist. If they are not racist then it might be.

      • ms Catholic state

        No child is a homophobe (whatever that is anyhow)! There is something deeply wrong with adults who think so. My advice to such adults is….stay away from children. If it’s not on the list of Catholic sins for Confession….it’s not a sin. While children may hate others…we always take into account their immaturity etc and we don’t demonise them…but help them love everyone as Christ loves everyone. (But not love sin of course)

  • IMarcher

    None of these idiots – from the headteacher, to Stonewall, to the Catholic church, knows what ‘gay’ means.
    It now means ‘sad’ and (a bit old fashioned this) ‘uncool’.

    They’re more than fools, they’re evil. They’ve victimised a little 5 year old because of their own puffed up self-importance based on stupidity, ignorance and bigotry.

  • Simon

    The whole ethos of this site is vile. I cannot see one slither of Christ’s love compassion or indeed the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that you listen and learn from Christ and indeed the Holy Father. Should you do this then there may be a place in the Catholic Church for you. Christ weeps that you don’t have a slither of love just bitterness.

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